Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Future Tech II

Many people have asked me how flying cars and other future technologies work. Well, the flying car uses a hi mag field. A magnetic field is also used by Steven Gibbs HDR, but flying cars rely on the principle of the Searle Effect.

This effect is caused by powerful magnetic fields that can used used to levitate heavy object by using antigravity. Magnetic fields in the proper resonant frequency can slow down time, decrease gravity and other spooky effects.

Much of this original research comes from Tesla, other parts of the research come from the Philadelphia experiment which showed us that a hi mag field could be used to teleport large heavy objects, such as the Eldridge.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Is it just me or do you feel that we are getting ready to drive over a cliff? It seems that something not good is in the works for us. Not sure what that is, but check out

This modern world.

If we could only figure out what is so wrong with everything. For example, why are we closing down our last few remaining factories. And importing everything from China.

Seems like I'm not the only one warning people of trouble ahead. Wish we could see the future more clear.

Then again, here's another comic strip.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Major Event in Dec 22 2005

Steven Gibbs inventor of the HDR called me today and he said that there would be a major event happen in December 22, 2005. I do not know what the event will be. It was like Steven Gibbs did not tell me exactly what would happen, but hinted that it would be global in scope.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Astral Time Travel to the Future

Today I did astral time travel a few years out and saw on that on my large flat screen LCD TV they were talking about the capital of Alaska being moved to Nome. Not sure why that was; however, some people wanted the new capital to be in Anchorage Alaska.

Later I was watching the Karate Kid on TV. Then I went on the net today and saw that Pat Morita died, what a sad coincidence.

Not sure why the capital would be moved, but I do recall that John Titor said that the capital of the United States was moved from Washington, DC to Omaha Nebraska.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Tech Avail in Future.

Avail in future, "instant on" pocomps that "boot up" in less than a second. You can use WI-FI type tech to go on the internet.
The pocomps use crystal memory similar to our FLASH memory in MP3 players. POcomps have no keyboard, but double as cell phones.

Most pocomps use voice input, there is no stylus or keyboard. Pocomp has a projector to show movies on your wall.
For some people that are real "olskool" there are eyephones and datagloves. So you can "type" on a virtual keyboard using VR.

I did not see any DVD, laptop, keyboard, stylus, hard drive, or a mouse.

Solar Disks are avail for micropower stations. Also real pop is "windmill" generators.
The power grid is gone and most people use a combination of satellite and cell phone tech to get TV over IP.

Also, I did not see large supermarkets, most food is grown by the people themselves. A few small shops exist, but they have very limited selections.

Although there is a lot of hi-tech, many items we are fam with are missing, no newspapers people get news over net. No paper books, ebooks over net. No big cars, a lot of small scooters. There were a few SPV's single person vehicles.

Some cars in the future have AI, but most are driven. Many cars in the future are electric, but the ones I saw most were still using petrol.

Roads are in real bad shape in 2054, by 2026 many roads are abandoned and full of weeds.
Ground cars are replaced by flying cars and later by teleporters. Some spectacular teleporter accidents makes people go back to cars for a while.

For a while teleporters are used to transport bulk cargo, eventually they get the bugs out.

Instead of exploring space most effort is put into exploring alt timelines. Many timelines are empty after the war, so people from full lines go to the empty ones. The tech used to explore other lines is based on work we did in the Philadelphia Experiement.

More research is done on using Tesla Tech and Steven Gibbs HDR in the future.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The far future

This is a viewing of the 2250's, approx 250 years into the future. Most people now live in a dome city. This is the 2250's the heyday of the flying car, later teleporters would replace the flying car. Sadly a few terrible accidents with teleporters had spooked most of the population and it would be years before they would gain wide acceptance.


Luminous highly stylized buildings of the far tomorrow shown brilliantly in the intense evening autumn sky. Far below elegant sophisticated urbane men strolled down the moving sidewalks. The automatic roadways of the far futurity were made of highly polished steel with a dramatic gray luster. Above were noiseless vehicles - flying cars created with superlative craftsmanship that seemed floating works of art under the crystalline canopy of the dome city. I seemed to be inside a very intricate highly developed society that functioned like a well oiled machine.

Words cannot convey the fabulous wealth or the sumptuous splendor of the people I saw. They seemed like the products of advanced genetic engineering, like perfect supermodels. Even a rich rajah would have felt like a humble dirty beggar next to these perfect people. Their glittering glamorous golden mansions seemed to be encrusted with diamonds with a sparkling rainbow of colors radiating out. Even the moving sidewalks had an iridescent strange glow about them. A fine mist filled the air giving everything a glistening dew drop appearance. Inside the great houses fist sized diamonds cut with meticulous craftsmanship adorned the regal walls. Within these walls it seemed like the treasures plundered from a thousand worlds were within. A magical glow from shimmering diamonds and lustrous 24K gold blinded me with its beauty. Every polished lustrous surface seemed encrusted with gem stones. It looked more like a jewelry store than a house, except no shop ever sold anything this opulent. The spectacular fantastic accumulation of wealth was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not even Caesar in imperial Rome could dream of such luxury.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Typical conversation heard in astral time travel.

In one of my jumps to the future I saw myself working for one of those MEGAMONSTER giant corporations. I was trying to prevent massive layoffs. Here is the conversation.

Let me explain to you that executives are constantly talking about making cuts, always saying that they have to cut costs. Yes, always saying that they have to make dramatic drastic decisions that involve great sacrifice. They always have to “re-adjust” your pay - notice it is always in a downward direction. Their rationale is that this is necessary in order to save the company and yet I never see them cut their own salary, and I never see them reduce their own benefits. In fact what I see is that they constantly increase their own salary and increase the number and kinds of benefits which they receive.

I asked the executive "What is necessary for the company to survive?" His answer was "SIMPLE {get rid of the union, cut pay, less overhead}" Now, reduce overhead, means simply, well, - cut workers pay.

He also said that it was very very important that we get rid of the union. My question to him was “Why do we have to get rid of the union?” He said that to cut workers pay we needed to get rid of the union. I told him that most workers were already making the minimum wage and barely scraping by.

He answered “I run a business not a charity!” I replied “So basically your entire thesis for how to save the company is by cutting workers pay? He nodded. I added “Well, if that is so important then how about we cut your pay?” He changed the subject and said “W-we gotta cut costs and then make more cuts. I then asked him “How can we could cut the salaries of people who are already making the minimum wage?” He said that “We gotta OUTSOURCE, move the work offshore to countries were human capital make 50¢ an hour.” For second I thought he said “Human Cattle”.

Pausing for a moment I then came back with “Well, if we do that then there will not be any people left in our country to buy our products.” He shot back “I don’t care! That’s their problem. MY problem is me making money and I gotta make some cuts…

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NEW Forum 4 hdrkid

There is a new forum for hdrkid. It is called hdrkid forum - all are welcome to discuss the hdr and other strange devices. I sure hope that we can all have a fun time. :)

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time machine used to escape jail?

Today on to a lighter note. Steven Gibbs told me that a corrections officer had called him. According to the corrections officer at the jail, one of the inmates was building a vortex so he could escape using time travel. He had also cobbled together a primitive time machine in his attempts to escape.

The prisoner was hanging coats on the time portal and pretending that it was nothing. This artficial grid point when used in conjunction with the time machine was supposed to send the jail bird to the 1800's before the jail was built. When he could fly the coop, starting off a new life in the wild west.

I laughed so hard that I could not contain myself. The uses people will think up for time travel. Still, the idea is most novel, in fact, I am surprised it has not been used in a movie.

Finding a vortex is always the hard partin time travel. There are maps of strange places where paranormal events occur, that would be a good start.

According to Steven Gibbs a radio can be used to find a vortex. This is because a vortex will interfere with radio signals and create a "quiet zone". Often you will find that your cell phone cuts out when inside a vortex. This Steven told me is due to the fact that a vortex has time shifting properties.

Each vortex will open at odd hours and allow you to physically travel to an alternate timeline.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Limit travel to prevent flu

President Bush is now ready to implement a plan to limit travel to prevent the superbug. There is also a plan is to prevent unneeded visits to doctors and hospitals as well as curtail international flights.

We live in perilous times. Using the HDR for astral time travel I have seen the outcome of the terrible bird virus. The ghost towns were once cities stood. The empty streets and empty parks. So sad, so lonely.

People need to start preparing now. This is not a joke. The debunkers tell you not to worry that this giant ship is unsinkable. I am yelling ICEBERG AHEAD! They tell you to relax there are plenty of lifeboats and the ship won't sink.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alternate forms of guv on alternate timelines

Lest you think things are bad here, and they will most certainly get worse in the future. What I have seen of other lines leads me to believe that this is NOT the worst possible present. I have seen timelines far worse than ours with a lot less liberty and a lot more hardship. However, in some cases a lot more liberty, like the freedom to sell your children.

In contrast to John Titor and his most disquieting future, I shall demonstrate that alternate presents have almost the same degree of disquietude.

For example, I have seen lines where taxes are a lot higher than here. In point of fact, the federal sales tax is 15% and will soon be "altered" to 20%. That is on top of income tax of over 50%. On this line there are no public schools and to pay for motorways petrol is over 50% tax. Most of the tax goes to pay gigantic salaries of "public servants".

There is more freedom on one line than here. On EBAY a man was auctioning off his wife. A museum unable to pay the exhoritant taxes was auctioning off a skeleton of T Rex, and most churches were closing down due to inability to pay sky high property tax and super high minister fees. In fact, a booming business was condo conversions. Namely converting old stain glass cathederals into luxury condos.

Old prewar public schools were also being converted into condos. Imagine living your life that hellhole. Most public parks charged admission and fast food restaurants charged people to use the bathroom.

Many malls required membership fees as if they were sports clubs and they could expel members that proved disruptive. Requirements for membership included a clean criminal record, proof of employment, and a credit card in good standing.

Grocery stores charged admittance at the gate and just to look at the some vegetables!