Sunday, January 29, 2006

Coming Big Event


Oil production will begin its decline in 2007 or 2008. At that point repression, both at home and abroad, will begin in earnest. The economy will soon collapse completely (if it does not do so before 2007). People will feel the crunch, and they will become desperate. If you are not prepared in a supportive community intent on transitioning to self-sufficiency, then your chances of surviving are drastically reduced.

In addition to Peak Oil we have the problem of bird flu, a meteor that strikes the Pacific Ocean causing a 300 foot high tsunami, WWIII, the Yellowstone Supervolcano, Hypercanes, and a nanotech nighmare. This certainly is the time of troubles.

My hope is that small community based agriculture can be created with less reliance on fossil fuels and more investment in solar and wind power.

To discuss coming events come to

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mystery of Ong's Hat

Alexandra Chica Bruce written a book close to the Ong's Hat Incunabula Papers.
Titled Montauk Memories: True Stories from a Parallel Universe.

This is interesting since I have done HDR astral time travel and landed on the Montaukian timeline.

It is a gunmetal-gray palette with sparse dystopian architecture that seems to be straight from a montauk movie.

The plot thickens, is there really a parallel earth called Java II? What really happened at Ong's Hat?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

John Titor Predictions

I was wondering about the time traveller John Titor who used a C204 time machine to travel to 2000 to warn us of a civil war that never happened. What did he say would happen in 2006. There were no John Titor terror predictions except about the Waco type incidents.

He talked about Mad Cow, but the real epidemic is bird flu. I do not know why what I see is so different than what he say. Maybe he was from a different timeline.

I have looked at john titor time machine picture is seems to be an actual device not gibberish.

Also, I read John Titor's posting. He seems so sad...

Monday, January 23, 2006

NEW Six dial HDR!

Here is a link given to me by Correction123.
A person in Canada has built a six dial HDR and he claims to be able to do physical time travel with this new HDR.
We know that physical time travel is the holy grail. Astral Time Travel adventures will only whet your appetite.

Why is physical time travel important? Well, can you imagine being able to tell people in 1928 about the 1929 Stock Market Crash? Or about the Great Depression? Or WWII and Hitler's rise to power in Nazi Germany?

Imagine the advantage of knowing about these events before they happen. So that you are not wiped out in the wall street crash 1929 when the banks crash, or die fighting a war so that later the USA and Germany are friends again.

I hope to purchase a unit this summer and test it out.
Hope for the best!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Parts list for HDR

I am creating a list of Radio Shack parts that you need to build Steven Gibbs HDR. So far I have a few photos of components and Radio Shack part numbers so that amateur builders can start to get the pieces of the HDR.

The parts list for Steven Gibbs HDR will include some instructions for assembly of the Radio Shack electronic components as well as diagrams.

I hope that many people will create their own devices and perhaps improve on the original design.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some good news for a change!

People complain that I only have bad news. Well, here is a funny free downloadable video game to add a little cheer in the new year.

Persuasive Games has unleased Disaffected!, a videogame parody about FEDEX Kinko's and their surly drones.

You will laugh and laugh... Then again Steven Gibbs once told me that the purple shirted monsters were actually aliens. :)

Using HDR enhanced Astral Time travel to see the future is a tricky business. Not sure of the outcome of Jill Carroll, that journalist for the Christian Science Monitor capture in Iraq. I feel like marching with a big billboard "FREE JILL".

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

News near and far

The time travel forum is still down today. Hope it will be back up soon!

The one and only king of remote viewers Major Ed Dames is predicting that bird flu will hit the United States. He is not sure of what will be the impact. From my astral time travel to the future I can tell you the following.

All systems will break down meaning: No food in the supermarket. No petrol at the pump. No electricity in your house.

Roving bands of renegade soldiers will start looting houses, taking jewelry, clothes, even TVs. They kill civilians for sport, as well as attack women and even little girls!

Many cities are under quarantine and people inside starve. Wish I could be more positive, but it all looks very grim.

On a positive note - here is a Portuguse Time Travel Blog.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Time travel - interesting odds and ends

Steven Gibbs told me a story about a man who used a loadstone for teleportation. He needed to be over a grid point for it to work. According to Steven Gibbs the HDR needs to be over a grid point for physical time travel. He says you can find a grid point using a flux meter.

Here is a diagram of the HDR built by Steven Gibbs. As you can see the device is not very complicated and relies on resistors and capacitors. Two 50K pots are used to tune the HDR to the correct frequency.

Dr. Mark Thatcher. Talks about a natural portal or gateway between dimensions located in the Oklahoma panhandle known as the Shaman's portal.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Twins Paradox - Time Dilation

Is it possible to time travel? Using the example of the Twins Paradox with Time Dilation I will prove that time travel is possible. Not only is it possible to travel through time, we are all travelling now at a speed of one second per second, but we can also vary the rate at which we travel through time by moving through space at relativistic speeds.

An astronaut going near the speed of light will age much more slowly than a person here on earth. That is because the astronaut slows down as the speed of the spaceship increases.

We have now proved that time travel is possible using the twins paradox and time dilation.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Future Events

Using astral time travel, people are able to view events before they happen. This gives a person the ability to make plans based on information about how the future will be.

Most of this information can be in the form of warnings, like a bad feeling you get before boarding an airplane, or a pain in the pit of your stomach before you accept a new job. This is very vague and not precise, but with astral time travel you can see future events before they happen and make changes so they will not happen, like for example, a bad accident.

Steven Gibbs uses the HDR a radionics device for astral time travel.

He believes that we help shape our destiny.