Wednesday, December 29, 2004

HDR Challenge

Several people are coming up with way to test the HDR astral time travel for accuracy. For example, can we see newspaper headlines from the future?

I want several HDR users to post what they see happening in the future.

Perhaps we can get an idea on how accurate the HDR is for seing events that take place in coming days?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Breaking News!! Steven Gibbs to Build STM

Steven Gibbs told me today that he is planning to start building the Space Time Modulator or STM for people to use. He is working out how big the box has to be and also working on creating a small enough package to make the STM very portable.

The STM invented by Steven Gibbs is a small device about the size of a cigarette pack that according to Steven Gibbs can be use as a time machine.

Steven Gibbs is working on creating new devices for time travel.

Personally, I use the HDR for astral time travel, but the the STM is far smaller than an HDR and a lot more portable.

Hopefully, I will be able to by a Space Time Modulator soon, so I can report on my results using the STM for astral time travel.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Made two jumps in one day using HDR

Using Steven Gibbs HDR I was able to make two jumps today.

They were both to the past, where I got to see the other me walking and talking, circa 1997.

It was fun to see the other me going about his routine. He was not aware of me as I was in the astral state and invisible to him. I like time travel with the HDR.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

People want Steven Gibbs STM

A man from Germany called Steven Gibbs asking him when the Space Time Modulator would be ready. This is because he saw a photograph of the device on the internet and he wanted to buy one.

Steven Gibbs Space Time Modulator or STM is a new device being developed by Steven Gibbs for the purpose of time travel. The device is small as a cigarette lighter and can fit in a pocket, but it is not ready yet.

More testing needs to be done to be certain that the device will function as planned. The problem was that the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is big and bulky, so a smaller device is being tested.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Quantum Time Travel with HDR

Today I did quantum time travel with the HDR to an alternate timeline similar to the 1950's. The cars were big and broad. The women wore dresses and not pants. Most people respected authority and I did not see any teens with nose rings or a tattoo.

It was interesting in that there was no WWI or WWII, and people did not live in fear like here. In fact, most people were quite happy. The crime rate was close to zero so there were no cops on the street. The few elected sherriffs that did exist did things like direct traffic after a tornado knocked down traffic lights and stuff like that.

The judges would spend their time marrying couples and swearing in new citizens. A lot of Europeans were coming from an overcrowded Europe to opportunity filled America. A land where dreams came true.

Salaries were considerable higher than here, and the cost of houses and food much lower. The few things that were expensive were things that required manual labor like a haircut. Most factory goods were dirt cheap and made here in America.

There was no income tax, but the government had a flat tax of 15% on all items, except food and medicine. There was a 75% luxury tax on perfumes, fine wines, yachts etc.

Both Canada and the US were one country and there were no states or provinces, but instead districts that were smaller than a state, especially states like Montana in the west. Also no president, but a Prime Minister, and no senate, but instead a house of commons.

In Kansas City was the capital of the Republic of North America. Near a group of monuments was Parliament Hill. I made another jump were I also saw RONA, and it was similar.

It seems that in this timeline there was no slavery and people all got along. I was happy to see that war and strife are not inevitable. We create our future!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Steven Gibbs gets TriField EMF meter

Steven Gibbs got in the mail today a TriField EMF meter used by ghost hunters to find a vortex. The TriField is a very sensitive meter that can detect magnetic anomalies.

The Trifield natural meter cost $199.99 retail a bit much for me,
so instead I got a cell sensor for $19.95 that I use to hunt
for magnetic anomalies.

Steven Gibbs sells tapes about how to find a vortex.

Personally, I think the best strategy is to look for an area where nothing grows, for example a "bald spot" in the lawn, that has lots of insects, for example an anthill, or a cloud of bugs.

For more information on locating a vortex, check out
CarlosX information on locating a Vortex.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Strange phone calls

I have been getting strange phone calls in the middle of the night.
The person hangs up when I pick up the phone.

In fact, I have never had a conversation with the phantom caller.
He or she always hangs up before saying anything.

I do not think that this is related to Steven Gibbs HDR,
or my use of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

But right after I bought Steven Gibbs HDR
I began to get strange call late at night.

Then it slowly went away, and now it is back!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

HDR with Geiger Counter

Here is a movie of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) created by Steven L Gibbs tested with a geiger counter. The experiement did not find any additional radiation when an HDR was turned on. It found only the normal background radiation.

Here is a movie of the HDR with geiger counter.

Perhaps a test using a radium dial watch and an HDR would give us better results. We would look at the watch to see if there is any time warping, and the green glow to see if radiation is increasing.

Geiger counters can detect the alpha particles created by the radium painted dial and so tell us if the HDR can affect the rate of radioactive decay.

There are many new experiments to conduct with the HDR.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Steven Gibbs on Radio Talk Show

Steven Gibbs told me that he was going to be on a radio talk show on Tuesday at 6:30PM Eastern Time. Still trying to find the name of the radio station.

They are a paranomal radio station and they will be talking about Steven Gibbs HDR.

Please call if you have any questions about time travel.

Friday, November 12, 2004

HDR for flu?

Steven Gibbs told me that I can se the HDR to alleviate flu symptoms.

I have not tried this yet. He says I should feel better six hours after I use the HDR.

Still, I can try Steven Gibbs HDR to see if there is any effect.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Day after Elections

Today is the day after the elections.

We still do not know who the president is
Bush has 254 electoral votes,
Kerry has 252 electoral votes.

Ohio is too close to call.

Using the HDR for astral time travel
I made a jump to November 2, 2004
and there as no clear winner,
but we should abandon the
current system.

It should be one person, one vote,
not this electoral college.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Using HDR to see future technology

Yesterday I did Astral Time Travel to the future. Even though I was only there for a few minutes, I saw futuristic computers with 3D displays and a 3D mouse. The Operating System was similar to MAC OS and the computers were far more powerful than we have now.

The city I saw using the HDR was less than twenty years in the future. It still had old buildings and the cars were not that different.

I did not see voice input, but most of the work was done on computers using a program similar to AUTOCAD.

People would do everything on computers. Communicate, plan meetings etc.

The 3D mouse allow people to click on floating objects and to zoom in on the scene. MAYA and 3D programs we have now are a lot more powerful. People can edit in real time. They do not have to wait for the computer to render a complex scene. The buildings were life-like and sharp, the graphics stunning.

Using Steven Gibbs HDR, I stayed only a few minutes but saw a great deal of future tech.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

HDR movies at

There are several movies of the HDR in use at
Most users of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator do
not talk about their adventures, but this
site has exciting information on the
Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Time Travel to late 2009

I could not tell you the exact date, but the air was cold, so perhaps November 2009 is when I landed. I saw a lot of activity at the train station. Mothers crying hugging their children. A sad day for everybody.

Pres Kerry had given a general evacuation order for all large cities. People were to leave the designated "Blast Zones" and move to temporary shelters away from high population areas.

Many people were saying how could this happen to us? The war seemed a few days away. I believe that Russian troops were getting ready to invade Alaska.

My dad once told me "If the Russians hit us, it will be in winter." How right he was.

This I saw yesterday after doing astral time travel using a Hyper Dimensional Resonator that was built by Steven Gibbs.

The HDR is a radionics machine that uses a magnetic field to induce an OBE.

The highways were flooded with people and it seemed that Russia was getting ready to attack the USA. After the initial shock the awful truth sunk in.

I felt so sad that I wish I had never time travelled to 2009.

Monday, October 04, 2004

time travellers

A time traveller friend of mine, not Steven Gibbs, told me last month that my sister would get married in March 2005 and that she was moving out of state. I told the time traveller that I had talked with my sister and she told me she was breaking up with her boyfriend.

Well, today my sister showed me the engagement ring. She IS geting married in March, and guess what her boyfriend got a new job in another state, so she will be moving away.

Funny how the TT was right because, I was sure that my sister would break up with this guy. Now she is talking about the wedding.

I use the HDR to astral time travel to the future, but I did not see this.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Steven Gibbs Inventor of HDR

Steven Gibbs Inventor of HDR

In 1985 Steven Gibbs, genius and inventor, created the HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator. This is the first commercial time machine available to the general public.

Steven Gibbs debut the HDR time machine on Art Bell in 1997.

It was an exciting time because literally hundreds of people ordered the HDR. After this Steven Gibbs was able to sell his farm in Nebraska and move down to Kansas. He now dedicates himself full time to the production of Hyper Dimensional Resonators.

The HDR has allowed me to astral time travel both forwards and backwards. It uses a pulse magnetic field to induce the "Gibbs Effect".

We are still on the surface of things and do not yet understand exactly how the machine can generate the time wave, but we are learning every day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Missing Vortex!

This morning was the morning of a full moon. A time which according to Steven
Gibbs (HDR)
is great to use the Hyper
Dimensional Resonator, or HDR
. I used my cell
sensor (EMF detector)
to attempt to find a vortex near my house, but could
not find one. A vortex is a magnetic anomaly that according to Steven Gibbs, inventor
of the HDR, allow a person to become a time traveller. The
HDR is a radionics machine invented by Steven Gibbs.
Usually the cell
will alert me to the presence of a vortex by beeping. The cell
sensor will also start blinking red. The
speed of the beeps and blinks increasing as I near the center of the vortex or
grid point. Perhaps this vortex was too weak to register on the cell sensor, or
the vortex had moved to another location.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Strange effect from using the HDR

Yesterday people called me on my cell phone, but they could not reach me. I had my cell phone close by and did not hear it ring, also my cell phone did not show any missed calls. Perhaps this is a side effect of using the HDR. According to the HDR inventor Steven Gibbs the Hyper Dimensional Resonator can cause a person to move to another timeline.

I have witnessed a great deal of strange effect after I use the HDR, for one I notice that it will rain within 2-3 hours after I use the HDR unit.

Also, light bulbs explode in my house and other odd things happen.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

HDR in movie?

A person told me that they saw an HDR in the movie "Napoleon Dynomite". Well, I saw the movie the day before yesterday and the time machine did not look like the HDR. It did have a box and an electromagnet, but the device in "Napoleon Dynomite" was white and the HDR is black, also I did not see any dials to adjust the frequency like the HDR.

In the movie an ex-footbal player is trying to time travel back to 1982 and instead he gets a nasty shock to the groin via the time machine. It was not funny, but I guess that is how Hollywood sees us.

I wasted seven dollars on a movie about a dumb high school dork who gets picked on by jocks. The movie should be called "Diary of a Dork".

For picture about the real Hyper Dimensional Resonator you can go to the site

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Steven Gibbs may do interview in Canada

Steven Gibbs told me that a lady from a radio station in Canada wants to do an interview about the HDR and time travel. He is wondering if he wants to go up there.

Canada gets cold in the winter. Steven Gibbs wants to do an interview by phone, but I think they are willing to fly Steven Gibbs and his HDR up to their studio up in Canada.

Steven Gibbs told he that he wants to take with him a special HDR unit that he has.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Steven Gibbs told me that HDR needs to warm up!

Steven Gibbs said that using his oscilloscope he found that the Hyper Dimensional Resonator must warm up for two to three minutes before it can be tuned correctly. So you must first turn the HDR unit on for about 3 minutes, let it warm up, and then turn the HDR off, let it rest. And then turn back on the HDR.

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator needs this warm up period to work well.

Using the HDR when it is cold can cause you to land in the wrong place when you are doing astral time travel. It is important for the HDR to be warm when you are using it for astral time travel.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Went to Oct 2004 using HDR

I used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator built by Steven Gibbs to do Astral Time Travel to Oct 2004. My goal was to see what was happening. I saw people robbing my house. They stole stuff and broke stuff. I had to make a run for it. It was very scary.

When I got back I was shaking. They got in through a window and I hid hoping they would not see me.

Not all astral time travels are pleasant. The HDR got quite hot btw.

Friday, September 17, 2004

The Time Travel Forum -> HDRKID

The Time Travel Forum -> HDRKID

Information about time travel and Steven Gibbs. I explain how I use the HDR to assist me in astral time travel.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Astral Time Travel to Alternate Timeline

Yesterday, I was able to travel to an alternate timeline. Although I could not get the date. It was in the future because I saw robots and houses that were a different style than now. The houses were real small about the size of a small boxy one bedroom home, but with two tiny bedrooms and less than 500 square feet of space. The lots were also micro sized and surrounding everything was a vast desert.

Most people seemed poor and I did not see cars, but instead a combination of small scooters and pedal power vehicles, not bicycles, but enclosed with a roof.
Not that they need a roof as it does not rain here.

The scooters also have a covering like a hybrid of a motorcycle and an automobile.

Gasoline was called Naphtha, and kerosene was called coal oil. Ethanol was called alcol and also used as fuel. Most scooters worked on alcol, but some of the old ones still used naphtha.

This timeline had a problem with renegade robots killing people and that was the news of the day. These bots could not be stopped with bullets you needed a special "lightning rod" to disable them.

There were no trees and only a few small shrubs near houses. These needed to be watered and water was very expensive on this line. It was made at oceanic desalination plants. The desal stations provided coastal communities with water.

It seems that inland there were no people. It got real hot inland and there were sandstorms. All people lived near the sea.

Astral Time Travel to Alternate Timeline

Yesterday, I was able to travel to an alternate timeline. Although I could not get the date. It was in the future because I saw robots and houses that were a different style than now. The houses were real small about the size of a small boxy one bedroom home, but with two tiny bedrooms and less than 500 square feet of space. The lots were also micro sized and surrounding everything was a vast desert.

Most people seemed poor and I did not see cars, but instead a combination of small scooters and pedal power vehicles, not bicycles, but enclosed with a roof.
Not that they need a roof as it does not rain here.

The scooters also have a covering like a hybrid of a motorcycle and an automobile.

Gasoline was called Naphtha, and kerosene was called coal oil. Ethanol was called alcol and also used as fuel. Most scooters worked on alcol, but some of the old ones still used naphtha.

This timeline had a problem with renegade robots killing people and that was the news of the day. These bots could not be stopped with bullets you needed a special "lightning rod" to disable them.

There were no trees and only a few small shrubs near houses. These needed to be watered and water was very expensive on this line. It was made at oceanic desalination plants. The desal stations provided coastal communities with water.

It seems that inland there were no people. It got real hot inland and there were sandstorms. All people lived near the sea.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


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Listed on BlogShares

Thursday, September 09, 2004

One my friends asked me if the HDR works

He found my website on the internet about time machines and the HDR. My friend is interested in the possibility of physical time travel. He wants me to loan him my HDR so he can test it out.

This Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR)that I have was built by Steven Gibbs and is a bit tricky to use. I am only successful maybe 1 in 10 times and this is for astral time travel, not physical time travel.

I wonder if I should let him use the HDR. He could catch quite a fright if he went to astral hell, or if he time travelled to 2020 and saw post nuke earth.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yet another journey with the HDR

For me using the HDR is extremely exciting. It is an infinite voyage of discovery, like Christopher Columbus discovering a new continent. I compare Steven Gibbs with his Hyper Dimensional Resonator to Jacques Cousteau and his aqualung. Each inventor helped open vast new vistas of self discovery.

In fact using the HDR is close to using the aqualung because it opens a whole new world to your eyes. Think of the first time you saw sharks swimming among the corals at night, and compare that experience to going to the 23rd century and seeing millions of flying cars fill the air. The experience is both scary and awesome.

In my last jump to 2022 I saw strange looking cars and people dressed in loose fitting clothing, but the buildings were close to what we have now. The experience was like going from the 1950's to now. The cars are different, but the buildings are similar, in fact there are still many old buildings from the 50's still standing, but few cars on the road are from the 50's.

Technology continued to get more and more advanced, but I did not see any signs of a big war. Perhaps on this timeline the was no WWIII; that gives me some hope that things in the future will not be so bad.

Still, the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR invented by Steven Gibbs cannot get me to an exact month and date. I know it was 2022 because a group of teenagers wearing loose fitting clothes like silk walked in front of a car dealer who was having his 2022 model close out sale.

What time do car lots have their model close out sales?

That might give me an idea of what month it was. The trees looked healthy and the grass was green. People seemed happy. I wish I could have been there longer so I could get a better view of the place it looked really fresh and clean. People looked nice, but more modern and futuristic than now.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

HDR travel to see RNC

I am going to use the Hyper Dimensional Resonator created by Steven Gibbs to see if I can travel astrally to the RNC. This should be an interesting test of the abilities of the HDR.

Perhaps it is possible to travel astrally to physical locations using the HDR?

This is an interesting question. Up till now I have used the HDR to do astral time travel with the HDR being in the role of a time distortion device. Perhaps instead of it being used as an astral time machine, the HDR can be used as an astral teleporter!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

HDR Jump to timeline with nanobots

Using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, I made an astral time travel jump to an alternate timeline with much more technology than we have. It was 2017 and some nanobots, these are robots built on nano technology, had escaped. They started causing trouble and one scientist that had warned people about the dangers of nanobots led the charge against these tiny but deadly robots.

It was quite an HDR assisted astral jump with me seeing a lot of new technology I have not seen before and being exposed to the dangers of nanotech. It seems that this technology, nanotech, will be used a lot in the future for manufacturing, but with terrible consequences. Once the nanobots escape there is no way to find them all and they cause nothing but trouble.

Nanobots are worse than bacteria because they are resistant to heat, radiation, and chemicals. The only way to detroy them was a strong electromagnetic pulse. This will disrupt their electronics and stop them, but the problem is that they move quickly and are hard to find.

All in all a great journey to see the dangers that nanobots will pose in the future.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Success with HDR

I used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) last night to travel astrally to another dimension. It was a great experience because I got to see new vistas.

Each time I travel astrally I am exposed to more and more of the vast universe and this time it was travel to a very distant and strange land.

The HDR is like a magic box.

For those who think that astral travel via HDR is a dream I can say astral travel via HDR is a lot sharper and with a much higher resolution(Hi-res) and much higher level of detail(LOD) than a dream. Dreams seem fuzzy and blurry by comparison with astral travel.

I believe that Steven Gibbs says that he dreams in black and white, but travels astrally in color, and what colors you see when you travel astrally bright blues, vivid greens, and fiery oranges.

The HDR is a blessing to those who want to explore.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Strange event happened today

I took a photograph with my digital camera of the mirror, and when I looked at the photo, the mirror was there alright, but I was not! In fact, neither was the camera. I have never had this happen before so I totally freaked out.

Perhaps this has something to do with me using the HDR unit? I will call Steven Gibbs to try to find out if invisibility is a side effect of using the HDR. Supposedly some of the crewmen on the Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment became invisible.

Still, how can an invisible camera take a picture? Strange stuff!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Astral Time Travel to June 2003

Today I used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator to Astral Travel to June 2003 in an alternate timeline. The HDR sent me to a line close to the one we are on now, but not exactly. The surroundings were close to what they are here, but not the same. My house was painted a different color. And get this Dubya had long hair! Yes he was not wearing a suit and tie, but a dirty T-shirt with an eagle on it. Most men on TV had long hair and women wore dresses and high heels.

I had trouble listening to the broadcast due to static (storm) but on the news pres bush was talking about cutting taxes, no mention of the "T" word. NYC looked pre 2000 and Chicago had the tallest building (sears tower). There was no petronas tower because a man has jumpped (Skydiver) from sears tower and he also wanted to jump from NYC towers.

The US & China were not friendly, but we had a lot of problems. It seems that China had annexed Taiwan and Korea, but not yet Japan. There was a showdown with India over some territory too.

On the lighter side there was talk of a new comedy show that featured celebrity look alikes.

I got to see that cars on the street looked like real euro, close to a Mini Cooper, but not as fancy - more boxy and smaller. Also men did not wear suits and ties to work, T-shirts were OK. Like X-treme casual all the time.

A lot of the shows on TV were old B&W 50's shows due to copyright running out. The pres passed into law a bill that said no copyrights after 40 years because he said 40 years is enough to make money off an old show. By that time most of the actors are dead anyway.

So TV stations ran the old shows for free rather than pay for new shows. Also radio stations were on the 50's rock kick. No rap on the air, but a lot of big band and jazz. Stores had a lot of B&W movies for sale too, all in DVD, BTW.

Another thing I saw was that women did not have nose rings or tattoes. Instead the wore fancy dresses and had bright red lipstick. A lot of clothes were in dayglo colors like florescent green and hot pink were faves for women.

Monday, August 16, 2004

IDR by George Nordahl similar to HDR

Using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR invented by Steven Gibbs as a base George Nordahl invented his own device known as the Inner Dimensional Resonator. Instead of using an electromagnet like the HDR does, the IDR uses a Sirian Cone.

The IDR is used to enhance meditation and according to George Nordahl its power can be amplified by using a quartz crystal.

For more information on this unique device Inner Dimensional Resonator(IDR) based on Steven Gibbs HDR go to George Nordahl's website:

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Astral travel to strange line

Yesterday, I made a jump to a strange timeline using Astral Travel. Unlike most timelines where there is a sharp dividing line between city and farm, in this line the two were mixed.

You would see a big building in the middle of nowhere, a vast pasture with no roads leading up to it. Also roads had no names and houses had no numbers. There were no defined cities as we know them, but maybe a street with a few stange looking houses that seemed odd because the street went nowhere.

I saw no trucks, buses, or airplanes. The weird shaped buildings has no windows or doors and there were no restaurants or malls. It was a bit sad really.

There were a lot more trees than now and the whole area seemed like a giant park, except without people.

I saw no large highways or concentration of buildings, it seemed that people rarely used streets because they had teleporters, but streets were mostly ornamental in nature. Much like horses are not now used for transportation, but they still exist, although much fewer in number.

Also, I did not see any cars going down the street, but a few luxury cars were still parked in front of houses, once again like ornaments, since they were not used.

Most houses were not in clumps but solitary out in the "boonies", I did see a large abandoned apartment building near a beach, the street was clean, not full of debris, but the whole area looked like nobody had lived in it for years.

Inland, I saw a girl with an thin LCD panel in her hand, she was reading the newspaper, which appeared on the panel. As she clicked on a button more pages appeared on the screen. Most houses seemed big & pretty, but this house she was close to was very large and palacial, as if she lived in a megamansion. He clothes were shorts and a t-shirt. Her shoes were black and expensive looking. I saw that she pushed a button and the LCD panel evaporated. She then skipped down the empty street.

Instead of servants, robotic machines did the hard labor of cleaning walls and trimming hedges. The megamansion had no windows or doors because people teleported directly into it. It did have a large iron gate in front and a tall fence all around. Again this was for ornamental use as there were no neighbors who lived nearby.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Steven Gibbs called me.

We talked about how he is three months behind with orders for his Hyper Dimensional Resonator and it seems that soon he will be four months behind. Steven Gibbs simply cannot build the HDR units fast enough. He used to build seven HDRs a month and now he builds eight, but Steven feels that he needs to build at least a dozen HDRs a month to keep pace with his orders.

The biggest problem is rolling the electromagnet. This electromagnet is built in sections (seven altogether) and lots of tape & epoxy is used. It takes Steven a lot of time to build each HDR electromagnet and he must solder parts together.

Most of the components in the black box are difficult for him to obtain, Radio Shack no longer carries them in stores so Steven Gibbs must special order them, or go to a big Radio Shack store that carries these items, and there seem to be fewer of these large Radio Shack stores these days.

Steven has even tried to substitute other components from other companies, but claims that they do not work as well. At one time Radio Shack carried many electrical components, but the chain has changed its emphasis to more consumer electronics and less the hobby electronics buff.

I still laugh when I think that a man would try to build a time machine from Radio Shack parts, but reality is stranger than anything we can imagine. I use the HDR to help induce astral travel and it seems to help me achieve that mental state, much like a biofeedback machine can help a person to relax.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Opened up the HDR box

I looked inside my Hyper Dimensional Resonator. It contains many different components including resistors, capacitors, and potentiomenters, but I think that the crucial component is the bifiliar winding or Caduceus coil. Steven Gibbs sayys that the bifiliar winding on an HDR unit must be exactly 8.1 centimeters for it to work right. According to Steven Gibbs if the bifiliar winding on the HDR is 8.2 centimeters the HDR will work only one in five times.

This is important because it means that the frequency of the HDR is important. According to Steven Gibbs the HDR helps generate scalar waves from its Caduceus Coil or bifiliar winding. These scalar waves then create a temporal distortion or time warp.

In my studies of the HDR it seems that the Gibbs effect is created by a pulsed magnetic field similar to the pulsed magnetic field used in the Philadelphia Experiment. More research needs to be done with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator to understand its properties.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Success at last with the HDR

After five unsuccessful tries with the HDR, I was able to astral travel to a present parallel worldline. This alternate timeline was quite similar to our own, but I saw my double, creating music on the computer and distributing it through the internet. This seemed to be very important to my double. He had a lot of equipment which I do not have, many components of which I am unfamiliar.

It seems that this particular timeline was more interested in personal development with less emphasis on wealth. Also, the people in this line seemed to be quite happy and not constantly worried about buying the latest gadget, but rather enjoying life.

I posted the pics of the insides of the HDR as stated in a previous post.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Taking photos of the inside of the HDR

I have taken some HDR photos of the inside of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator and will post them in

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a radionics machine that uses a pulsed electromagnetic wave to create its effect. I believe that a pulsed magnetic wave was used in the Philadelphia Experiment to induce a chronological temporal distortion or time warp.

Most research on time travel started with the Philadelphia Experiement and then continued with the Montauk Project. The HDR is Steven Gibbs attempt to replicate some of this technology for time travel.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Time Travel to May 12, 2007 using HDR

Using the HDR created by Steven Gibbs I was able to Astral Time Travel to May 12, 2007 to a timeline where there was no NYC incident in 2001, both of the towers were still standing and Bush was re-elected in 2004.

His democratic opponent was John Edwards who disappeared right before November, and was replaced by his VP General Clark. Clark was accused of war crimes in Bosnia and put in jail.

The economy was in shables and many major corporation like Sears, IBM, MS, etc. had gone bankrupt, but unlike K-Mart which is still around, these had all closed down. The unemployment rate was horrible and there were many homeless, except that Bush helped pass a law to make loitering illegal. So they rounded up the all homeless and put them in jail.

Most people hated Bush and there were protesters, but Bush declared a national emergency and had the police start arresting all protesters. Bush combined the military and police into one unit. He also announced that there would be no elections in 2008 due to the national emergency.

Most people who still had jobs shutup and did as they were told. All in all a very depressing timeline, one with gray skies and a grim future.

Friday, August 06, 2004

HDR information from Steven Gibbs

Steven Gibbs called me and told me that the measurements of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator have to be exact. For example, the caduceus coil must be 8.1 centimeters; if it is 8.2 centimeters the HDR will not work as well, maybe 1 in 5 times.

Also the resistor must be 15K. The old Radio Shack 15K resistors were 14.774K to be exact, but the new ones are 14.699K and do not work as well. The HDR is very picky as to amounts according to Steven L. Gibbs.

Steven Gibbs also talked about people who are using the HDR and told me that one man that was using the HDR had disappeared.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

When to use the Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Steven Gibbs says that on the morning of a full moon - right around daybreak is the best time to use a Hyper Dimensional Resonator. He added that a fog is usally present when a dimensional doorway opens.

This greenish fog was reported by people witnessing the Philadelphia Experiment and also by survivors of the Bermuda Triangle.  It appears to be connected with magnetism.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Jump to hypertechnology world using HDR

Today I was using the HDR and I made an astral hop to a hypertechnology worldline where computers were everywhere. It was beyond Flash Gordon, this worldline was so high tech that I felt like I came infrom the stone age.  The screens were luminous and bright, but the rooms were dark and gloomy. It was always dark outside and people were often going out to party and stuff, but work was all computerized and machines did everything like vacuum, prepare food, etc.

I was feeling kind of sad here. People had assigned jobs and assigned homes. There was no democracy, but people felt happy, no fear of unemployment, no homeless, no wars, etc.

Still the shows on TV were naff, like symphonic music and meadows with flowers. No Rock or Rap. People would party a lot and since there was no crime, they often stayed at each others homes. A different society than ours.

I found more pics of the HDR on the web.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

travel to alternate timeline

I astral travelled to an alternate timeline where people were a lot poorer than here.
Houses were smaller and people dressed shabby. The yards had few flowers and were
very small. Children did not have nintendo players, but maybe a ball for boys and girls
a jumprope. I heard that companies were downsizing and people were moving to NYC
because there were some jobs there.

Most of the people I saw were stangers, but I did see one girl
I recognized. She looked depressed.

It was a sad dreary world, with pealing paint houses and roads full of holes.
Not a pleasant timeline. The HDR does not always produce a happy
outcome when you use it for astral travel.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

New Additions to about HDR

New pictures of the Hyperdimensional Resonator (HDR) created by StevenL. Gibbs have been added to the website also information about the flux capacitor invented by John Bajak.
To see more pics of the HDR.
I will be conducting more tests with the HDR and other equipment from Steven Gibbs.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Attempt to use HDR to win lotto

I tried to astral travel to the future using my HDR.

The numbers I saw on the marker board were
2 16 18 23 43 46

the actual numbers were

8 16 23 33 36 44

The image was blurry and I must have confused the 8 with 18, still I got 16 & 23 correct and was off by getting 43 & 46 instead of 33 & 36.

Why I did not see the 44 is a mystery that number is easy to remember, but I did NOT see it.

I will try again to transport myself to the astral plane and glean more information about the next lotto

Friday, July 09, 2004

There is a forum in Yahoo Groups in the
Time Travel section called the Gibbs
group that has over 100 members
and is all about the HDR
and other devices by
Steven L Gibbs.

I am giving out here the link if anybody wants
to join "the gibbs group".

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Steven Gibbs called me

I told Steven Gibbs about my jump to July 12, 2007 where I saw meteors hitting buildings.

He asked me about my HDR unit and says that the timeline I did jump to is not the same as the one he went to. He saw total devastation on July 7, 2007, he remembers because it was 07/07/07.

He asked me questions about my jump and my HDR unit.

It is Steven Gibbs belief that my HDR unit Hyper Dimenional Resonator, shifted me to a different timeline where the destruction occurs later.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Another jump, this time to July 2007. There was a meteor shower and many buildings got hit by small pebble sized fiery stones. The damage was horrendous. People were screaming. I could hear my building creaking and it seemed like it could fall any minute.

There were fires and smoke everywhere. I was praying to God for Him to protect us. It was just awful.

The next day people were trying to clean up the street from debris, and I saw that many of the skyscrapers that were still standing had huge gouge marks were they had been hit by small meteorites.

Many cars were covered with debris from tall towers that had collapsed and were still burning. A pall of smoke filled the air.

President Gore was on TV asking people to pray. On this timeline Gore was elected in 2000 and reelected in 2004. Lieberman was not his running mate; it was Governor Graham of Florida. Graham was running for President in 2008.

Still the cars and architecture look similar to what we have in our timeline. The people spoke regular English and dressed like we do, but seemed a bit more cold than us. Perhaps we will escape their terrible fate.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Yesterday I shifted twice, it was a bit unsettling to see the surroundings around me change so a call was placed to Steven L. Gibbs.

He said that he had also shifted and talked to about my HDR unit.
It was produced in early 2002 according to Steven L. Gibbs, a standard HyperDimensional Resonator - HDR.

Since I have been using the HDR practically everyday now, sweating has become a problem, not just outside in the sun, but also inside the house with the air conditioning on. Steven L. Gibbs says that you should not use the HDR everyday or you start sweating a lot, to use it less and give it a rest.

Most of my other talk was about time machines and problems that time travelers have. Time travel is Steven L. Gibbs favorite subject, his other favorite subject is the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Here is a link with pictures of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

It is

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Used the HDR two days in a row without any success.
I get better results on the morning of a full moon,
but I had heard that the summer solstice was also
a good TIME to use the HDR.

It appears that a tidal force is important in the use of the
Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR). This does not make any
sense of yet, but it is important to keep trying.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Astral travel to an alternate timeline that had aliens

Today I went astrally to an alternate timeline that had aliens living side-by-side with humans. They did not measure time like we do,
but had converted to the aliens way of counting clocks.

The level of technology was much higher than here, but humans were
not as interested in living in houses - most people live
crowded into huge tall apartments.

It was common to see UFOs in the sky, the usual daylight disks.
People did not act like there was anything wrong with their
new residents, in fact, humans had traveled to the aliens
homeworld and actually brought back objects with them.

This line was poorer than ours, but there were no homeless
or people without food. The aliens were treated the way
we treat people from a foreign country.

At first I was scared of all the odd things I saw,
but it was interesting to see how everybody got
along on Planet Earth.

This was one of my most interesting jumps, I saw
strange looking buildings and machines.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Talked to Steven Gibbs today about the HDR

He told me that the government has stargate technology,
and that they have perfected it. Also they have been
working on anti-grav tech.

He said that there may have been a timeline split today.

This is my website.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Took a day off today, plan to test HDR

Will test the HDR with a computer UPS (uninterrupted power supply) as the energy source. All I need is power for about 5 minutes sent to the HDR.

I plant to position both the HDR & UPS units over a vortex and see what happens. It should be interesting.

Here are some pics of my HDR equipment.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Talked to Steven Gibbs yesterday.

I called Steven Gibbs, inventor of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR), late around midnight. He was busy building a unit. Steven told me that he had some problems with the drill and he scratched an HDR unit he was working on.

Steven Gibbs told me that he was trying out a new method of time travel where people do not need a vortex.

According to Steven Gibbs, when the HDR is on you simply state your question as "I want to travel to May 12, 1925, today at 9:00 AM. He said there is a bit of a delay and the energies will kick in about 9:20 AM, transporting you to 1925.

The problem according to Steven Gibbs is that sometimes this new method of time travel will mess up your timeline. He was hesistant at giving me more information, but I plant to ask Steven what projects he is working on in addition to the HDR.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Astral Time Travel to Feb 2005

Using a Hyper Dimensional Resonator - HDR created by Steven L. Gibbs,
I was able to travel to an alternate timeline at Feb 2005.

On TV President Kerry was talking about affordable health care
and the importance of people getting a college education.
Kerry did NOT talk about the "T" word and things seemed
a lot more calmed down.

He did mention measures that congress should take against
corporations moving their headquarters outside the US to
not pay taxes, and problems connected with job loss
driven by companies outsoucing white collar work.

Kerry promised to bring down the price of gasoline and
to make college more affordable for working class
families sending their children to college.