Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jump to an alternate timeline

Yesterday, I saw a really different place. perhaps a parallel universe. Although the signs were in English, the people appeared to be a mix of Asian, European, and African. These mixed people were not "black" or "white", but brown. There were some lighter and some darker. All had black hair and brown eyes. the lightest being darker than a Southern European, like maybe a person from Tunisia.

There were no big box stores like Walmart, but small shops like third world bazaars or maybe a rundown "dollar store". There was a mid sized grocery store called Universal Garden Service UGS. Also a smaller Garden Foods GF. The restaurants were all different than here. Strange looking, but small. Very few fast food, most were luxury upscale types.

The people dressed different with wild tropical colors, like gold and green. No blue jeans and a T-shirt. The clothes were loose and frilly. Men had hats with plumes. Women long dresses, but that looked tropical.

Streets seemed full of people walking and also there were people on bicycles. The cars had the high pitched whirrrr of a golf cart. Every single car seemed small and cramped, like those fiats from Italy. Traffic lights were not common except on big streets, but there seemed to be a stop sign on every corner. Did not see any highways but many long narrow winding roads. People drove slowly with windows rolled down and arms hanging out. It seemed there was no air cond in the cars.

In parking lots there was no charge, but wildly dressed security guards watched over the autopark. They seemed like clowns who escaped from a circus.

The buildings were covered with bright flashing neon signs. Houses appeared small with flat roofs made of poured concrete instead of wood. The houses were bright white, but the windows were tiny. Yards were small and houses packed close together with tiny "euro" cars in front.

Schools were tiny, less than 100 students and I did not see any parks or rec areas. Bus was a small minivan. The industrial area was called a processing polygon. It looked very strange.

Building architecture was very different than here, as there were no "towers" taller than four stories. The structures were big and boxy concrete slabs, but with tiny windows. There were many art galleries, but the type of art was surrealistic, like Dali.

Also the music was like a religious chanting sound. Seemed sad and tearful, like a lament.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Glaxo has Bird Flu Vaccine

In a major breakthrough, Glaxo has created a H5N1 Avian Influenza vaccine that can protect up to 80% of the people taking it.

This is great news. I have seen using astral time travel the terrible tragedy of a bird flu pandemic first hand. We now have a way to fight the bird flu. Galxo says that the vaccine will be avail by 2007.

Both Novartis AG and Baxter International are also working on a vaccine.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Taken From
Today 2.985
Yesterday 2.976
Last Week 2.950

I predicted back in 2001 when gas was 1.13 a gallon that in 2007 it would be $4.50 a gallon.
Yes, and the debunkers laughed. They even laugh in 2004 when I said that in 2005 gas would go over $2.50/gallon and in 2006 over $3/gal.

Now they are saying it is obvious, Global warming, peakoil, etc...

Well, how obvious was the current problems in the Middle East?

This is a picture I took TODAY, any doubt that the price of gas will go over $3/gal this year?

I predict things will get a lot worse.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Other Timelines, other rules

With all the problems in the Middle East you might wish you live on another timeline, one where the US never had slaves, there was no WWI or WWII or atomics. One with low crime.

Well, as many of you know, there are other timelines where George Washington freed all his slaves, made slavery illegal, and fought for the right of women to vote. His ideas, which seemed progressive at the time, lead the Federalist party to effectively control congress for many years.

On that timeline, There were three political parties {the Federalist party, close to our reagan republican party of limited government, the constitutionalist party similar to our libertarian party, and the labor party similar to the liberal democrats}.
All went well for the Federalists, until the 1950's when they tried to pass some laws.

First they wanted a speed limit on roads to decrease fatalities on the motorways, and they also wanted a limit on blood alcohol.

The constitutionalists said that infringed on the "Freedom of Movement" right and spoke about how the Federalists wanted to force people to get licenses and driving courses. Against the will of the people, the prez passed the "Uniform Driving Act" that made driving over 50mph illegal and drinking more than one beer illegal. The result was chaos. The Federalists lost both the house and senate in the elections, and the president was not re-elected. In fact, many federalists joined the constitutionalist party in disgust.

The labor party slowly grew from about 4% of the vote in 1950 to 20% by 2000 due to worker abuse. There was no OSHA on this line or rules on overtime or rules on most anything. So most workers were putting in 12 hours a day and getting a percentage of profits. For example a restaurant might pay you an amount per table you served. Tips were not illegal but most people did not tip.

The restaurant might decide to change the price per table in a downward direction. This means you could leave or take the pay cut. Many older employees stayed. There was no retirement plans or social security on this timeline.

People worked until they were very old, 80 - 90 and then died quickly.

The army did not give pensions, even to disabled veterans, so you would see them on street corners selling pencils and flags. Needless to say you did not need a permit to open a business so there were squabbles over prized stops.

There were no police, but elected sheriffs and judges would administer harsh justice, like hangings for shoplifting and beheadings for adultery. Needless to say crime was low. Few people commited crimes and those that did were roundly hated by all.

There was no income tax or property tax. The guv made its money from tariffs. Most imported products were assessed a 30% tariff, but luxury items like fine wine were hit with a 75% lux tax. Bootleggers were not common since that crime was seen as very bad by the guv. In addition to the regular army there was a people's militia that men served in for three years from 18 - 21.
After 21 you could join the army or go into civilian life. Most men worked in small factories or shops. There were no Walmarts.

Since factories were small when things got tough many went under and so did many small stores. There were major bank failures every 20 years or so due to little government regulation. Most people did not trust banks.

Most people were paid in gold coins and kept those gold coins in their home. The US was a major gold consumer. In fact, the price of gold on that timeline would be close to $2500 an ounce compared to prices here.

It was common for a person to pay life insurance for many years and then die only to have the relatives find out that the insurance company was bankrupt and could not pay claims. It was seen as folly to buy flood insurance since the company would declare bankruptcy and not pay.

Instead of buying a car from a used car dealer most people bought things used from friends. Factories that made cars were small and many went under. Finding parts was a challenge as most junkyards did not have a computer database, but primitive paper and pencil.

People saw few parks, but having a small factory in a residential neighborhood was common. Since there were few regulations many cars used small inefficient smoky two stroke engines. Most forests were cut down back in the 1800's and never replanted. Small farmers tried to survive on tiny plots of land, but many were very poor.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Transportation in the future

Many of you are wondering about how you are going to get around in the future when gasoline is very expensive and rationed. The key is to use a light electric vehicle that costs about a dime to recharge and gets you a 50 mile range. That way you can commute to work, run errands without worring about power. In a worst case scenario, many electric bikes let you pedal home on your own power. Rather than spending $10 a day on gas you spend only ten cents on electricity. Also, the US has a 200 year supply of coal and electricity can be made from many other sources such as wind power, geothermal, and even solar.

The best solution to the energy shortage we are facing is fuel-less transportation as in a bicycle or a solar powered scooter. Here is a link with a FREE PLAN to build a solar powered scooter.

Here are links to electric bikes that will save you money and worries in getting to where you want to go!

Friday, July 14, 2006

I never thought I would do this, but I think you should all see this DNC video. It seems that we have reached a fork in the road and must turn left or right. I hope we make the right choice.

Where I live about 1/2 the stores are closed, gasoline is over $3/gal and things are getting worse by the minute. I predict that if we do not act, next year at this time we will be paying over $4/gal of gas. We need to act now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Steven Gibbs tells me about Rick Lipani

Today, Steven Gibbs told me about time traveller Rick Lipani who uses the HDR for OBE time travel. Rick has been able to go to the future and the past using the HDR. He has gone to talk shows to announce big events that will soon happen.

Many of these events are similar to things I have seen, like the comet that is approaching. I think that Rick may yet convince people of the perilous times that lie ahead.

One thing that Rick saw was North Korea getting reach to launch against the US. I have also seen this and hope we stop them b4 it is 2 late.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Smart Choices

In 2004 I published my predictions of gasoline going over $2.50/gallon in 2005, over $3/gal in 2006, and over $4/gal in 2007.

Also I predicted that oil would go over $80/barrel in 2006 and over $100/ba in 2007. Any disruption in the Middle East will send it higher. Now oil is at a record high over $75/barrel. $80 no longer looks like lunacy - in fact, $100 looks reasonable for 2007.

Last year, 2005, when I was in France I used a smart car. This car is very fuel efficient getting over 60mpg and easy to park in tight spots. A great choice for the long narow winding roads of Europe. It is a SMART choice for the future as fuel will increase in expense and become rationed.

The smart car gets excellent mileage without the headaches of a hybrid.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Previous Predictions

I predicted back in 2005 that Hillary would be elected president in 2008 and also predicted that he opponent would be McCain. Now in 2006 more than two years away from the election it is all over except for the crying.


“On the Republican side, Arizona Sen. John McCain is the highest-profile politician likely considering a run. For the Democrats, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is viewed as her party’s front-runner.

Both of these candidates will be so strong in the polls and fundraising that the other candidates will have a difficult time getting oxygen,” said Scott Reed, a Republican strategist.

What about other predictions?

Well, lets see, my prediction that gasoline would go over $4/gal in 2007 no longer seems like lunacy. It did back when I made it in 2001. The price of gasoline at the time of my prediction was $1.13 a gallon. Who would imagine that it would quadruple in so little time.

The reason that gasoline is so expensive in 2007 is that the price of oil goes over $100 per barrel for the Light Sweet Crude. The type we use to make gasoline. Back in 2001 the price of oil was $23 per barrel.

This price increase will FUEL inflation to a fever pitch.