Saturday, August 20, 2005

Future Events seen using HDR

If we avoid WWIII we still have other problems to deal with.

Hypercanes - hybrids of hurricanes and tornados will hit the US causing massive flooding and devastation.

We will see a Mega Tsunami caused by an eruption of the volcano Cumbre Viejo in the Island of Las Palmas in the Canary Island chain.
It will send a wall of water 330 feet high that will travel up to 20 miles inland. It will completely destroy the eastern seaboard causing trillions in damage.

A volcano in the area of Yellowstone will erupt with a force of 2500 mount saint helems destroying the entire grain crop of the US. The resulting nuclear winter will cause tempearatures to drop as much as 150 degrees below zero. For several years no harvest will occur. Massive starvation will result.

Giant meteors will slam the earth, one of these will hit the pacific. The wall of water over 300 feet high will hit California and the west coast like a freight train. Most ports in the pacific will be destroyed as well as ships.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Steven Gibbs HDR and Laser

Getting my inspiration from John Titor I tried using a laser with the HDR to see if the strong magnetic field of the HDR could bend the laser light beam.

It appears that a laser cannot affect HDR, and vice versa an HDR cannot affect a laser beam. I have not tried the laser near a magnet yet, but I will soon. As the experiments with Steven Gibbs HDR continue, we will post our results.

The laser used was a common low power keychain laser bought at Best Buy for $19.95. This laser emits a solid red beam that is visible a mile away. No bending of the beam was seen when the laser was activated near an HDR.

In another experiment I tried using the laser near a compass and the compass moved when I turned the laser on. It appears that the laser generates a small magnetic field.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

What will the future be like?

My main question has always been "What is ahead" In other words. "What will the future be like?"
The short answer is much like now, but the long answer is well, a bit different.

Slang on other lines is max diff like
"wot its hot, og (august) is max pro fun!"
"plus 4, wet out the details with total immersion."
"burb, badabim badaboom, i'm utope."
"Pop me inmax, this drab be major mega."
"don't be a digital dog fetching files, get joxed up with a nanonode."

Futuristic computers using the pentaflop MI Pentium Nutralino that has "stackable" technology.
The multicore clusters are abandoned in favor of multiphasic morphic technology. BTW MI means Microsoft-Intel.

Also there is a lot of talk of "tunneling quantization" and "multisurface dimensionality" not sure what these terms mean. Imagine explaing a daughtercard and motherboard to a man in the 1800's.
New words

These are metals using the new supertwist technology that allows them to change shape or MORPH by varying the amount of electrical current.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Alternate timeline no WWII

Using the HDR I did astral time travel to an alternate timeline without WWII. There was no Hitler and the few Nazis were quite unpopular. They did not have any sympathy from the people, much like skinheads here.

Occasionally a disaffected unemployed worker would join one of these fringe groups. They did not do much. An incident of two students throwing rocks at a Jewish deli made headlines.

The big problem was that the depression of the 1930's never went away. It just stayed on and on like an unwelcome houseguest. It was now the 21st century and unemployment was still above 10 percent.

Many people sold trinkets on the side of the road and had little money. Most good jobs were highly prized. Even hauling garbage was a prized job because it paid well.

Going to college was seen as a waste of time because there were no jobs unless you knew somebody. It was not a good timeline. The guv tried to create jobs, but those did not last long.

People blamed technology and foreigners for job loss. Most countries had high tariff walls to protect their industry. England was still a world power and tried to hold on to its colonies., since it could not sell its products in the US anymore. The US had a trade dispute with England. Everybody seemed to blame others for the lingering depression.

Most houses had not been painted in years, people were very poor and would try to save their money because if you lost your job, you might not find one for a long time.

There were few new apartment buildings and no new skyscrapers. A few old skyscrapers from before the great depression were still standing. Cars were small and old. People wore raggy baggy old clothes. There were places that made clothes from scraps.

Most people were angry with farmers because food was so expensive. Farmers were told by the guv to produce more. The guv wanted store shelves to be packed, but most were empty and full of dust. Many stores had closed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Steven Gibbs makes improvements to HDR

Yesterday, the inventor Steven Gibbs called me. We were talking about different aliens, the greys, reptilians and draconians. Steven Gibbs said that he is selling more HDR units now. And he did tell me about making improvements to the HDR caduceus coil to make it more efficient and powerful. The new caduceus coil is a big improvement over the old. It is a new flat caduceus coil that Steven Gibbs calls a bifiliar winding.

Steven Gibbs says that using the new caduceus coil will allow people to have better results with their HDR.

Monday, August 01, 2005

HDR for Time Travel

I used the HDR for time travel and I had a jump to the past where I saw myself little and a sister I never had. She was not very nice, in fact a bit mean. I wonder what level of divergence this timeline had as it looked very strange. Not at all like here.

People lived in small houses and were poor, but crime was low. Most of my friends at school wondered what they would be when they grew up. I saw the other me struggling in this sad place. Not sure if I learned anything, except that we must all do what we can with what we have to create a better world.

God gives us our abilities and we should use them to make things better and to obey him.