Friday, March 31, 2006

Jump to 2009

Using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR techniques, I was able to astral time travel to mid 2009. Three years into the future. The pandemic was in full swing.

People had food and ice brought to their houses and left outside - "MOTELING"
Public were told to "stay inside" and "not go out."

Everything was in lock down mode.

US troops were called back from Iran & Iraq to help enforce order.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Iran prepares to go to war with US

The government of the Islamic People's Republic of Iran is preparing to close the Straights of Hormouz. In an attempt to stop the flow of carbonate compunds reaching the US.

The Iranians have 45 to 50 Shahab-3 and Shahab-4 missiles ready to destroy Saudi oil complexes. This is the real deal. Iran has been promised help from its allies Russian and China.

Using astral time travel induced by Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator, I have seen a terrifying war with Iran in which would supplies of fuel are in peril.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Riots in France one million demonstrators

Today there were riots in France with over a million demonstrators. Most of these demonstrators are students unhappy with new laws. This sounds like what John Titor the time traveller was talking about when he said that stability in the west would collapse.

Perhaps John Titor came from a timeline close to ours where he could see many of the same events we see. The thing is that the demonstrations yesterday in LA with 1/2 million demonstrators protesting new immigration laws tells me that the west is becoming less stable every day.

It appears that things are not good...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

HDR ebook


A PDF downloadable ebook about the hyper dimensional resonator invented by Steven L. Gibbs in 1985. I want people to send me emails on what content they want in the ebook. My email is HDRremovemeKID [at] HOTremovemeMAIL [dot] COM

Plans are to include parts lists for building your own HDR using Radio Shack parts.

Get your HDR EBOOK.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How to survive bird flu

We need to prepare for an avian influeza pandemic that will cause chaos. ETA 2008


Cans of meat, dry beans, rice, lentils,

battieries, generator, wind mill, solar panels

Well, pond, storage containers

small cabin, A-Frame, Trailer.

Remember that childen are very suseptible to bird flu.

Taken from

1) Surviving bird flu movie (1 hour 15 minute film)

2) Protecting pets from bird flu movie ( 55 minute film)

3) Bird flu - Part I movie ( 45 minute film)

4) Bird flu - Part II movie (40 minute film)

5) Bird flu -Seminar the movie ( 40 minute film)

6) Bird flu - Area Map

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bird Flu spreads to other animals

Bird flu has spread to other animals, now a stone marten in Germany is dying of the avian influenza. Last week it was a cat in Germany.

We see a steady increase in territory as well as spectrum of infection. The virus has not crossed the ocean yet, but I predict that we are months away from catastrophe.

Scientists are scrambling to create a vaccine, but the virus keeps mutating and soon a mutation will occur that will allow easy human to human transfer.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

US preparing to invade Iran.

In order to prevent the fanatical regime from obtaining nukes, the US will employ more aggressive measures. According to U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton who said "Iran faces “tangible and painful consequences” if it continues its nuclear activities and the United States will use “all tools at our disposal” to stop this threat".

The US response will be swift and decisive to prevent a nuclear armed Iran from threatening world stability. I predict a draft will be needed to supply tropps to "pacify" Iran and prevent it from continuing its present nuclear ambitions.

Our present geopolitical situation is complicated by Iran being an enemy of the US. Bolton also said "Iran poses a “comprehensive threat” as a state sponsor of terrorism as well as a nuclear aspirant and so “we must be prepared to rely on comprehensive solutions and use all the tools at our disposal to stop the threat that the Iranian regime poses.”

We hope that this situation can be solved peacefully, but in a jump to 2009 using astral time travel I saw Russia threaten the US.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Glossary of Time Travel Terms

A new addition to is a Steven Gibbs Glossary of time travel terms. This list is getting terms, to suggest new ones email HDRremovemeKID [at] HOT removemeMAIL [dot] COM

The idea is to create a place where people can find the definition of common time travel terms.