Tuesday, August 31, 2004

HDR Jump to timeline with nanobots

Using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, I made an astral time travel jump to an alternate timeline with much more technology than we have. It was 2017 and some nanobots, these are robots built on nano technology, had escaped. They started causing trouble and one scientist that had warned people about the dangers of nanobots led the charge against these tiny but deadly robots.

It was quite an HDR assisted astral jump with me seeing a lot of new technology I have not seen before and being exposed to the dangers of nanotech. It seems that this technology, nanotech, will be used a lot in the future for manufacturing, but with terrible consequences. Once the nanobots escape there is no way to find them all and they cause nothing but trouble.

Nanobots are worse than bacteria because they are resistant to heat, radiation, and chemicals. The only way to detroy them was a strong electromagnetic pulse. This will disrupt their electronics and stop them, but the problem is that they move quickly and are hard to find.

All in all a great journey to see the dangers that nanobots will pose in the future.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Success with HDR

I used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) last night to travel astrally to another dimension. It was a great experience because I got to see new vistas.

Each time I travel astrally I am exposed to more and more of the vast universe and this time it was travel to a very distant and strange land.

The HDR is like a magic box.

For those who think that astral travel via HDR is a dream I can say astral travel via HDR is a lot sharper and with a much higher resolution(Hi-res) and much higher level of detail(LOD) than a dream. Dreams seem fuzzy and blurry by comparison with astral travel.

I believe that Steven Gibbs says that he dreams in black and white, but travels astrally in color, and what colors you see when you travel astrally bright blues, vivid greens, and fiery oranges.

The HDR is a blessing to those who want to explore.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Strange event happened today

I took a photograph with my digital camera of the mirror, and when I looked at the photo, the mirror was there alright, but I was not! In fact, neither was the camera. I have never had this happen before so I totally freaked out.

Perhaps this has something to do with me using the HDR unit? I will call Steven Gibbs to try to find out if invisibility is a side effect of using the HDR. Supposedly some of the crewmen on the Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment became invisible.

Still, how can an invisible camera take a picture? Strange stuff!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Astral Time Travel to June 2003

Today I used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator to Astral Travel to June 2003 in an alternate timeline. The HDR sent me to a line close to the one we are on now, but not exactly. The surroundings were close to what they are here, but not the same. My house was painted a different color. And get this Dubya had long hair! Yes he was not wearing a suit and tie, but a dirty T-shirt with an eagle on it. Most men on TV had long hair and women wore dresses and high heels.

I had trouble listening to the broadcast due to static (storm) but on the news pres bush was talking about cutting taxes, no mention of the "T" word. NYC looked pre 2000 and Chicago had the tallest building (sears tower). There was no petronas tower because a man has jumpped (Skydiver) from sears tower and he also wanted to jump from NYC towers.

The US & China were not friendly, but we had a lot of problems. It seems that China had annexed Taiwan and Korea, but not yet Japan. There was a showdown with India over some territory too.

On the lighter side there was talk of a new comedy show that featured celebrity look alikes.

I got to see that cars on the street looked like real euro, close to a Mini Cooper, but not as fancy - more boxy and smaller. Also men did not wear suits and ties to work, T-shirts were OK. Like X-treme casual all the time.

A lot of the shows on TV were old B&W 50's shows due to copyright running out. The pres passed into law a bill that said no copyrights after 40 years because he said 40 years is enough to make money off an old show. By that time most of the actors are dead anyway.

So TV stations ran the old shows for free rather than pay for new shows. Also radio stations were on the 50's rock kick. No rap on the air, but a lot of big band and jazz. Stores had a lot of B&W movies for sale too, all in DVD, BTW.

Another thing I saw was that women did not have nose rings or tattoes. Instead the wore fancy dresses and had bright red lipstick. A lot of clothes were in dayglo colors like florescent green and hot pink were faves for women.

Monday, August 16, 2004

IDR by George Nordahl similar to HDR

Using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR invented by Steven Gibbs as a base George Nordahl invented his own device known as the Inner Dimensional Resonator. Instead of using an electromagnet like the HDR does, the IDR uses a Sirian Cone.

The IDR is used to enhance meditation and according to George Nordahl its power can be amplified by using a quartz crystal.

For more information on this unique device Inner Dimensional Resonator(IDR) based on Steven Gibbs HDR go to George Nordahl's website: http://www.innervoyager.com

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Astral travel to strange line

Yesterday, I made a jump to a strange timeline using Astral Travel. Unlike most timelines where there is a sharp dividing line between city and farm, in this line the two were mixed.

You would see a big building in the middle of nowhere, a vast pasture with no roads leading up to it. Also roads had no names and houses had no numbers. There were no defined cities as we know them, but maybe a street with a few stange looking houses that seemed odd because the street went nowhere.

I saw no trucks, buses, or airplanes. The weird shaped buildings has no windows or doors and there were no restaurants or malls. It was a bit sad really.

There were a lot more trees than now and the whole area seemed like a giant park, except without people.

I saw no large highways or concentration of buildings, it seemed that people rarely used streets because they had teleporters, but streets were mostly ornamental in nature. Much like horses are not now used for transportation, but they still exist, although much fewer in number.

Also, I did not see any cars going down the street, but a few luxury cars were still parked in front of houses, once again like ornaments, since they were not used.

Most houses were not in clumps but solitary out in the "boonies", I did see a large abandoned apartment building near a beach, the street was clean, not full of debris, but the whole area looked like nobody had lived in it for years.

Inland, I saw a girl with an thin LCD panel in her hand, she was reading the newspaper, which appeared on the panel. As she clicked on a button more pages appeared on the screen. Most houses seemed big & pretty, but this house she was close to was very large and palacial, as if she lived in a megamansion. He clothes were shorts and a t-shirt. Her shoes were black and expensive looking. I saw that she pushed a button and the LCD panel evaporated. She then skipped down the empty street.

Instead of servants, robotic machines did the hard labor of cleaning walls and trimming hedges. The megamansion had no windows or doors because people teleported directly into it. It did have a large iron gate in front and a tall fence all around. Again this was for ornamental use as there were no neighbors who lived nearby.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Steven Gibbs called me.

We talked about how he is three months behind with orders for his Hyper Dimensional Resonator and it seems that soon he will be four months behind. Steven Gibbs simply cannot build the HDR units fast enough. He used to build seven HDRs a month and now he builds eight, but Steven feels that he needs to build at least a dozen HDRs a month to keep pace with his orders.

The biggest problem is rolling the electromagnet. This electromagnet is built in sections (seven altogether) and lots of tape & epoxy is used. It takes Steven a lot of time to build each HDR electromagnet and he must solder parts together.

Most of the components in the black box are difficult for him to obtain, Radio Shack no longer carries them in stores so Steven Gibbs must special order them, or go to a big Radio Shack store that carries these items, and there seem to be fewer of these large Radio Shack stores these days.

Steven has even tried to substitute other components from other companies, but claims that they do not work as well. At one time Radio Shack carried many electrical components, but the chain has changed its emphasis to more consumer electronics and less the hobby electronics buff.

I still laugh when I think that a man would try to build a time machine from Radio Shack parts, but reality is stranger than anything we can imagine. I use the HDR to help induce astral travel and it seems to help me achieve that mental state, much like a biofeedback machine can help a person to relax.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Opened up the HDR box

I looked inside my Hyper Dimensional Resonator. It contains many different components including resistors, capacitors, and potentiomenters, but I think that the crucial component is the bifiliar winding or Caduceus coil. Steven Gibbs sayys that the bifiliar winding on an HDR unit must be exactly 8.1 centimeters for it to work right. According to Steven Gibbs if the bifiliar winding on the HDR is 8.2 centimeters the HDR will work only one in five times.

This is important because it means that the frequency of the HDR is important. According to Steven Gibbs the HDR helps generate scalar waves from its Caduceus Coil or bifiliar winding. These scalar waves then create a temporal distortion or time warp.

In my studies of the HDR it seems that the Gibbs effect is created by a pulsed magnetic field similar to the pulsed magnetic field used in the Philadelphia Experiment. More research needs to be done with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator to understand its properties.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Success at last with the HDR

After five unsuccessful tries with the HDR, I was able to astral travel to a present parallel worldline. This alternate timeline was quite similar to our own, but I saw my double, creating music on the computer and distributing it through the internet. This seemed to be very important to my double. He had a lot of equipment which I do not have, many components of which I am unfamiliar.

It seems that this particular timeline was more interested in personal development with less emphasis on wealth. Also, the people in this line seemed to be quite happy and not constantly worried about buying the latest gadget, but rather enjoying life.

I posted the pics of the insides of the HDR as stated in a previous post.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Taking photos of the inside of the HDR

I have taken some HDR photos of the inside of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator and will post them in http://www.FluxCap.com/HDR_Photos.htm

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a radionics machine that uses a pulsed electromagnetic wave to create its effect. I believe that a pulsed magnetic wave was used in the Philadelphia Experiment to induce a chronological temporal distortion or time warp.

Most research on time travel started with the Philadelphia Experiement and then continued with the Montauk Project. The HDR is Steven Gibbs attempt to replicate some of this technology for time travel.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Time Travel to May 12, 2007 using HDR

Using the HDR created by Steven Gibbs I was able to Astral Time Travel to May 12, 2007 to a timeline where there was no NYC incident in 2001, both of the towers were still standing and Bush was re-elected in 2004.

His democratic opponent was John Edwards who disappeared right before November, and was replaced by his VP General Clark. Clark was accused of war crimes in Bosnia and put in jail.

The economy was in shables and many major corporation like Sears, IBM, MS, etc. had gone bankrupt, but unlike K-Mart which is still around, these had all closed down. The unemployment rate was horrible and there were many homeless, except that Bush helped pass a law to make loitering illegal. So they rounded up the all homeless and put them in jail.

Most people hated Bush and there were protesters, but Bush declared a national emergency and had the police start arresting all protesters. Bush combined the military and police into one unit. He also announced that there would be no elections in 2008 due to the national emergency.

Most people who still had jobs shutup and did as they were told. All in all a very depressing timeline, one with gray skies and a grim future.

Friday, August 06, 2004

HDR information from Steven Gibbs

Steven Gibbs called me and told me that the measurements of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator have to be exact. For example, the caduceus coil must be 8.1 centimeters; if it is 8.2 centimeters the HDR will not work as well, maybe 1 in 5 times.

Also the resistor must be 15K. The old Radio Shack 15K resistors were 14.774K to be exact, but the new ones are 14.699K and do not work as well. The HDR is very picky as to amounts according to Steven L. Gibbs.

Steven Gibbs also talked about people who are using the HDR and told me that one man that was using the HDR had disappeared.