Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things to do after the war.

Our surroundings look very "apocalyptic" in the worst way, then again what do you expect after nuclear armageddon?

An old prewar map may show roads that are no longer functional. Most of the people are trying to survive and few working prewar cars remain. The dirt roads in the countryside look very "fourth world" and unmaintained. It is good to have a horse. There are many prewar houses that are empty - take your pick, but many are falling apart. This is the decay you can expect when the global population has fallen way below the bare minimum needed to maintain the basics. For example, in town all the stores have been vandalized, but you might find pieces of wood that you can use for fuel. Forget about finding canned food, those prized cans are hoarded, like a miser hoards gold coins.

In fact, you can trade a can of tuna for a prewar bicycle. Try to grow your own food. That bag of grass fertilizer is now ground up gold. Gathering grain is good because it stores well without a refrigerator. Also good is honey and bags of sugar. Try to eat fruit fast as it will spoil. Roots like carrots and turnips will keep in the cellar, but not for long.

I use raw onions to spice up a salad, no dressing in the future. Try to grow your own herbs and spices to add flavor to the food. Also make sure that you eat enough. Back in prewar days 3000 calories was more than enough, but now that you work so hard, you might try eating more like for example 4000 calories. I loose a lot of weight as I adapt to my new spartan life.

You will find that people do not play sports or listen to music, they use what little energy they have in a futile effort to rebuild. Some have attempted to clear rubble from main highways and to get basics such as electrical power and water going, but alas, most do not have the skills needed.

There is a shortage of workers, in fact, I remember the salary for labor was three gold ounces per day, about $2000/day in 2006 dollars. Food and critical supplies were very expensive, but houses were dirt cheap.

Gone is the highly evolved industrial society, replaced by a kind of "wild west" type of world. It seems that in this "wild west" there is no sheriff or town major. No fragment of order remains; it is literally every man for himself until a few start communities built around the idea that there are no more countries, we are all one people, belonging to one planet.

Bird Flu Takes Deadly Turn

Bird Flu human to human transmission is now a fact. It appears that the deadly disease has adapted into a form that is more easily transmissible human to human. We are seeing our worst nightmare coming true.

What is happening in Indonesia will soon be happening here - human to human transfer of bird flu.

I urge all people to make preparations to combat this MEANace. Stock up on food, water and supplies that you might need in the event of the major disruptions that will occur when the pandemic strikes. In a jump from 2002 to 2052 using HDR boosted astral time travel - I was able to see the world of fifty years in the future. People were forced to live indoors. Children had to put on "astronaut suits" to go play outside. The population of the United States stood at five million, all people south of the Mason Dixon line were dead. Entire warm countries like Indonesia were wiped out. Only in cold Canada did I see a few cities that survived.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iran War when?

If the current diplomatic efforts are unsuccessful the US may be forced to take more aggressive measures to ensure that Iran does not deploy unconventional devices.
Israel is worried that a nuclear Iran may do what it has threatened to do "Wipe Israel off the map". Even the mighty United States is worried about an unstable radical regime like Iran having access to intercontenental ballistic missles. This technology was purchased with oil billions from the government of the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea. Iran has two uranium mines capable of producing material for about 100 missles per year. The combination of an unstable radical regime and nuclear technology could lead to an explosive confrontation with the west.

The worry is that these technologies might be made available to "freedom fighters" and other would be martyrs in the cause of Islamic Jihad.

Bush intends to resolve this situation before the November elections of 2006. According to Bush, Europeans are waffling as Iran arms itself, only the US has the courage to act at this critical juncture.

The current plan is for the US to launch tactical nuclear strikes against Iran to destroy its infrastructure and military capabilities.

Monday, May 22, 2006

HDR predicts trouble on the fourth

It seems that we will experience an incident on the fourth. I see trouble ahead.

Human to Human transmission of Bird Flu

Latest article in Forbes magazine is:
Indonesia cannot rule out human-to-human transmission of bird flu - official

Seven people are now dead in Sumatra, Indonesia of this new cluster. The virus has not yet mutated into a "superflu" but it is now more and more prevelant.

Bloomberg reports
Bird Flu Fatality Rate in Humans Climbs to 64% as Virus Spreads

It seems the bird flu is becoming more virulent.

In 2005 it was killing only 43% of the people infected. to give you an idea of the problem, the Spanish Flu of 1919 killed only 1.4% of people infected about 50-100 million people worldwide.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Iran missle threat

President Bush faces difficult choices as Iran moves forward with its uranium enrichment and missle development.

The shahab-6 missle currently has a range of 5,470-5,500 and 5,632-6,200 kilometers with a 1,000-750-500 kilogram warhead.
Taken from

This is enough to hit London and Paris, if further upgraded it could strike the continental United States. This missle is based on a combination of North Korea and old Soviet technology subsequently enhanced by the Iranians.

Using att I have found than by late 2008 the People's Islamic Republic of Iran will have intercontinental ballistic missles with the operation capability of delivering nuclear warheads to the continental United States.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On a lighter note!

Getting back from perparing the shelter made me think how lucky we are to have running water, electricity, telephone, etc.

We are truly blessed.

On a lighter note I remember Time Travel Cartoon - comic book "UFO Rescue"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I be back!

As many of you know, I am back from building the shelter. At that place there is no phone and no cell phone signal (no bars) I get a big NO SRV on my cellular telephone. So if you need to contact me or need Steven L. Gibbs phone number. I am trying to find a way to communicate.

I will be here for a few days and then go back to building. TIME IS SHORT!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

How soon is Iran War?

Iran War

Latest information is that a war with Iran is months away, not sure of how many. US is getting ready to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear nightmare. Iran has threatened to attack Israel and appears to be helping terrorists. But how did we get here?

An unholy alliance has developed between the entrepreneurial tele-evangelists on one hand, and greedy corrupt politicians on the other, with evil billionaire business leaders financing the whole thing using money derived from their multinational corporate empire.

These tele-evangelists with their megachurches and megamansions are behind a "holy war" against the Muslims. A modern crusade is developing before our eyes. The evil billionaires (aren’t they all) will profit from the war machinery they will build. The churches will use religion to cause trouble. We are seeing only the beginning. The Iran war will plunge the entire world into chaos.

Right now these tele-evangelists are pushing for United States using the strong fortress of invaded Iraq as a beach head to invade and overthrow the Peoples Islamic Republic of Iran.

Let us remember that Iran has giant oil reserves and could be used to fuel a new resurgent global empire. This seems like a sure thing, but Iran has the bomb; not only that, they have missiles purchased from North Korea. How far is Armageddon?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Near Future - using astral time travel

Information obtained using Astral Time Travel.

The rich and powerful have fled the great cities to the relative peace of the countryside. Many cities are on fire; roving gangs are smashing and looting. Brazen speculators have driven the price of food to the stratosphere.

Bird flu has delivered a fatal blow to the world with millions dying everyday.
The smell of rotting corpses fills the air. Huge bulldozers are shoving bodies stacked like cord wood into giant ditches.

The mighty United States has fallen; the members of the military dictatorship that once declared martial law are all dead. Political prisoners that we put in concentration camps escaped and relate stories of torture and horror beyond description.

The military junta was not able to contain the global pandemic. These advocates of global government did not act until it was too late. The epidemic spread like a wildfire out of control.

It is impossible to state the extent of the damage as all social order has collapsed. The whole world is in extreme peril. There is an eerie silence all about. No cars on the road, the highways are empty except for the carcasses of a few cars burnt beyond recognition. Houses have overgrown lawns and smashed out windows. In the mall there is much debris of looting and it looks like a tornado hit the place. Smashed furniture boxes and crates litter the street, as well as broken glass and bits of metal. Mangy dogs are chewing on the rotting corpses.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gas Prices going UP!

In 2004 I posted my predictions for the next three years. I prognosticated that in 2005 gasoline would go over $2.50/gal, in 2006 over $3/gal, and in 2007 over $4/gal. People asked me what they might do. I said "Get a scooter". People said "What about rain?"

I believe this is the answer.
The future is HERE!

Yes, no more worries, with a 250mpg scooter, even $10/gal gas is affordable.

Most people are worried about the future, but with time travel the future is easy to figure out.