Friday, January 28, 2005

Steven Gibbs Birthday

Spoke to Steven Gibbs yesterday. It was his birthday and he told me that he got a call from a person using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. This person said that object, like his keys would disappear after he used the HDR and re-appear in another place. He spent the whole day looking for his keys, only to find them under his bed.

I often have things disappear when I use the HDR. The keys can turn up in odd places like the bathtub of the refrigerator. You get used to odd events after using Steven Gibbs HDR.

Most events involve paranormal events like a broken mirror "healing" itself, or finding lots of dust and fog inside the house. :-)

Right now, I am posting results of a radionics experiment using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Alternate Worldlines without WWI & WWII

Using Steven Gibbs HDR, I have astral time travelled to alternate worldlines without a world war I or II and seen how they developed to 2005.

There are worldlines where the United States did not have any world wars. On most of these people are nicer than here, less agressive and more compassionate. However, there is less technology than here.

Our electronics revolution with computers, cellular telephones, and internet never happened.
People still use record players, old style dial telephones with an operator on the other end, typewriters, and don't laugh - a sliderule. Calculators and even adding machines are not used on their worldline, get used to pencil and paper.

Still the sky near big cities is filled with big grey zepellins, so many of them, these large German balloons. There are no jets in the sky, but biplanes thunder overhead, hundreds of them. Executives going to work. That reminds me, most products are still produced in America, which is quite large after it merged with Canada.

Movies are still in black and white, streets are still safe at night.
Because there was no slavery, there is a lot less racial tension. Also less generational tension. Teens talk to old people. In fact, most people marry when they are 14 or 15. Their music is similar to our country music.

Still their society seems poorer than ours. Most people cannot afford to buy a new car, and use a small scooter. Cars are for the rich and powerful. Also television is for the super rich, with only two channels A & B.

Most people get their news over the radio as a lot of people cannot or will not read. Still the rich read the newspaper everyday and also have television.They do not have washers and dryers like we have, or vacuum cleaners. Most people are poor and lack medical attention.
I did see that however that they developed time machines using tube electronics. These were available to the public,but they were warned against going to high crime worldlines like ours.
They see our worldline the way we see Stalin's Soviet style republic. It talks about freedom and worlers rights, but the reality is quite different. Most of them avoid our worldline, but if you could spot them here it would be by their accent.

When they talk instead of saying "yes or no" they say "yaw or naw", instead of mother and father it's "maw & paw".This makes them seem ignorant and unschool, and most of them do not finish hih school, but get a job in a factory. Men that is, women stay home raising children and they typically have large families.Most of their women still wear dresses and most of their men still wear hats, like a 30's movie.

There is a joke on their worldline, "Why does the elephant in the zoo have a cage around him? So nobody will steal him." It is funny, because there is no theft in those worldlines except for maybe a little kid stealing candy from the store or something like that. In fact, automobiles do not have keys, but a start button. If a poor person stole a car and drove it to their rundown neighborhood, it would stand out like an elephant. Also, you do not need a drivers license or a tag. People are more free than here. Police are not constantly stopping people on the road and asking them questions.

If you see a sign on a restaurant that says "HELP WANTED" you go right in and apply in person. No forms to fill out or resumes to hand in. Also, you are paid in cash at the end of the week. That is how it is on that world.State sales tax is only 2% (no tax on food) and government gets most of its money from tarrifs on imported goods. There is no income tax or even property tax. Luxury items like perfumes from France are taxed at 35%.

I have travelled many times to these worldlines and have nostalgia for them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Travel to alternate worldline

I did astral time travel yesterday to an alternate worldline using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator and saw a world much like our own in mid 2007. There was a group known as the People's Liberation Front causing a lot of trouble.

This worldline had less tech than ours, and the bad guys was using crude devices to do their work. I saw some stuff going on, but was not sure of what it meant.

Our guv was more dictatorial and repressive than now creating an atmosphere were rebels like the PLF could operate.

This group was taking down bridges and causing mayhem. They were getting bolder and they actually placed a device in a school with little kids. A woman doctor risked her life to defuse the device and save the kids. Her reward was to get arrested and be given 30 years in jail.

It seems that the shrub took credit for stopping the PLF, but he blamed the woman for setting the device and trying to look like a hero. Fake film of a rescue was created in Hollywood, but the truth got out and the shrub went crazy.

I popped back before I found out what happened.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Using HDR to win lotto

This is the results of my attempt to use the HDR to win the Florida Lottery with a jackpot of three million.

I placed a lotto ticket inside the witness well of the HDR, then turned on the HDR unit and waited for the machine to warm up. I then placed the time coils around my head and started tuning the HDR by placing my fingers on the rubbing plate of the HDR and adjusting the dials until I got a stick reaction.

Then after about seven minutes I turned off the HDR and astral time travelled to the future in an attempt to get the numbers.

The numbers I saw for Jan 5, 2005 were
The actual were

True, I only got two of the numbers,
but the other numbers were quite close.

I will continue to try to see the future using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

What are other timlines like?

By traveling to other timelines using astral time travel with the HDR I have seen the following. Most timelines have less technology than we do. For example, they still have vacuum tubes and old looking cars. TV is still in black and white, drive-ins still exist. Some stores that have closed down here, like Woolworth, are still around.

Women still wear dresses in 2000, and men still wear hats. The 60's revolution never happened so people are more "square" but there are a few big differences. Instead of Radio Shack,there is a store called Bargain Bobs that sells electronics. Instead of Pizza Hut, there is Pizza Place, but the biggest difference is the cars. On most lines gasoline is very expensive, I'm not talking about $5/gallon like in Europe, but more like $20/gal in our money, so cars are very small like a Mini Cooper and old looking, like a PT Cruiser.

Also, teenagers are allowed to have a limited drivers license at age 13. This allows them to drive a SLOMO, a small underpowered car with a tiny "lawnmower" engine that has a top speed of 40 mph. The word slomo means SLOW MOTION, an apt term for these midget cars. This saves dad from driving "junior" to school as on most lines there are no school buses and regular buses are full of ruffians.

Although it is cool for a 13 year old to pick up his girl in a SLOMO, it is the height of uncool to have a SLOMO when you are 19. Only the biggest nerd drives a SLOMO past 21. Also, on most lines there are male and female SLOMOs, the cars for boys have racing stripes and flames on the sides, the ones for girls are pink and have flowers.

If you want to become the laughingstock of the whole school, then drive your sister's SLOMO to school.

On most timelines it is legal to work when you turn twelve, all you havet do is get a work permit. Most teens do NOT go to school but have regular jobs. It is common for people to get married when they are 15 and 16, but when most teens hit 19 they are desperate to get married, this is called the GOLD RUSH.

Most teens that are 18 start hitting clubs since the drinking age is 18 and most clubs are full of club hopping teens looking to get hitched. You do not see people in the 20's and 30's inside clubs, they are called "pyramids". Don't go to the Gold Dust, they have more "pyramids" than Egypt.
A lot of clubs have the word GOLD in them like the Gold Rush, the Gold Bug, The Golden Nugget, even Gold-diggers!

Typically guys 19 marry anybody, because if you are 21 and not married you are considered a loser, like the bum on the corner. A few guys are too ugly to find girls so they are drafted, forced to join the army, where they are sent overseas to fight wars and die.

On most timelines women are computer programmers, and it pays less than here, because the jobs for men are heavy dirty work like construction. Computers on most lines are very expensive and nobody has one in their house to play games. Companies use computers to calculate payroll and keep track of expenses. Being a computer programmer is seen as "sissy" work because it does not involve heavy lifting.

Most men want to become truck drivers because the union is very strong, also truckers own the big rig and get cheap government gas. Most trucks are not diesel due to environmental laws, they burn methane.

People do not shop at Sears since that store went under years ago, but instead at Dave's Discount which is a cross between the Dollar Storeand Walmart. Another store that went under was McDonalds on most lines becausethey had major strikes. Unions are more powerful than here and most stuff is built in the US, if a company started "outsourcing" they would go under because the dock workers would refuse to load their cargo and there would be riots on the street. The truckers in one line shut down the US when they refused to haul cheap Mexican goods.

Most presidents have "American" sounding names like Howard Franklin,there are no French names like Pierre Pascal or German names likeHelmut Hagen. There is less racism than on our line, but people "funny" accents are made fun of.

If somebody suggested bringing goods from Communist China to the US, that person would be branded a traitor and probably shot. There have been major riots involving a company shutting down its American factory and bringing in cheap junk from Mexico. Discount Daves does not sell any foreign products like French Perfumes,Japanese Electronics, or Italian Shoes.

The government has a high taffic wall protecting American industry. As a result people have in their home: an old manual typewritter, an old rotary dial telephone, a prehistoric looking tube radio, a fireplace, and a bicycle.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Saw Holographic Projector

I travelled yesterday to another timeline. I saw up close a holographic projector. It was a device that uses a hologram to project a 3D image into space. The quality of the machine was super.

Also, I saw T-shirts with moving pictures on them. These spacial T-shirts used a flexible color LCD screen. It looks great a night. Picture of fire, wheels, and a flying flag.

The place was rundown and many of my favorite stores, like borders, had closed. Starbucks was still opened and it was a real hang out.

The day before yesterday I had tried an experiment with the HDR. It consisted of placing a blade of grass in the HDR witness well and using the HDR rubbing plate to try to find a rate that would make the grass green.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year from hdrkid

Wishing all of you a great new year, and all the best...

I have not used the HDR this year yet, but did get a call today Jan 1, 2005 from Steven Gibbs, my cell phone died before I could answer it. He was probably calling me to wish me a happy new year, or to tell me about his latest adventure using the HDR.

Either way I will try to call Steven Gibbs today.