Tuesday, March 22, 2005

four dial HDR

There has been much talk about a four dial HDR sold on Ebay by Ormus Solis.

Although I have not used this particular HDR unit according to Steven Gibbs a Hyper Dimensional Resonator must have an even number of dials to work proper.

If a unit has an odd number of dials the wave that it produces will be uneven. The HDR being sold on Ebay originally had three dials, but now has four dials. I think the more dials the better as they will allow you to better tune the radionics device.

The most important component of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, being that it is a radionics machine is the bifiliar winding or caduceus coil of Steven Gibbs HDR.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Successful HDR jump to Sept 2005

Using Steven Gibbs HDR it was possible for me to astral time travel to September 2005 and see a television program from the future. The person on TV was saying that houses near downtown were being bought up and torn down so that new mega-mansions could be built on the empty lot.

Most houses bought were small 2 bedroom 2 bath because the supply of 1 bed 1 bath houses had been exhausted.

Rich people did not like to spend an hour commuting everyday, plus gasoline for their SUVs was getting more expensive everyday.

There was talk to start updating the mass transit system with more buses to relieve congestion on highways. I saw a lot of smaller "inner city" houses being torn down and replaced by the "palaces" of the rich, often it took several small houses being destroyed to accommodate one large estate of the new gated communities.

It appears that rich people did not care to destroy entire neighborhoods just so they could be close to work.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Attempt jump to SEPT 11, 2005

Yesterday I attemped a jump to Sept 11, 2005. The settings on the HDR were 3 on the top dial and 1 on the bottom dial. So far no luck, but I plan to try again tomorrow.

I took a photo of the HDR and it seems to be phasing in and out of reality.
Strange stuff this HDR......

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Jump to 1922

I made a jump to 1922 using Astral Time Travel. It was a dark and gloomy era. Most people walked to their pathetic little jobs. Cars were only for the rich and petrol was expensive.

Sometimes Steven Gibbs HDR sends me to a really bad timeline.

Things were particularly bad for women. Yes, a few women had jobs but these were like seamstress and washerwoman. Two of the few careers open to women were school teacher and nurse. These jobs paid very little and there was no room for advancement. Principals were always men and women were treated badly.

It seems that many women were forced to get jobs to help their husbands pay the bills. There were few appliances to help them. Only the rich could afford a washer/dryer or an electric clothes iron. Nobody had air conditioning. Houses were stifling hot in summer, but freezing cold in winter.

Towns looked run down and sad. Most people still used horses, except in big cities were trolleys and buses were available. This was the era of the street car.

Although there were many jobs, most men worked in smoky factories for piece work. And many men lost hands due to faulty machinery. A few men came back injured from WWI. These did not find jobs and were on the streets begging. The police arrested them for vagrancy.

Police seemed to be always arresting people, except for the bootlegger gangsters. The police were terrified of the mafia. It seems that most mobsters had machine guns and a police service revolver is no match for a Tommy gun.

Few people became police as it was seen as a bottom of the barrel job taken only by losers. Most police would supplement their paltry incomes by taking bribes and they would also steal food from grocoery stores. They would eat free at diners and shakedown speakeasy owners for money.

Farmers would shoot on sight anybody that entered their field to steal corn. It seems that food in the city was expensive and most people's pay went to buy food. Houses were also expensive compared to income. For example a person now makes about $100/day and a typical rent is $1500/month. Back then typical pay was a dollar a day and rent was $20/month. Many people would share a room.

Some jobs paid well. An automobile mechanic could make as much as three dollar a day, or even five if he was good, but rich people were like real slow about paying for repairs and it might be six months until moneybags got around to paying you for repairs to his Rolls Royce.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

HDR evidence

I want other people who have HDR's to contact me via email my email is hdrREMOVEMEkid[at]hotREMOVEMEmail.com

It is my belief that we can start to gather evidence of things to occur in 2006 that will shock people when they start to happen.

I plan to start posting results of what we find in FluxCap.com