Tuesday, October 31, 2006

November election results are downright spooky!

Here we are on Oct 31, 2006 already I know the election results of Nov 7, 2006. Seems like the big doorways open up on Oct 31, 2006, all souls eve they call it.

Well, using astral time travel I have seen the future, a very grim one for reps, they lose both the house and senate. The dems get Hillary as prez in 2008, but for now Bush is a lame duck prez. He should resign now. Things get UGLY!

It seems that each passing day the polls get worse for reps, well expect things to get real bad around the eve of Nov 7, 2006. The dems do lose one senate seat Lieberman(I) beats Lamont(D) in Connecticut. Let's face it, one ran as VP with Gore, the other is a nobody.

Bush will see the dems knock down many of his favorite projects. He better resign, before they impeach him. The dems try to blame him for everything except the death of Jimmy Hoffa, I am exageratin' a bit!

No, rrreally, they claim that the war is his fault, the deficit, inflation, etc.....

BTW, inflation will rear its ugly head next year, oil goes to over $100/b and the price at the pump zooms from the now tame $2/gal of gas to over $4/gal. Yep, I think that scooters will sell like hotcakes in 2008.

Not such luck for old SUVs that will sit and rust in the used car lot.

The changes are fast and furious in '07, but reps remember '06 as the beginning of the end for them.

Lets ge down to a few specifics, debunkers claim that I get all my predictions from CNN, well how is this for a prediction, one of the Bush boys, Rick Santorum, will lose to Bob Casey. Also I predict that debunkers will say it was obvious on Nov 8, 2006.

When gas goes to over $4/gal next year, double what it sells for now, they will say that it was obvious. They will talk about PEAK OIL. Well, peak oil does not explain why gas when this year 2006 from $3/gal to under $2/gal. PEAK OIL does not explain why Saudi has cut production twice this year.

Expect major disruptions in the Middle East in '07.

If you have STEVEN GIBBS HDR QUESTION, you can ask it at

Monday, October 30, 2006

Whats up for next month.

I predict that dems will take both house and senate in nov. The reps are circling the drain. All their hot air of a rising dow is nothing but temporary hype and ain't nothing more than fresh pain over rotten planks. The structure is rotted thru to the core and ain't nothing changed to alter the long-term downward trend fo the DOW, nothing. The US mint is printing fresh green bills minty fresh that are back up with hot air. The balloon will soon deflate. We are printing lots of money to pay for the war in Iraq. So the price of gold will soon skyrocket - inflation will zoom. Problems in the Middle East will cause oil to go over $100/b and the dollar on the edge of collapse, as the house of cards falls.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

World of the future

What is the world of the future like?

There is a movie “2001” by Stanley Kubrick that is a 60’s interpretation of what the year 2001 would be like.

In the movie, we see that people in spaceships are flying to other worlds. Well, in the 1950’s futurists said that by the year 2000 we would have global government, floating cities, flying cars, talking AI computers, and, not to worry, robots are doing all the work.

BUT, if you show a person from the 60’s the real 2001 with cell phones, laptop computers with WiFi, internet, and of course 911, they would ask “Huh? What happened to the Concorde Supersonic Jet, or the moon rockets?”

They expected that hypersonic flight would be common in 2001, as well as rockets to the moon. Also, there are no flying cars or men on mars.

As we see, the real 2001 is depressingly dismal. We have LCD TV, but no holographic television. We have robots in Detroit building cars, but they can’t walk or talk. Most products are not made in robot factories, they are made by Chinese people working for the starvation wage of 50 cents an hour.

This world you see while go on for a short space, but the dog is barking at the tree. If we cannot learn to work together, Armageddon is at our door.

Using HDR infused astral time travel, I have seen the future. It is not as many of you imagine it. First off, the most glaring difference is what is missing.

There are no hospitals, schools, police, or any institutions of any kind. The mall is gone, replaced by a small mom & pop shop. It is a kind of miniature general store that has bags of grain, salt, soap, and very little fresh produce. I saw the grain it was dirty, full of rocks and debris, as well as weed seed.

Since there is no money, this place serves as a trading post. You trade for items you need. Most people also use this place as a hangout to find a mate.

The big cities are gone, most are still radioactive after the war. All infrastructure, as in roads, bridges, power stations, sewer systems, etc is no more. The guv is gone. No more war, no more army, navy, air force, etc.

Religion is alive and well, but the "big church" organized religion is gone. People live in small "one horse" towns. Using the fragments of our civilization to build a new one.

Not a lot of construction going on. Most people live in old prewar houses – there’s lots of them still standing; most are empty, but a few have the faint flicker of candles inside. People speak with nostalgia about “before the war”

An old man says “it seems like a dream now, but there were towering cities full of lights, like a Christmas tree. And cars, there were millions of them. The supermarket was full of food,” He starts to cry.

Some people might wonder how things work. It is like the wild frontier wild west, but without the sheriff – no law. No lawyers or doctors either. People focus on the essential, not the trivial.

What made me sad was that there were no sports or music. People focus on finding food. There is little time for entertainment. It is a long hard struggle to survive.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ong's Hat

I found a group on the Yahoo Groups section called Ong's Hat. This is about interdimensional travel using a special "egg" device.

This is better than Roberta Sparrow's "Philosophy of Time Travel" from the movie Donnie Darko.

The problem is we do not have schematics on the "egg" or other devices that were used at Ong's Hat. Most of the information is fragmented.

Hard to get a feel for what really happened. It seems that it was an eperiment into interdimensional travel.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FutureTech - this car is no "BOAT"

Believe it or not we have a corvette water car that looks so snazzy, it appears to be from the pages of science fiction. The amphibious auto is at home both on land and on water.

In the future I have seen sky cycles that look like flying motorbikes, they were maxed out!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

“'Clearly,' the Time Traveller proceeded, 'any
real body must have extension in _four_ directions: it must have

Length, Breadth, Thickness, and--Duration.”

Taken from THE TIME MACHINE by HG Wells

How true and many wonder the duration of the North Korea problem. This impoverished nation receives most of its aid from Red China. It takes its marching orders from Peking. We are fools if we believe that North Korea on its own developed nukes.

It was money from US corporations that shut down the factories in the US and “outsourced” the work to Red China, an enemy of the US that has nukes pointed at DC, which made this possible.

We were sold out by executives with their hundred million dollar a year salaries, who talk about “cutting costs” and outsourcing work to China. The player politicians say that outsourcing is a necessary step to make America competitive on the world market.

If only the people in the 50’s could see what we have become - slaves of powerful multinationals that want the whole world making starvation 50 cent an hour wages except for the executive elite. We are getting poorer and poorer as the rich get richer.

In a jump made back in 2001 using astral time travel I saw NK hit us and hit us hard with high burst EMP weapons. It was China that gave them the money AND the technology.

Debunkers then said NK does not have the money to feed its own people, how is it going to build nukes? Later, the story was - they have nukes, but no missiles, and even later it was China will keep NK from testing a nuke. Now they say: it was a conventional weapon they tested, not a nuke - that NK does not have any nukes.

WAKE UP! They are getting ready to hit us.

Why do you think I am building a shelter? It is not for bird flu. It is for WWIII.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jump to 2012

Today, I was able to break through the 2010-2015 barrier to the fabled year of 2012. An asteroid hit the Atlantic ocean. It created a giant tsunami over 100 feet high. The wall of water came crashing down on the Eastern US like a sledgehammer. It smashed the Eastern seaboard and went miles inland.

Scientists had predicted a wall of water only 20-30 feet high at the beach the day the tsunami struck. Most people ignored evacuation warnings. The damage was monumental 20-30 trillion dollars. We lost NYC, Boston, and yes Miami, which was rebuilt after the atomic attack.

Europe also received a hammer blow from the giant tsunami. Most coastal cities were gone.

Africa and South America also were affected but not as much as the US.

The asteroid broke up into pieces so there were several large waves.

This helps explain why Russia attacks the US in 2015. The US economy is in shambles and Europe our ally is also in bad shape.

The sad thing is that the guv gave people weeks of ample warning, but they did not prepare.

Not only was the timeline similar to ours, but the president in 2012 was Hillary Clinton. This incident helps explain why she did not run for office (re-election) in 2012. Also why the US guv became a military dictatorship since Washinton DC was destroyed by the tsunami.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Astral Time Travel Experiences

Today, I had a jump to the future, not sure how far. Using astral time travel, I was able to see in the future terrorists smuggle an atom bomb in a container into the port of Miami. When they were caught they detonated the device. It took out all downtown Miami and part of the beach.

As many of you know there is a large Jewish population in Miami Beach. The terrorists were muslim arabs, members of a group called Islamic Jihad. They shouted death to Israel and set off the explosion.

It was horrible. The news said that children playing outside were blinded by the explosion, so I guess it was around 12:30 PM recess when it went off. It seems to have been during January, since children seldom wear coats in Miami.

I have heard that montauk and inter-dimensional time travel make it possible for the US to change events. I hope this event is changed. This makes 911 look like a picnic. Nothing in ong's hat incunabula time travel talked about an attack on Miami.

My expertise is in time travel to alternate timelines and parallel worlds, but this world seemed very close to ours. This is one of my most intense astral time travel experiences.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Strange phenomena when using Steven Gibbs HDR

Sometimes when I use Steven Gibbs HDR it fades and turns fuzzy like it is going out of phase with our reality. It is really spooky and creepy to see the box disappear and reappear a few feet away.

Not sure what is happening, but I try to have an open mind. Perhaps one day the box will disappear and not come back.

It appears that when I hit a certain frequency the HDR will being to vibrate and act "funny".

Here is hoping we understand what is going on.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spaceshiptwo will take riders in 2009

Yes folks, it sounds right out of science fiction but Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo will begin boarding passengers in 2009 for an out of this world trip. You can experience weightlessness for a full five minutes or so.

In other news, Seattle Scientist Michael Minkin claims there is an alien invasion, but he has the cure, a special baseball cap that he calls the thought screen helmet that he says can block telepathic communication from the alien greys and prevent them from abducting you.

T'here are those who want to be on board a spaceship and those who don't.

BTW, today I bought Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure DVD. It is a movie about a phone booth time machine, ah yes, like Dr. Who from BBC, but this phone booth is piloted by two teens that want to get a lesson in history.

My favorite line in the time travel movie is "PARTY ON DUDES!"