Saturday, June 30, 2007

Congress angry at Bush

Prez Bush faces contempt hearing. Things are not going well for the president. This could weaken an already rickety house - the whitehouse.

Things are bad. The war in Iraq is spinning out of control. The world situation worsens by the minute - look at London.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Analyst say Apple stock to hit $200

Analysts say strong sales of the Iphone will shoot Apple stock to $200 a share in the near future. This is great news. Technology surges forward as we can now see the future devices that will make the world of tomorrow.

The demand for new tools to make our lives more productive will push technology forward. We are just at the beginning of sea change in electronics. Apple is leading the way to elegant solutions.

Imania hits the streets

Today is Iphone day. The craze is on. Huge crowds are gathering in front of the Apple store. I better hurry and make the line b4 they run out. This is a historical moment, like 1903. Years ago Steve Jobs built an apple computer in the garage with Woz - how far we have come!

When I predicted the iphone back in 2001 the debunkers said "Apple is a computer company, not a phone company stooopid!" Well it is time for them to do a Debunker FlipFlop and say "That was obvious, you didn't predict anything."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Steve Jobs is man of the hour

All eyes are on Steven Jobs and his latest product the Iphone. He shook up the world with the Ipod and now he conquers new territory the humble telephone. In what is called the most exciting new advance since Alexander Graham Bell, we had a small rectangular object that works as telephone, camera, MP3 player, TV, email reader, web browser, etc. You can even play videos from Youtube on from your iphone.

This small device is like an ALL BALL that does almost everything. The touchscreen is at the hearth of this convenients mini laptop/telephone. The future is here!

In other news, Ron Paul will crash the Iowa forum. He was not invited. Guess his views were not what they wanted. Ron has a "bad" habit of saying truth. He is not a regular talking head.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Terrorist leader says "More blood will flow"

Indonesian terrorist leader Abu Dujana accused of the Bali bombings that killed over 200 westerners says that Americans and Europeans are legitimate targets.

The turban wearing terrorist is fighting for islamic rule of the whole world. He denies the Bali bombing, but he warns that more blood will flow. He leads terrorists in attacks on what he claims are legitimate targets. Namely unarmed tourists that bring in much needed income to impoverished Indonesia.

His goal to bring the whole world under strict islamic law is a joke. This monster has no respect for law. His legion of doom has only brought misery to the world.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Prince William back with Kate Middleton

Will we have a Queen Kate in the future? British tabloids report that the charming prince and his ex are back together. The royal rumor is that the palace is pleased with Kate. The happy couple have resumed dating. Things are low key for the moment.

Prince William broke up with Kate Middleton in April. He claimed that military life was a strain on the relationship. With all the worries he has it is a wonder that she is happy to be back.

I predict that Prince William will never have a "normal" life, were he can be himself without being hounded by miliions of clicking cameras. Oh, the sad life of a prince. It is no fairy tale.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Future of Youtube

John Titor said that in the future people create their own content and that TV is over the internet.. That sounds a lot like youtube. In fact, few imagined how powerful video would be.

This is a new age called WEB 2.0 and it really is a shock how quick our technology is changing. Cheap 1080 cameras are just the tip of the iceberg.

We are looking at a new phenomena on the internet - with cheap digital movie cameras, free software downloaded off the net, and low cost broadband connections, video is now available to almost all. Soon video over the net will be common.

CNN going down

The web site CNN used to rank in the top twenty, but soon it will not even be in the top 100. There are many reasons why this is, but one reason is the cut backs they have had in the news room may have affected the quality of their product.

Dying Downtowns

Why is it that the small cities are dying?. Well, there are many reasons. For example, it is hard for a city of less than 50,000 to have the kind of nightlife that attracts young people. Case in point, Bloomington, IN (69,291) has a college, a mall, two multi screen movie theaters and many restaurants, whereas Martinsville, IN (11,698) which used to be a thriving metropolis and the county seat has only a dollar movie theater with one screen and a drive in which is closed in the winter.

Many of the small mom and pop shops shut down when Walmart moved into Martinsville. There is no mall and many businesses in the downtown area have shuttered. The downtown is looking run down and sad. It has seen better days.

Most young people talk of going to live in California or Florida away from the boring town. There is little nightlife and few restaurants. Martinsville has not been able to attract new industry like Bloomington and it has suffered a lot. The only reason that Martinsville still exists is that it has three highways 67, 37, and 39 going through it and that it acts as a bedroom community for mighty Indianapolis the capital of Indiana with a major metro population of over one million.

Still the hour long commute to a declining rust belt Indy and the high price of gasoline have forced many people to move out of Martinsville and relocate in other states like Texas. Although the median price for a house in Martinsville is low, only $105,000, Indiana has state income tax and the once low sales tax of only 2% has now shot up to 6%. Also the once low property taxes have shot up as well. Because the city needs money and the industrial base is leaving.

This means that a person moving to Dallas, TX could find a much better higher paying job and maybe have to pay $140,000 for a comparable house without the long commute and the cold weather and the lack of entertainment.

For this reason while Dallas, TX continues to grow, Martinsville and small cites like it are shrinking. They are seeing businesses pack up and leave. The worst problem is that most young people are leaving. They are the future of any city.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hitachi Brain Machine

It sounds like science fiction, but the Hitachi Brain Machine can be used instead of a joy stick in computer games. Is this the future?

You better believe it. The future is almost here. Machines that read brain waves will soon be real common and easy to use.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Global Cooling?

Instead of global warming scientists now say that we are headed for a mini ice age caused by decreased solar output. I believe that this inconvenient truth should be told to Al Bore.

Global cooling is close as 2020 and the decrease in solar output will make most of Canada uninhabitable unless of course we pump massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. My suggestion is burn coal it is mostly carbon.

Paris Hilton prosecutor in trouble

It seems that Rocky made a few mistakes of his own. The man who talked anout a two tiered justice system kept quiet about his wife breaking the law and driving with a suspended licence. We should be quick to forgive and fast to forget.

Paris Hiltons prosecutor is in legal troubles of his own.

Maybe we can all learn a lesson from this.

Rocky went after Paris with a vengance.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fuel of the Future

Many wonder what the fuel of the future will be. Some think antimatter, others think solar. Well, solar is right. The sun's energy is harvested by grass.

The engine of the future is the humble horse, and his fuel is hay. Things are going to look at lot like a farm, an Amish farm at that. There is no electricity, no motorcars, it's primitive as can be.

It will be a time of going back to the basics.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Iran helping insurgents

Iran has been supplying insurgents with arms. This will lead to an inevitable confrontation with Iran that will affect the supply of oil in the US and the world at large.

Right now is a critical moment in our nations history. The next few months will determine our future.

I predict that a conflict with Iran will cause the price of oil to go up a lot.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Future Mobility Machines

Many people look to the flying cars as the future, but tomorrows transportation will be a lot more mundane. Future mobility machines like the Segway will revolutionize transportation.

Instead of a dangerous scooter on the street competing with cars and trucks, we will have bike tracks with vehicles like a solar powered segway that is less noisy and more friendly to the environment. They future is almost here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where's my jetpack?

The science of prediction is very old, from a seer with a crystal ball to the modern meteorologist.

Dan Wilson, the chief editor to Popular Mechanics and the book author of “Where’s My Jetpack?” explains why prediction is so hard. The jetpack was built back in the 60's called a rocket belt but it used too much fuel and was very noisy.

Still we can dream about the future and the wonders it will bring. Many predictions like time travel and flying cars are still seen as science fiction, but not for long.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SPV in the Future

In the future we will use single passenger vehicle SPV for mobility. Toyota has the i-unit an powerful single passenger vehicle that allows a person to travel in style.

New technology is taking off and we will soon see the SPV.

Lookout $4/gal gas soon!

Right now as gasoline goes below $3/gal gas in many areas people are falling asleep at the wheel. The forecast is $4/gallon gasoline soon.
The economist point to rising costs of crude, aging refineries and increased demand.

Although I see a lot of scooters on the street and sales of hybrids are brisk the demand for oil keeps going up. I predict $4/gal gas in 2009.

The power of corn

Many farmers are planting corn this year. Much of that corn will be converted into ethanol to fuel cars. We are slowly running out of oil. Ethanol allows us a way to make fuel on the farm.

Back in the 1800's people used whale oil for fuel. It was thought that as the supply of whales dwindled there would be a fuel shortage.

In fact, one of these whales was hunted this year by an Inuit village. They found a 19th century lance inside the whale which could be 130 years old.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Toy T-rex

The clever inventor of Furby has another toy up his hat. It is animatronic dinosaur called pleo.

This pleo created by inventor Caleb Chung will hit make his grand entrance this summer. Actually the latest design looks more like a placid plant eating brontosaurus than the angry meat eating Tyranosaurus Rex.

Maybe an attempt to tone down the negative. What Caleb needs to know is that this slimy reptile will soon become EXTINCT!

Inventions we wish for

Here is a list of the 15 most desired inventions. On top of my list is the teleporter. Although a fountain of youth may be on the top of an old mans list.

Also on the list is a household robot wish could be used to do mundane chores like cooking and cleaning. Perhaps with artificial intelligence one day this will come true. We are far away from the technology to create affordable home robots.

As for the jet pack and the flying cars these staples of science fiction might be around the corner but are still way too expensive for ordinary people.

On the horizon I see better language translation software and speech recognition. I believe that by the 2030's we will have cars that drive themselves if we avoid big wars.

Also on the list was a time machine. Inventor Steven Gibbs claims to have created the world first commercial time machine. He says it uses electromagnets to attain its purpose.

Perhaps things in the future will look quite strange to us. New technology will destroy many old jobs like automobile mechanic when we have teleporters, or translators when software does it for us, but no doubt new jobs will be created.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Selling an SUV

CNN had an article called - Getting out of your SUV lease. It seems that many are selling SUVs and getting small energy efficient cars that are easy on the gas.

The large full size trucks are also being sold. You do not need a 4WD to carry your groceries a small Chevy S10 can handle it just fine. The bigger trucks get maybe 11mpg and they are now a big head pain to those paying for gasoline.

Time to downsize!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Predictions of future events

When the meteorologist tells you that a big thunderstorm is headed your way - do you pack up your picnic supplies and look at those dark clouds at the horizon and how they are getting closer, or do you say - He's an fool only predicts doom and gloom.

I can tell you that predicting the weather is not an exact science. Sometimes rain is predicted and it does not come. Sometimes a hurricane will mysteriously change its course and hit the "wrong" town. However, most of the time, the predictions are on the mark.

Now I am going to share a few prediction I made back in 2001.

APPLE - Big success in 2007 with Iphone
GOOGLE - Becoming the biggest search engine
EXXON - Record Profits

Back then debunkers said "Yahoo will never let Google become number one. You are an idiot. Also Bill Gates will make MSN number two."

"Apple is a computer company you fool, not a phone company. They would have to spend billions building their phone towers. Also AT&T would crush them."

"We are swimming in oil, peak oil is a hoax. Exxon is a has been company. New energy efficient cars will decrease the demand for oil."

"If the future price of oil goes up we will turn to other forms of energy like coal."

Guess what, we still run most cars off gasoline, with very few running diesel or E85. The price of gasoline has more than tripled since 2001 and the minimum wage will hopefully go up this year, finally.

Fearing rising fuel costs - many cities have doubled public transportation costs from a dollar a bus ride to two, hitting the poor especially hard.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Future Toys

What will toys of the future be like? We can see with the apple iphone that the interface is sleek and simple. It uses virtual buttons. Perhaps future toys will also use vitual button in a manner similar to the apple iphone.

These startling new breakthrough technologies are so incredible, we are truly living in a futuristic age with many exciting future toys.

Housing decline worse than predicted

It seems that real estate sales slowdown and housing price drop in 2007 will be greater than originally forecasted.

Here are the number of new homes sold:
2005 1,280,000
2006 1,050,000
2007 860,000 Projected
2008 700,000 Projected

As fuel prices have gone up as in :- propane, heating oil, and natural gas; houses are becoming more expensive to maintain. I predict that houses far away from the city will decline more in price due to the high price of gasoline impacting commuters.

In other news Toyota reports that it has sold it one millionth hybrid car. Toyota introduced hybrids ten years ago and debunkers laughed at me when I said that hybrids would sell like hotcakes, while SUVs would cool their heels at the car lots.

Back in Jan 2007 when gasoline was under $2/gal I predicted that by July 2007 we would be paying over $3/gal for gas. The debunkers said that PEAK OIL was a hoax, and that gas prices were going down to $1/gal not up. We would soon be swiming in oil. I said July 2007 will determine who is right and who is wrong.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why Gold goes up

Ever wonder why precious metals are so valuable? Why gold goes up? How financial markets work?

Well, you are not alone. Basically the law of supply and demand keeps gold high and makes it go higher. It is a store of value. People depend on gold to have money.

The pieces of paper are basically not worth much when a government falls, but gold never rusts, never tarnishes. It is as good as gold.

June 29 is iphone day

The day I predicted so many years ago is almost here. Apple will release the iphone on June 29, 2007.

Back in 2001 I predicted that apple would release a revolutionary new product in 2007 - IPHONE. Well, here it is.

Back then the debunkers told me that apple was a computer company not a phone company, that Nokia and Motorola would make apple sauce out of apple if it dared to sell a phone.

We will soon see apple do the incredible.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Democratic Debate

The democratic party today had a bit of a dust up when Breck Girl AKA John Edwards called Billary some names. Seems all it not well.

Barak osama tried his best to look presidential as the cat fight between break girl and billary continued. It is a sad thing that LURCH chose not to run. YOU RANG?

Dollar Decline Continues

Back when the euro was selling for less than the dollar I predicted that soon the euro would rise above the dollar, but not only that I also made the forecast that the Canadian Loonie would go above the dollar before 2010.

The debunkers said “You are the loonie, the US dollar is going up not down.” So now that analysts are predicting that the Canadian dollar will pass the US dollar as early as this year?

What do we have? A debunker flipflop. “That was obvious, you didn’t predict anything. You get all you predictions from CNN. They have been saying this for months.”

Sorry debunkers, you are wrong again. In fact, you are wrong so often it is positively paranormal.

I predicted the rise in oil prices before it happened as well as the dollar decline.

Canada produces a lot of oil, this is “fueling” a rise in the loonie as well as an economic boom in Canada. However, the declining US dollar will cause inflation to rise.

What do you think will happen to interest rates with inflation? They go up. What effect will this have on a weak housing market? Can you spell c-o-l-l-a-p-s-e?

Everything is interlinked, the war in Iraq caused oil prices to go up which triggered all these other things. When I predicted that the US invasion of Iraq the reply was hoots of laughter. I predicted then that the laughter would soon turn to tears. It has.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Future Styles

Clothes of the future will no doubt use nanomaterials and technologies that we cannot currently imagine. Not only will they keep us warm but also cool.

Intelligent fibers will be part of what we will see and we weave silicon intelligence into everything we do. Perhaps less empasis on hats and purses and more on shoes.

But what will future styles look like?

Will they look like now?

Or something very strange...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Declining Dollar

Kuwait stopped pegging its currency the dinar to the dollar. This is bad news for the US as more and more countries abandon the dollar it well adversely affect America.

Skeptics laughed when I told them that the war in the gulf would drain American strength and cause problems including higher prices for oil and an unstable world. The skeptics called me "doom", but my predictions are coming true like clockwork.

More and more countries a switching to the euro as a base currency. The world economy now looks to Europe for its anchor.

A declining dollar forces you to pay more for items and hurts our stock market. My prediction is that inflation will kick in as the dollar declines. You will pay more for things you now buy.

Some are suggesting a merger of Mexico & Canada & US into a country called the North American Union with a new currecny called the amero.

Friday, June 01, 2007

North American Union

Bush wants to unite Mexico & Canada & US into one country known as the North American Union. Replace the dollar with the Amero and create a new world order.

The debunkers cried "Conspiracy Theory". They shouted "KOOK!" Well, time for a debunker flipflop. Time for them to say "That was obvious, you did not predict anything."

Sorry debunkers, WAKE UP, reality is calling...