Thursday, September 28, 2006


I got a baja sc50 scooter from pepboys. It was only $799, versus over $1000 for similar scooters.

On the plus side you get about 100mpg, it is small, fits in the bed of my pickup truck or back of the van for easy transport. The baja sc50 motor scooter is fun to drive. It has an automatic transmission, excellent brakes, and a quiet four cycle engine, much better than the smoke filled two cycle engines of other scooters.

The biggest plus of the baja sc50 scooter is that you do not need a tag to drive it.

In fact, one of my buddies that got one because he lost his license to dui. He says that he loves to ride it. That it should last 30,000 miles, but you have to change the spark plug every year.

On the minus side I found that it has trouble going up hills. It is 20 mph going up and 50mph going down. When you hit bumps on the rode you hit hard. That front wheel is hard and rides hard, so avoid bumpy roads. The back wheel slips on gravel, if you are not careful, you can fall. The worst thing is riding in cold weather. Going 40mph in 40F feels like a freezer. Also rain is bad.

Still, all in all, I like my scooter. A fun filled way to ride around and very easy on the wallet.

In the future you may see a lot more scooters and SPVs (single passenger vehicles)

Monday, September 18, 2006

BBC interviews Patricia Ress & Aage Nost

Here is the interview of Patricia Ress and Aage Nost on the BBC, where they talk about time travel and Steven Gibbs time machines. In the interview which took place in New Orleans near a time travel portal Aage Nost tries to use an HDR for physical time travel, but is not successful.

It seems that nothing happened but he did try. Oh well, if he had been successful, I probably would not be here today. It seems the originally the BBC wanted the inventor Steven Gibbs to be on, but could not get him.

The long saga goes on...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

New HDR machine has a new 3rd generation HDR unit that has four dials. This new HDR unit sell for $679 and is supposed to be better than the previous.

I have an old unit 2001 from Steven Gibbs that I paid $360 for. The new unit is not built by Steven Gibbs. There are some many people building HDR units these days that it is hard to keep trackl of them.

At one time it was only the inventor Steven Gibbs making HDR units, now the field is getting crowded. Many people are making the plunge.

It would be interesting to get a person to review all the different HDR units that are out there. :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Preparing for Future Events

A friend told me yesterday that he is getting ready for bird flu. He is selling his chickens. Bought three month supply of food. AND, he gots some fire arms. Things are going to soon get very hairy.

Lots of wild animals attacking, and some are six feet tall.

Many of you can contrast movies about the future like 2001 with what really happened in our 2001, namely 911. I am sure that seeing the real 2001 in the 1960’s would be a bit less thrilling than the movie, but in the 1960’s we saw the year 2001 as an exciting time with moon bases, robots, flying cars, and yet 2001 was cell phones, internet, and laptop computers.

I predicted back in 2001 that in 2006 price of gasoline would go to $3/gal, oil $80/barrel, and that inflation would pick up.

But let us look out into the far future. In the movie “Logan’s Run” about the 23rd century, 2274 to be exact, people live in a dome city and use a system like a metro rail to get around. There are a few robots, and a master computer runs everything.

When I did astral time travel to the 23rd century what I saw was different. In 2274 there were no dome cities, those were around in 2150, but were torn down, much like you do not see Model T Fords going down the highway now, but they were common in the 1920’s, but now few exist and they are in a museum.

In 2274 we see flying cars, teleporters, robots, synthetic food, replicators that can make anything you need, except food. For some reason food made by rep is poisonous and will kill you, not sure why this is.

So you still have farms in 2274 but robots do the farming, people are like masters and robots like slaves, well in the 2290’s the robots rebel and declare their independence.

Nothing like the world of Logan’s Run.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Inventor Steven Gibbs claims that he built a time machine in 1985 called the hyper dimensional resonator or HDR. This device was based on a previous invention, the sonic resonator which he made in 1981 using data given to him be two time travelers from the future.

The sonic resonator was a time machine that was simpler. It did not have a witness well or caduceus coil. Over the years, he has steadily refined the hyper dimensional resonator and attempted to create a better time machine.

Steven Gibbs claims to have built the last twenty years over 700 HDR units. If you build only ten units a month, less than one per day in the last twenty years that would be 10 X 12 X 20 = 2400.

The truth is that lately Steve Gibbs has been producing about two units per month. If you calculate the amount time it takes to build a unit he’s making less than a dollar an hour.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What will happen in the future?

Today I am thinking. If I had known about 9111 would I have done something? If so what? How would I alert people to what was coming?

The truth is that it was 9111 that propel me to buy an HDR. That and John Titor's warnings about the future. I wondered could I see for myself what will happen?

Well, I have seen it and it is far worse than anything John Titor predicted.

It appears that the antiviral bird flu vaccine developed by major health companies failed. In jumps to the future it becomes tragically apparent that there has been a major population reduction. In a jump to 2026 the population of the US + Canada was six million. The cities of Calgary and Edmonton survived. although most people lived outside of cities in a rural setting.

Countries no longer existed. There were no schools, no hospitals, very little infrastructure. Some debris had been cleared from major highways, but roads were in very bad shape.

Small communities that were self sufficient did exist. Things got very bad in late 2008 when the virus mutated The next year, 2009 billions died. By 2012 there were no longer any elections, a military junta with martial law was in power. This ceased to exist in 2015 when Russia attacked the US, Europe, China and India. After that there was no guv anywhere anymore.

The terrible effects of radiation kept people out of cities. I believe that Canada lost Ottawa and Toronto in 2015. For some reason Calgary and Edmonton were spared. Not sure why this is, but it is a mystery.

I have seen a dramatic increase in the price of houses in Calgary. Some say that is because there is oil in the tar sands near Calgary. Well, there is plenty of oil in Texas and houses in Texas are among the cheapest in the whole US.

The bird flu killed everybody south of the Mason Dixon line and was very effective in overcrowded cities like NYC. It did leave a few people in mostly cold dry areas like Utah and Montana, but mostly it depopulated warm wet areas.

Think where bird flu is causing trouble now Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. No reports of massive deaths in desert areas. For some reason cold deactivates the virus. It will spare many Russians who live in Siberia, but India and China are almost wiped out.

At one time (2004) people were worried about the bird flu, but now (2006) they are back to sleep. 2007 should be a very quiet year, the calm b4 the storm.

Right now, I am busy building a shelter. We still have time to get ready, but most people will wait until it is too late.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Strange Day

Today was a very strange day. I wonder what will happen tommorow. Here is hoping things return to "normal" whatever that is. :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Is paranormalis still down?

I tried today and could not get in. This used to be called the paranormal network and b4 was the time travel forum. Most of the old crowd has moved on, but it was great while it lasted.

If john titor were to make an appearance wonder where it would be...

He could have predicted that Steve Irwin would be killed by a wild animal, but a debunker would say it was "obvious".

The croc man lives on in our hearts a true adventurer exploring that far reaches of the earth.