Sunday, December 31, 2006

Spoke to Steven Gibbs today

I called him to wish him a happy new year. He told me that he got a research grant of some sort to do experiments with the HDR. According to Steven Gibbs one side effect of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is that when you go physically to the past there is a kind of regeneration that takes place and all your health ptoblems clear up. He is trying to investigate the phenomena.

Steven Gibbs told me that the world situation will soon get real bad and that he would not be surprised if I use my unit to leave, I asked him who was elected in 2008 "Hillary or Osama" sorry, I meant Obama. Steven Gibbs told me that perhaps there would be no elections due to a deteriorating world situation. Strange Answer! I then told Steven Gibbs that in a jump I did the day before yesterday to the future I saw some strange people living in my house. He said that means I leave soon.

In a jump I did using astral time travel today to the future there was disruption in Cuba. It seems that Fidel Castro dies soon. The "leaders" blame the disruptions on the American government...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of an Era

Today the evil brutal dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by a hanging. You did not need a time machine to see the outcome of the trial. Still, when I first predicted that the US would invade Iraq and that the war would go disastrously for us what was the reaction?

Remember when Bush celebrated on board an aircraft carrier the US victory against Iraq? Or when Rumsfeld predicted that the US would be in there at most six months?

Funny how I was right and all those authority figure were wrong, in the case of many of our soldiers, DEAD WRONG about Iraq!

If you want more information about future events before they happen see HDRKID Time Travel Forum.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Steven Gibbs Address

Steven Gibbs told me that the address I had of him was wrong. It explains why some letters where not getting to him. The official HDRusers Steven Gibbs Address is:

Steven Gibbs


Lyndon, KS 66451

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Plans for Steven Gibbs HDR in 2007

With the new year approaching I plan to buy a new HDR unit from Steven L Gibbs. My old unit which I called Steven up in 2001 for is a bit old. There have been many new developments in that time and how inventor Steven Gibbs builds his units.

I plan to test Steven Gibbs new HDR unit in 2007 to see how it compares with the old 2001 unit and also how it compares with "generic" HDR units built by other people.

Most of the experiments will have to do with adding new methods to test how the units operate. I hope that many new discoveries will happen in 2007.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Top Ten Steven Gibbs Time Travel Links

Here is a collection of the top ten Steven Gibbs Time Travel links, with the latest web sites that talk about his experiments with the HDR and other machines he has built.

Steven Gibbs is always doing research on new and different technology. His area is electronics. I see a very exciting future ahead.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dogs killed to make fur coats!

Seems Cruella Deville escaped. Macy was selling dog fur coats, which have since been pulled due to a giant public outcry. Executuves purchased these "faux fur" coats from China, where dog is a delicacy to the oriental palate.

Perhaps in the not so distant future after WWIII we will also begin to eat "nontraditional" foods, like dog or cat!

Still, it is incredible that they were selling the coats made of dog fur in a posh upscale store like Macy. I wonder if the dog fur coats will be for sale on EBAY...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Other Timelines - Other Architecture

In other timelines things look different. I am not talking about the twin towers still standing, I am talking about houses being smaller and cars being smaller than here. More energy efficient than here.

In many timelines the "restroom" is outside the main house and called an outhouse. Also the kitchen is called the cookroom and outside the house.

In the future houses were round like a UFO of the classic flying saucer shape in the future, This shape is very resistant to high wind.

On our timeline and others there are going to be massive changes in the future. Here is a map of safe ares.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I went to see Eragon or is that eDRAGON? A computer generated dragon that looked faker than ASLAN of Narnia. It was so CGI it reminded me of a cartoon, evenso -

Something very interesting happened the guy charged me only $4.50 for a ticket on opening day instead of $8.50, most odd. That is what I used to pay seven years ago when Bush was "elected".

Also gas was $2.08/gal. Not the usual $2.79/gal, most right peculiar eh?

Getting back to eDragon, the cinema was almost empty on opening day! That for a book that is best seller.

Did I switch to another timeline?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Different timelines - different names

In other timelines the names of famous websites are not the same as here. For example is called UTV.COM and it does the same thing allow U to post video for free. They have a slogan, UTV - TV where U are the star! Also, UTV is free! There is no 10 minute limit and they give out a million dollars every year for the best vid in a contest to get people to post. Also they offer low cost web hosting and free email.

Instead of you had which started selling electronics so they merge with search engine and drop the "book". Think of a merge between AMAZON and Google.

There is no and microsoft bought up eBUY (their version of EBAY) because people were using eBUY to sell CD ROMs of Microsoft software. Now Microsoft does not allow anybody to sell software over eBUY. This created a problem for eBOOK sellers because on that timeline people do not use PDF files but an eBOOK is an EXE. For example GROWBIGVEGETABLES.EXE cannot be sold over eBUY to prevent sales of illegal software.

Also, there is no paypal on this timeline which sux. People still use checks as they are afraid a hacker will break in and get their credit cards over a database. In this line people do not call 800 numbers and give out a credit card as that is dangerous.

So Microsoft is trying to place special machines in the home where you can sign a "virtual check" and send it over the internet without fraud. The machine reads your fingerprints.

Also, on this timeline cell phones are super expensive and you need a special permit to get one to prevent criminals from using them. Beepers are still pop on this line and the internet is not as advanced as here.

Digital Video Cameras are expensive >$20,000 so people take film photos and go to Kinkos where they can scan the photo $20/each. Some small shops will scan a photo for less like $5/photo, but the quality is low. Needless to say, most products on eBUY do not have a photo, unless it is a car or a house.

Home computers are still expensive about $5,000 each and laptops are at least $10,000, but intel promises to create a new chip that is both powerful and affordable. Needless to say only 10% of the population has a home PC and most students use the PC in the school library. There is a long line.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Japan prepared for war

Troubles in the east makes the west tremble. Japan prepares for war and is upgrading its military into a powerful force. The former pacifist Japan is getting ready for action. You don't need a time machine to see that something big and bad is coming.

Speaking of time machines, here are some Time Travel Links that you might find interesting. Then again we do live in interesting times. Seems that 2015 is getting closer every day.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Economic Conditions in 2007

Looking for a job. You better hurry up as the economic conditions will worsen in 2007 & 2008. A declining dollar as well as increasing inflation added to a budget bustin' price a the pump as oil goes ever higher.

We will not leave Iraq in 2007, but send more troops to "stabilize". This war is a terrible drag on the economy.

I hope that you will have a happy new year, but prepare yourself for an increasingly turbulent landscape as the world goes to war over the few remaining pieces.

Instead of leaving Iraq we managed to hit a hornets nest and are now getting stung. Everyday is worse for us. We need to leave the area.

Is maCAIN inSANE? McCain wants to send more troops to Iraq. How many more young people have to die in that meat grinder? This son of CAIN is not ABEL to get us out of Iraq. Perhaps prez hellary will do better...

Still a draft will mean more job opportunities as many men will be sent to the front to defend "our" oil wells.

On a more poitive note. I like to use the HDR for astral time travel. For me time travel fun is a bright light in a gloomy world. Yes there are troubles but we will make it.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Predictions for 2007

Most time travellers are very vague (the word vague come from the latin word vagus which means lazy wanderer or BUM), no names and numbers. Well, I give you numbers. Next year Google will go over the $600. The stock may split, but I predict that just like it broke the magical $500/share this year as I predicted, it will break 600 in 2007. I also predict that Google will gain market share and Yahoo will lose market share in 2007.

Please remember that when Google was 200 I predicted 300, when 300 I predicted 400, and lastly when it broke 400 I said 500. The debunkers said each time that Google was over priced. Guess what? They are still saying that Google is overpriced, and Google is still going up!

Take a look at price charts for the last two years for Yahoo and Google. Do you notice something interesting? Like one chart YHOO looks like a freight train going over a cliff and the other chart GOOG looks like a rocket to the moon?

I also predict that the price of Gold in Dec 31, 2007 will be higher than Jan 1, 2007. Furthermore I predict a decline in the value of the dollar, this adds to inflation, a problem in 2007 and also in 2008. Part of inflation is caused by high oil prices.

My predictions are not fuzzy, they are clear and sharp like the prediction that more jobs from the US will be outsourced to India. The this will cause the middle class to lose ground as more and more high wage high skill jobs are lost to low wage countries where college educated professionals are willing to work for peanuts.

OK, and what do the debunkers say? That Google is overpriced, that Yahoo will do better than Google. That gold will go down not up. That US jobs are not leaving to poor countries. And I can assure you that at the end of 2007 when my predictions are right. They will claim that Gold going up was "obvious" and that I get all my predictions from CNN.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Got a call today from Steven Gibbs

Steven Gibbs says that his home phone is out of order, but that he can still be reached at his cell phone 785-640-3565. This is important as many people were unable to reach him on his old phone. For more information on Steven Gibbs phone number go to HDRusers.

HDRusers has the latest information about Steven Gibbs and the HDR.

Job Predictions for 2007

Using astral time travel, I have been able to go to the future and see what happens. Most of these trends have been in place for several years now, but the future does look different than now. Here are the Job Predictions for 2007.

See which sectors will suffer in the next few years and which will grow. Also, see a landscape of what the future looks like as we absorb new technology. The future is an exciting time, but we must be flexible to deal with the challenges that it will present to us.

The year 2007 will see more business being transacted over the internet. As more sales move to CLICKS away from BRICKS we will see a shift in the look of the future.

Many big office buildings will close down, and many malls, as people do their work electronically over the internet.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Housing Predictions for 2007

Here are some housing predictions for 2007 made by HDRKID. As you know interest rates are going up and houses are not selling. Many sellers are pulling their houses off the market rather than by hit with huge losses.

2007 is not a good time to sell and an even worse time to buy as the economy continues to contract and the price of oil goes up.

Having a house that is small and energy efficient is a plus as small affordable houses continue to increase in value, but big old drafty houses join SUVs on the no sell list.

John Titor talks about our time

According to John Titor we spend most of our time shopping for useless junk, namely plastic dog dirt from China. He says that in his time 2036, people work hard on farms and live a better life.

Yesterday I did some astral time travel trying to find out who wins the superbowl in feb. Instead I did a jump many moons into the future. I was in a shelter with my mom & dad. There was a nuclear war going on.

The Russians had hit Kansas City and NYC. The US had sent three missles to Russia hitting Moscow and other areas.

It was a scary experience. The shortwave radio was on and they were saying that talks between the US and Russia had broken down. It was the end.

Seems like 2015 gets closer every day...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Will Bush be impeached?

A democrat, McKinney has introduced a bill to impreach Bush. She claims that the president broke his constitutions oath. She suggested that Bush had prior knowledge of 911. Instead of debating her points, Nancy Pelosi wants to sweep it under the rug.

Still the republicans are in for some trouble in 2007. Many Americans are saying that IraQ is an illegal war. They feel that we were misled. The truthiness of certain comments is in doubt.

We live in interesting times.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Predictions for 2007

Increase in energy prices will cut into corporate earnings as well as consumer spending. Inflation will pick up due to higher energy prices but the market will not drop a lot. The DOW will not go down to 5,000 as some predict. It will drop and the NASDAQ will drop but this is a correction due to the fact that it was too pricey. Real estate will continue to sell off and higher interest rates will cause less would be buyers to take the plunge.

Democrats will suggest relief for the poor as soaring energy costs create hardship. The Iraq war continues to be a drain on the economy.

The second quarter of 2007 sees weaker corporate earnings and a declining dow.

Tighter supplies of petroleum products due to resource depletion and trouble in the Middle East will convince many automobile buyers to invest in fuel efficient transportation such as 200mpg scooters that are super cheap, low end microcars like the Yaris, and of course the pricey hybrids.

You will see more grown men on bikes than before. People spend less.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The mind of a debunker

When I first warned people about the problems of global warming and how it would affect the world, debunkers told me that I was a fool and that there was no global warming that the ice packs were not melting and that the higher temperature reading were caused by a “heat island” effect.

Rather than realize the danger we face from global warming words like "tree hugger" were used. Debunkers prefer to make fun of others than deal with problems.

The mind of a debunker is one terrified by new ideas. A developmental disorder causes them to fear change and not adapt well to new environments.

When confronted with their own worsening academic performance in contrast with that of more intellectually motivated students the debunker will lash out in a culturally inappropriate manner, such as hitting nerdy students while they are studying.

Inmoderate impulsive behavior followed by a lack of normal restraints and a chronic desire to ridicule others makes a debunker universally disliked. The feeling of being a failure in an academic environment contributes to the disruptive behavior.

The debunker will typically have low self esteem issues as well as possess poor social skills. They cannot sit still in their seats, but are up running around disturbing other students.

While a debunker who typically has flunked several grades may possess the physical body of a seventeen year old, they may in fact be psychologically the functional equivalent of a twelve year old.

Rather than say “You require a psychological evaluation for a behavioral abnormality”

Debunker will typically say “You’re stupid, that’s impossibile!” Negativity oozes from a debunker like venom from a snake’s lips.

A deference to authority figures and a worship of printed material which they do not understand yet parrot incessantly shows a complete lack of independent thinking which manifests itself by a complete lack of any new or original ideas.

This recurrent pattern of negativistic behavior towards new ideas is to be expected from a person whose limited mental abilities preclude the processing of complex information.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Tribes

Two Tribes

Imagine that there are two tribes, one is a tribe of inventors, and the other is a tribe of debunkers. Both live deep in the forest where there is plenty of food. One day a young brave walks up to the chief of the debunker tribe.

“I bring terrible news great chief, near the coast I saw pale men with strange clothes, they came out of a magical canoe powered by the wind and instead of bows they have thunder sticks that can kill, they ride on huge beasts and -” The chief interrupts “You are a fool!” Such things as you describe are impossible, have you been hitting the fire water?”

One warrior blows on his canoe “Look! It’s moving…” The men roar with laughter. Another picks up a stick and makes a sound like thunder and yells “Oh no! I’m dying.” More laughter erupts. One older brave says “Maybe the pale men are riding the buffalo.” At this joke the whole tribe falls down with hoots of laugher.

The chief then angrily addresses the young brave. “I have heard these wild tales of pale men from across the sea before. People cannot cross the sea because it is too big. You run out of food you FOOL! Next you will tell me that we need to arm ourselves against these pale ghost men that exist only in your fantasies. GET OUT! I don’t ever want to hear another stupid story again!”

The young brave leaves the tribe in shame.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, a young brave from the inventor tribe approaches his chief. “Old wise one, I have great news. I traded many furs with pale men and obtained this magical stick, See!” The brave fires the rifle. The chief says “Well done young one. Go and find out all you can about these men from across the sea – learn all you can. Our survival may depend on it. If you can, try to offer your labor on the big canoe; we need to understand what we are up against.”

The young brave goes boldly on a great adventure to a far away land.

Which tribe do you think survives?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

How is our society perceived in the future?

Well, in the 1800’s George Washington was seen as the father of our country, versus in the 2200’s he is seen as an elitist opportunist spouting slogans about the importance of FREEDOM and LIBERTY while he had slaves.

Old George is seen the way we see a predator priest - man who talks about God, but does the actions of the devil. He pretends to be good, but his actions are pure evil.

Possibly the worst president is Harry Solomon Truman, known in the future as Truman the inhuman because he used atomic devices to vaporize innocent women and children. Even Hitler did not use atomic or biological warfare although he could have. He refrained from using nerve gas or other chemical weapons that were used in WWI. Hitler is seen as a man who was mentally ill, but Truman is viewed as a monster.

Truman used atomics against a prostate power that was ready to surrender, but what is worse “Truman the inhuman” did not select a military base, but the residential areas of two large cities – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Imagine if instead of the military attack against Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had nuked Los Angeles and San Francisco. How would we view them?

In the future the United States is remembered for invading Iraq, stealing its oil, and starting WWIII which kills billions of people.

The fact that most US cities are vaporized in WWIII is seen by most as karmic payback for the evil empire. That is how it is remembered.

911 is seen the same as blowing up the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, an inside job. History is not kind to Bush. If only it were possible for leaders to see how they will be remembered.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Oil shortages ahead

Debunkers claim that oil prices are declining, but they will go up a lot in coming years. Also there will be shortages of oil due to an imbalance in supply. Trouble in the Middle East will add to our woe.

The real problem is that the supply goes down and the demand goes up - a recipe for high prices.

Solution is more energy efficient cars and scooters. We need to curb our appetite for fuel.

You do not need a time machine to see that if we do not act now, we will freeze in the dark one cold winter day.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Economy imploding.

In prior posts I have discussed the precarious position of our economy. We import a lot more than we export. Soon the chickens will come home to roost.

Following the sharp drop in stock prices Monday, today the news is that the sharpest drop in new home sales occurred last month. October had a plunge of 39% in new home sales for the northeast.
On a more positive note, inflation has not yet taken off, but it will when the high price of oil hits home. Also the devalued dollar will make raw materials as well as products more expensive.

Still, let us smile at our little corner of the galaxy.
Amanda from rocketboom talks about the universe.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Any Debunkers in the future?

Perhaps you feel that people in the future are far wiser than those who live now. I wish that were so, but from what I have seen doing astral time travel they appear just as foolish.

In the 2050's there are a lot of young people who have grown up without the advantages of modern society such as running water and electricity. Although pockets of technology exist. In most places: things are most primitive.

These teens hear the old folks talk about before the war, but they do not believe the “fables” about huge cities with millions of people and towers that touched the sky.

You hear them say “Chuppie, Miami been always underwater, there ain't never been no hotels there, let alone millions of folkies on the Florida coast -- how stumpie!” “Yeah, an' all that bosh about jets from NYC to Miami, no way you fit hundreds of people in a metal bird, too heavy. It ain't never gonna get off the ground in a fork. All lies!”

Hey Buppie, max this, these olden ones talk about millions of cars far as the eye could see, but only a few rich pumas had horses back then to pull them cars. Most people back then travel by ox cart like now.”

Chuppie, they make up pigpoo like in NYC buildings with over 100 stories, what a nakadak!” “Everybody knows you cain't climb 100 stories, too tired when you get top.” “My fave is a rocket to the moon in the 60's, but come the 90's ain't nobody goin'! What a laffer that one...”

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Smart car is here!

Last year when I was in Europe I had a SMART CAR. It is a very small and fuel efficient auto. Easy to drive and affordable the smart car has the look of the 21st century.

We need these small vehicles to reduce our addiction to petrol products.

It sells for less than $15,000 and gets more than 40mpg. The car is suprisingly roomy inside, even though it is easy to park. Unlike a scooter that is unpleasant in cold rainy weather, the smart car handles fine in rain.

The SMART choice!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy T-day

Here is wish all TTs out there a happy holiday, where-ever and when-ever you are! :)

I once was in the car in August and suddenly saw a lot of Christmas trees. My brother goes "Dang, they are starting earlier every year!" It was cold outside so I knew that something was up!

Funny, how people rationalize.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Funny Money - Golden dollar coin

US mint to release a golden dollar in 2007 with the face of George Washingon and other presidents.

Money looks funny in the future. I mean you can tell people that it looks strange, but strange is not strong enough.

It's like a little freaky, this funny money looks like videogame tokens that you put into a game machine. It looks superfake, like play money.

In the future I have seen plastic tokens being utlized on some timelines. Those timelines without WWIII.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Odd Occurrences

Did a hunter see a bigfoot removing a deer carcass from his pick up truck? There have been a series of odd occurrences that lead us to think that what the hunter saw maybe stranger than we think.

We know that giant fossil apes like gigantopithecus used to exist, but the sighting of one of these ten foot monsters that weight over 1200 pounds would certainly made the headlines, or not.

It is not as if evidence does not exist for giant apes, the problem is that we do not have a live specimen, or even a dead one.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Strange events involving time

There have been many events in my life involving a distortion of time. For example, I was once inside a grocery store reading a popular science magazine, it must have been in the afternoon because it was daylight.

My mom told me to wait at the magazine stand while she bought the food. A few minutes later she was screaming at me "Where were you, I was looking for you all over!" She said that I was gone for five hours. I looked at my watch and only 15 minutes had gone by.

It was dark outside, so my mom was right. Hours had gone by, but where I stood, only 15 minutes went by. Also, I know how long it takes to read the magazine and I had barely started reading it.

Also, I was not hungry or thirsty, usually I eat around 6PM.

Many might say this was a missing time episode, but a clerk in the store told me that nobody was at the magazine stand. So for a few hours I was missing

Where was I?

My guess is that I skipped over those hours and time travelled to the future because I was over a vortex. Friends of mine have recounted similar stories and strange time events.

Once I knew time travel was possible a whole new world opened up to me. The universe if far stranger than we can imagine. It seems that I was over a vortex that distorted time.

Using the HDR I have seen how it influences watches, and wonder how this is. Here is a video of a watch affected by the HDR.

Something is happening!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What lies ahead?

Many of us are curious about the new year. Using astral time travel, I have seen many future events.

Few people understand how time travel works, for example, yesterday in an astral jump, I saw a friend of mine chop his hand off with a circular saw. He was fired from his job because he only had one hand.

My job is now to convince him to be more careful so this terrible event will not happen. I use time travel to see future events and attempt to alter them.

I remember last year I went astral time travelling and saw my house burn down. I was extra careful and was able to catch the event before it happened. Yes, my house was full of smoke, but it did not burn down.

The key is to alter the bad event so it will not take place.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Red Century

Is the 21st Century the RED CENTURY?

What we see happening in the Western Hemisphere gives us pause. In country after country, Marxists are being elected by the voting public like Lenin worshipper Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Everyday we have seen more leftwing lemmings joining the cry of pied piper Chavez.

If we sit by and do nothing this will indeed become a Red Century, where democracy goes down in flames replaced by dictatorial governments that are ruled by a power elite.

I have friends who lived in East Germany when it was dictatorship. They wished they could live in the west. They secretly watched west TV, it was illegal. It was joy when the wall came down. A relief to walk down the street without constant fear, in a place where people disappear.

If we want to see communism in action take a North Korea where people are starving, then take a look at South Korea, a powerful first world economy where people are happy and live without the constant fear of the secret police knocking on their door.

Liberty requires sacrifice; to be a slave you need only kneel.

Which will it be?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nov 7 a date that shall live in history

Let's take a look at what happened on Nov 7, 2006. An election of epic proportions gave the democrats control of the house and senate.

I predicted that dems would win both houses and that Bush would lose a lot of power. Also individual races like the Republican Rick Santorum losing and the Democrat Lamont losing to Joe Lieberman.

Still, Lieberman is a democrat, this make come as news to debunkers who want to make fun of me and my predictions, but Lieberman plans to vote with the Democrats.

The cliffhanger election in Penn was won by the democrat Jim Webb. In a concession speech George Allen R-PA said "The people have spoken". How true!

The question is now -- How will this affect the future?

Well, using astral time travel I have seen many future events and made the information public.

The date Nov 7, 2006 is pivotal in a sea change in politics. We are seeing the shift now. Put on your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What does 2007 look like?

Using astral time travel, I have seen some events that take place in 2007.
Most involve the precarious world situation which was made worse by the US invading the soveriegn nation of Iraq and taking control of its petroleum products.

Expect a lame duck Bush to refuse to see reality and cling to his stale rhetoric about stopping terror and spreading democracy.

What little prestige we had as a democracy was squandered. We now have a Marxist taking control in Nicaragua. Red China is more powerful than ever. In Russia an Ex KGB agent is taking away what few liberties the people have. I am still a republican. I plan to vote for McCain in 2008, but he will lose to Hillary. So sad actually. A man who was willing to die for his country loses to a woman who burned the flag.

You can thank Bush and his billionaire oil buddies from Texas.

Here is a headline that the debunkers never imagined

Democrats on brink of controlling Senate

Yes, it was a long hard battle in tradionally Republican Montana, but the voice of the people was heard. The people are tired of tax cuts for the top 1%. Shutting down US factories and moving them to Red China, who has missles pointed at us. The offshore outsourcing of high tech high wage jobs to poor countries where people make 50 cents an hour.

The rich republicans spent money like drunken sailors and what do we have to show for it?

Are we better off?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scientist researches bigfoot

Prof Jeffrey Meldrum has a PHD in anatomical sciences. He is a tenured professor at Idaho State University. Other faculty members want him gone. They want to revoke tenure and fire him.

The reason is that Jeff is studying the evidence for bigfoot. Most scientists are debunkers and are very narrow minded. They claim that bigfoot is pseudo science and that even studying the evidence is wrong.

I have here the reason why so few scientists test the HDR or study time travel evidence - they do not want to be fired. The few brave souls out there that do - pay with their careers for saying anything contrary to the party line.

Steven Gibbs gave much evidence to SONA or Scientists of the New Atlantis, he did a lot of research, only to be laughed at by the mainstream.

This lack of looking at the evidence is why debunkers are so negative. They claim that they want to prevent "pollution" of orthodox science. They simply are afraid of new truth. Anything that challenges that status quo and might bring about a new dawn.

Why do we talk about 100mpg cars in the future and solar cars in the future? When this tech has been around for over 50 years? We need a new approach.

We need to think outside the box.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Using HDR with Radio Shack power inverter

Steven Gibbs says that the square wave of a power inverter that converts 12V DC to 115V AC makes the HDR work better.

I used a Radio Shack power inverter hooked up to my car that has a modified sine wave, about half way between a square wave and a pure sine wave. Checking with an Oscilloscope, the square wave is straight up and down, versus a pure sine wave displays a very smooth rise and fall, and smooth rounded dome peaks, in constrast the modified sine wave looks like a staircase.

The power coming from the HDR felt "dirty" when hooked up to a power inverter, I prefer the HDR hooked up to household power, but it also appears that using a square wave makes the HDR more powerful due to the rich harmonics created by the square wave.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

What will happen in 2007?

The elections in Nov 2006 are a big turning point in Am Hist. We will see fresh new faces and new ideas as we move in the 21st century.

I was read The book by Patricia Ress - Stranger Than Fiction: The True Time Travel Adventures of Steven L. Gibbs--the Rainman of Time Travel

It seems that we are in for some rough water in the next few years.

BTW, yesterday I went astral and saw some cometary fragments or asteroid hit the Atlantic Ocean. Stay away from the coast. The wall of water will be like a skyscraper. It will go miles inland.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finding a Vortex

Finding a vortex is very important says Steven L. Gibbs. He says that for results with an HDR you should be over a vortex or grid point.

Having an open mind is important. Most debunkers ignore evidence and get angry when you ask them how they arrive at their conclusions. For example, I have to point out that Iran had a cartoon contest. The winning cartoon makes fun of the Jewish Holocaust.

They claim that the Holocaust never happened. They call it the HoloHoax. Like all debunkers they ignore the overwhelming evidence and ask for more evidence.

No amount of evidence is ever enough. If I took them in a time machine back to WWII Europe and showed them the Auschwitz concentration camp they would still not believe.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

November election results are downright spooky!

Here we are on Oct 31, 2006 already I know the election results of Nov 7, 2006. Seems like the big doorways open up on Oct 31, 2006, all souls eve they call it.

Well, using astral time travel I have seen the future, a very grim one for reps, they lose both the house and senate. The dems get Hillary as prez in 2008, but for now Bush is a lame duck prez. He should resign now. Things get UGLY!

It seems that each passing day the polls get worse for reps, well expect things to get real bad around the eve of Nov 7, 2006. The dems do lose one senate seat Lieberman(I) beats Lamont(D) in Connecticut. Let's face it, one ran as VP with Gore, the other is a nobody.

Bush will see the dems knock down many of his favorite projects. He better resign, before they impeach him. The dems try to blame him for everything except the death of Jimmy Hoffa, I am exageratin' a bit!

No, rrreally, they claim that the war is his fault, the deficit, inflation, etc.....

BTW, inflation will rear its ugly head next year, oil goes to over $100/b and the price at the pump zooms from the now tame $2/gal of gas to over $4/gal. Yep, I think that scooters will sell like hotcakes in 2008.

Not such luck for old SUVs that will sit and rust in the used car lot.

The changes are fast and furious in '07, but reps remember '06 as the beginning of the end for them.

Lets ge down to a few specifics, debunkers claim that I get all my predictions from CNN, well how is this for a prediction, one of the Bush boys, Rick Santorum, will lose to Bob Casey. Also I predict that debunkers will say it was obvious on Nov 8, 2006.

When gas goes to over $4/gal next year, double what it sells for now, they will say that it was obvious. They will talk about PEAK OIL. Well, peak oil does not explain why gas when this year 2006 from $3/gal to under $2/gal. PEAK OIL does not explain why Saudi has cut production twice this year.

Expect major disruptions in the Middle East in '07.

If you have STEVEN GIBBS HDR QUESTION, you can ask it at

Monday, October 30, 2006

Whats up for next month.

I predict that dems will take both house and senate in nov. The reps are circling the drain. All their hot air of a rising dow is nothing but temporary hype and ain't nothing more than fresh pain over rotten planks. The structure is rotted thru to the core and ain't nothing changed to alter the long-term downward trend fo the DOW, nothing. The US mint is printing fresh green bills minty fresh that are back up with hot air. The balloon will soon deflate. We are printing lots of money to pay for the war in Iraq. So the price of gold will soon skyrocket - inflation will zoom. Problems in the Middle East will cause oil to go over $100/b and the dollar on the edge of collapse, as the house of cards falls.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

World of the future

What is the world of the future like?

There is a movie “2001” by Stanley Kubrick that is a 60’s interpretation of what the year 2001 would be like.

In the movie, we see that people in spaceships are flying to other worlds. Well, in the 1950’s futurists said that by the year 2000 we would have global government, floating cities, flying cars, talking AI computers, and, not to worry, robots are doing all the work.

BUT, if you show a person from the 60’s the real 2001 with cell phones, laptop computers with WiFi, internet, and of course 911, they would ask “Huh? What happened to the Concorde Supersonic Jet, or the moon rockets?”

They expected that hypersonic flight would be common in 2001, as well as rockets to the moon. Also, there are no flying cars or men on mars.

As we see, the real 2001 is depressingly dismal. We have LCD TV, but no holographic television. We have robots in Detroit building cars, but they can’t walk or talk. Most products are not made in robot factories, they are made by Chinese people working for the starvation wage of 50 cents an hour.

This world you see while go on for a short space, but the dog is barking at the tree. If we cannot learn to work together, Armageddon is at our door.

Using HDR infused astral time travel, I have seen the future. It is not as many of you imagine it. First off, the most glaring difference is what is missing.

There are no hospitals, schools, police, or any institutions of any kind. The mall is gone, replaced by a small mom & pop shop. It is a kind of miniature general store that has bags of grain, salt, soap, and very little fresh produce. I saw the grain it was dirty, full of rocks and debris, as well as weed seed.

Since there is no money, this place serves as a trading post. You trade for items you need. Most people also use this place as a hangout to find a mate.

The big cities are gone, most are still radioactive after the war. All infrastructure, as in roads, bridges, power stations, sewer systems, etc is no more. The guv is gone. No more war, no more army, navy, air force, etc.

Religion is alive and well, but the "big church" organized religion is gone. People live in small "one horse" towns. Using the fragments of our civilization to build a new one.

Not a lot of construction going on. Most people live in old prewar houses – there’s lots of them still standing; most are empty, but a few have the faint flicker of candles inside. People speak with nostalgia about “before the war”

An old man says “it seems like a dream now, but there were towering cities full of lights, like a Christmas tree. And cars, there were millions of them. The supermarket was full of food,” He starts to cry.

Some people might wonder how things work. It is like the wild frontier wild west, but without the sheriff – no law. No lawyers or doctors either. People focus on the essential, not the trivial.

What made me sad was that there were no sports or music. People focus on finding food. There is little time for entertainment. It is a long hard struggle to survive.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ong's Hat

I found a group on the Yahoo Groups section called Ong's Hat. This is about interdimensional travel using a special "egg" device.

This is better than Roberta Sparrow's "Philosophy of Time Travel" from the movie Donnie Darko.

The problem is we do not have schematics on the "egg" or other devices that were used at Ong's Hat. Most of the information is fragmented.

Hard to get a feel for what really happened. It seems that it was an eperiment into interdimensional travel.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FutureTech - this car is no "BOAT"

Believe it or not we have a corvette water car that looks so snazzy, it appears to be from the pages of science fiction. The amphibious auto is at home both on land and on water.

In the future I have seen sky cycles that look like flying motorbikes, they were maxed out!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

“'Clearly,' the Time Traveller proceeded, 'any
real body must have extension in _four_ directions: it must have

Length, Breadth, Thickness, and--Duration.”

Taken from THE TIME MACHINE by HG Wells

How true and many wonder the duration of the North Korea problem. This impoverished nation receives most of its aid from Red China. It takes its marching orders from Peking. We are fools if we believe that North Korea on its own developed nukes.

It was money from US corporations that shut down the factories in the US and “outsourced” the work to Red China, an enemy of the US that has nukes pointed at DC, which made this possible.

We were sold out by executives with their hundred million dollar a year salaries, who talk about “cutting costs” and outsourcing work to China. The player politicians say that outsourcing is a necessary step to make America competitive on the world market.

If only the people in the 50’s could see what we have become - slaves of powerful multinationals that want the whole world making starvation 50 cent an hour wages except for the executive elite. We are getting poorer and poorer as the rich get richer.

In a jump made back in 2001 using astral time travel I saw NK hit us and hit us hard with high burst EMP weapons. It was China that gave them the money AND the technology.

Debunkers then said NK does not have the money to feed its own people, how is it going to build nukes? Later, the story was - they have nukes, but no missiles, and even later it was China will keep NK from testing a nuke. Now they say: it was a conventional weapon they tested, not a nuke - that NK does not have any nukes.

WAKE UP! They are getting ready to hit us.

Why do you think I am building a shelter? It is not for bird flu. It is for WWIII.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jump to 2012

Today, I was able to break through the 2010-2015 barrier to the fabled year of 2012. An asteroid hit the Atlantic ocean. It created a giant tsunami over 100 feet high. The wall of water came crashing down on the Eastern US like a sledgehammer. It smashed the Eastern seaboard and went miles inland.

Scientists had predicted a wall of water only 20-30 feet high at the beach the day the tsunami struck. Most people ignored evacuation warnings. The damage was monumental 20-30 trillion dollars. We lost NYC, Boston, and yes Miami, which was rebuilt after the atomic attack.

Europe also received a hammer blow from the giant tsunami. Most coastal cities were gone.

Africa and South America also were affected but not as much as the US.

The asteroid broke up into pieces so there were several large waves.

This helps explain why Russia attacks the US in 2015. The US economy is in shambles and Europe our ally is also in bad shape.

The sad thing is that the guv gave people weeks of ample warning, but they did not prepare.

Not only was the timeline similar to ours, but the president in 2012 was Hillary Clinton. This incident helps explain why she did not run for office (re-election) in 2012. Also why the US guv became a military dictatorship since Washinton DC was destroyed by the tsunami.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Astral Time Travel Experiences

Today, I had a jump to the future, not sure how far. Using astral time travel, I was able to see in the future terrorists smuggle an atom bomb in a container into the port of Miami. When they were caught they detonated the device. It took out all downtown Miami and part of the beach.

As many of you know there is a large Jewish population in Miami Beach. The terrorists were muslim arabs, members of a group called Islamic Jihad. They shouted death to Israel and set off the explosion.

It was horrible. The news said that children playing outside were blinded by the explosion, so I guess it was around 12:30 PM recess when it went off. It seems to have been during January, since children seldom wear coats in Miami.

I have heard that montauk and inter-dimensional time travel make it possible for the US to change events. I hope this event is changed. This makes 911 look like a picnic. Nothing in ong's hat incunabula time travel talked about an attack on Miami.

My expertise is in time travel to alternate timelines and parallel worlds, but this world seemed very close to ours. This is one of my most intense astral time travel experiences.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Strange phenomena when using Steven Gibbs HDR

Sometimes when I use Steven Gibbs HDR it fades and turns fuzzy like it is going out of phase with our reality. It is really spooky and creepy to see the box disappear and reappear a few feet away.

Not sure what is happening, but I try to have an open mind. Perhaps one day the box will disappear and not come back.

It appears that when I hit a certain frequency the HDR will being to vibrate and act "funny".

Here is hoping we understand what is going on.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spaceshiptwo will take riders in 2009

Yes folks, it sounds right out of science fiction but Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo will begin boarding passengers in 2009 for an out of this world trip. You can experience weightlessness for a full five minutes or so.

In other news, Seattle Scientist Michael Minkin claims there is an alien invasion, but he has the cure, a special baseball cap that he calls the thought screen helmet that he says can block telepathic communication from the alien greys and prevent them from abducting you.

T'here are those who want to be on board a spaceship and those who don't.

BTW, today I bought Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure DVD. It is a movie about a phone booth time machine, ah yes, like Dr. Who from BBC, but this phone booth is piloted by two teens that want to get a lesson in history.

My favorite line in the time travel movie is "PARTY ON DUDES!"

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I got a baja sc50 scooter from pepboys. It was only $799, versus over $1000 for similar scooters.

On the plus side you get about 100mpg, it is small, fits in the bed of my pickup truck or back of the van for easy transport. The baja sc50 motor scooter is fun to drive. It has an automatic transmission, excellent brakes, and a quiet four cycle engine, much better than the smoke filled two cycle engines of other scooters.

The biggest plus of the baja sc50 scooter is that you do not need a tag to drive it.

In fact, one of my buddies that got one because he lost his license to dui. He says that he loves to ride it. That it should last 30,000 miles, but you have to change the spark plug every year.

On the minus side I found that it has trouble going up hills. It is 20 mph going up and 50mph going down. When you hit bumps on the rode you hit hard. That front wheel is hard and rides hard, so avoid bumpy roads. The back wheel slips on gravel, if you are not careful, you can fall. The worst thing is riding in cold weather. Going 40mph in 40F feels like a freezer. Also rain is bad.

Still, all in all, I like my scooter. A fun filled way to ride around and very easy on the wallet.

In the future you may see a lot more scooters and SPVs (single passenger vehicles)

Monday, September 18, 2006

BBC interviews Patricia Ress & Aage Nost

Here is the interview of Patricia Ress and Aage Nost on the BBC, where they talk about time travel and Steven Gibbs time machines. In the interview which took place in New Orleans near a time travel portal Aage Nost tries to use an HDR for physical time travel, but is not successful.

It seems that nothing happened but he did try. Oh well, if he had been successful, I probably would not be here today. It seems the originally the BBC wanted the inventor Steven Gibbs to be on, but could not get him.

The long saga goes on...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

New HDR machine has a new 3rd generation HDR unit that has four dials. This new HDR unit sell for $679 and is supposed to be better than the previous.

I have an old unit 2001 from Steven Gibbs that I paid $360 for. The new unit is not built by Steven Gibbs. There are some many people building HDR units these days that it is hard to keep trackl of them.

At one time it was only the inventor Steven Gibbs making HDR units, now the field is getting crowded. Many people are making the plunge.

It would be interesting to get a person to review all the different HDR units that are out there. :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Preparing for Future Events

A friend told me yesterday that he is getting ready for bird flu. He is selling his chickens. Bought three month supply of food. AND, he gots some fire arms. Things are going to soon get very hairy.

Lots of wild animals attacking, and some are six feet tall.

Many of you can contrast movies about the future like 2001 with what really happened in our 2001, namely 911. I am sure that seeing the real 2001 in the 1960’s would be a bit less thrilling than the movie, but in the 1960’s we saw the year 2001 as an exciting time with moon bases, robots, flying cars, and yet 2001 was cell phones, internet, and laptop computers.

I predicted back in 2001 that in 2006 price of gasoline would go to $3/gal, oil $80/barrel, and that inflation would pick up.

But let us look out into the far future. In the movie “Logan’s Run” about the 23rd century, 2274 to be exact, people live in a dome city and use a system like a metro rail to get around. There are a few robots, and a master computer runs everything.

When I did astral time travel to the 23rd century what I saw was different. In 2274 there were no dome cities, those were around in 2150, but were torn down, much like you do not see Model T Fords going down the highway now, but they were common in the 1920’s, but now few exist and they are in a museum.

In 2274 we see flying cars, teleporters, robots, synthetic food, replicators that can make anything you need, except food. For some reason food made by rep is poisonous and will kill you, not sure why this is.

So you still have farms in 2274 but robots do the farming, people are like masters and robots like slaves, well in the 2290’s the robots rebel and declare their independence.

Nothing like the world of Logan’s Run.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Inventor Steven Gibbs claims that he built a time machine in 1985 called the hyper dimensional resonator or HDR. This device was based on a previous invention, the sonic resonator which he made in 1981 using data given to him be two time travelers from the future.

The sonic resonator was a time machine that was simpler. It did not have a witness well or caduceus coil. Over the years, he has steadily refined the hyper dimensional resonator and attempted to create a better time machine.

Steven Gibbs claims to have built the last twenty years over 700 HDR units. If you build only ten units a month, less than one per day in the last twenty years that would be 10 X 12 X 20 = 2400.

The truth is that lately Steve Gibbs has been producing about two units per month. If you calculate the amount time it takes to build a unit he’s making less than a dollar an hour.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What will happen in the future?

Today I am thinking. If I had known about 9111 would I have done something? If so what? How would I alert people to what was coming?

The truth is that it was 9111 that propel me to buy an HDR. That and John Titor's warnings about the future. I wondered could I see for myself what will happen?

Well, I have seen it and it is far worse than anything John Titor predicted.

It appears that the antiviral bird flu vaccine developed by major health companies failed. In jumps to the future it becomes tragically apparent that there has been a major population reduction. In a jump to 2026 the population of the US + Canada was six million. The cities of Calgary and Edmonton survived. although most people lived outside of cities in a rural setting.

Countries no longer existed. There were no schools, no hospitals, very little infrastructure. Some debris had been cleared from major highways, but roads were in very bad shape.

Small communities that were self sufficient did exist. Things got very bad in late 2008 when the virus mutated The next year, 2009 billions died. By 2012 there were no longer any elections, a military junta with martial law was in power. This ceased to exist in 2015 when Russia attacked the US, Europe, China and India. After that there was no guv anywhere anymore.

The terrible effects of radiation kept people out of cities. I believe that Canada lost Ottawa and Toronto in 2015. For some reason Calgary and Edmonton were spared. Not sure why this is, but it is a mystery.

I have seen a dramatic increase in the price of houses in Calgary. Some say that is because there is oil in the tar sands near Calgary. Well, there is plenty of oil in Texas and houses in Texas are among the cheapest in the whole US.

The bird flu killed everybody south of the Mason Dixon line and was very effective in overcrowded cities like NYC. It did leave a few people in mostly cold dry areas like Utah and Montana, but mostly it depopulated warm wet areas.

Think where bird flu is causing trouble now Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. No reports of massive deaths in desert areas. For some reason cold deactivates the virus. It will spare many Russians who live in Siberia, but India and China are almost wiped out.

At one time (2004) people were worried about the bird flu, but now (2006) they are back to sleep. 2007 should be a very quiet year, the calm b4 the storm.

Right now, I am busy building a shelter. We still have time to get ready, but most people will wait until it is too late.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Strange Day

Today was a very strange day. I wonder what will happen tommorow. Here is hoping things return to "normal" whatever that is. :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Is paranormalis still down?

I tried today and could not get in. This used to be called the paranormal network and b4 was the time travel forum. Most of the old crowd has moved on, but it was great while it lasted.

If john titor were to make an appearance wonder where it would be...

He could have predicted that Steve Irwin would be killed by a wild animal, but a debunker would say it was "obvious".

The croc man lives on in our hearts a true adventurer exploring that far reaches of the earth.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bird Flu Testing in Alaska

Biologist testing for bird flu in Alaska.

So far no H5N1 has been found. We are lucky that the virus has not mutated yet into a superflu that kills millions, but time is running out. Soon, the mutation will occur, I hope you are all ready. I am currently working on my shelter.

Today I bought a toilet for my shelter. PAid only $100 for it, need to get ready. Also getting some cans of food.

Peace out.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hybrids get a boost.

Today in CNN was there was talk that stated that hybrids cars can pay for themselves in as little as three years with tax incentives and $3/gal gas. The price of gasoline is down to $2.76 a gallon. It was $3.05 a gallon just a few weeks ago.

My prediction is that things in the middle east will get a lot worse sending the price at the pump over $4/gal in 2007 and oil over $100 for each barrel.

Yesterday I saw the movie Donnie Darko which is about time travel. That Donnie Darko is one dark dude. He had some "wabbit twuble" - time to call Elmer Fudd.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hillary runs for prez

I still remember back in 2004 when I told people that the president in 2008 would be Hillary Clinton. I was laughed at. I was told that she would not even run.

Well, now in 2006, guess what, Hillary is running, and the debunkers are all quiet. When she wins in 2008, they will say it was obvious.

Hellary will be the first woman president of the USA.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Availability of gasoline in the future

The day before yesterday, I filled up my tank. The filling station was all out of premium and regular, so I filled up on plus, a mid grade between premium and regular. I think that premium has an octane of 93 and regular 87. Not sure, but plus might be 91.

There was a big crowd. People were yelling because there was no gas. I can tell you that it gets worse in the future. I predicted back in 2004 using astral time travel, that in 2005 gasoline would go over $2.50 / gallon, in 2006 $3/gal, in 2007 $4/gal.

Back then debunker were laughing at me. When 2005 rolled around they blamed Hurricane Katrina for the "abnormally" high price of gasoline. Now they realize they were wrong and claim that high gas prices are obvious and that I get all my predictions from CNN.

I predicted early this year that the situation in the Middle East would get worse. They laughed and said that things would improve. Now they claim that war with Iran is obvious and that I get all my predictions from CNN.

When there is no food on store shelves and no petrol at the pump, debunkers will say it was obvious.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jump to an alternate timeline

Yesterday, I saw a really different place. perhaps a parallel universe. Although the signs were in English, the people appeared to be a mix of Asian, European, and African. These mixed people were not "black" or "white", but brown. There were some lighter and some darker. All had black hair and brown eyes. the lightest being darker than a Southern European, like maybe a person from Tunisia.

There were no big box stores like Walmart, but small shops like third world bazaars or maybe a rundown "dollar store". There was a mid sized grocery store called Universal Garden Service UGS. Also a smaller Garden Foods GF. The restaurants were all different than here. Strange looking, but small. Very few fast food, most were luxury upscale types.

The people dressed different with wild tropical colors, like gold and green. No blue jeans and a T-shirt. The clothes were loose and frilly. Men had hats with plumes. Women long dresses, but that looked tropical.

Streets seemed full of people walking and also there were people on bicycles. The cars had the high pitched whirrrr of a golf cart. Every single car seemed small and cramped, like those fiats from Italy. Traffic lights were not common except on big streets, but there seemed to be a stop sign on every corner. Did not see any highways but many long narrow winding roads. People drove slowly with windows rolled down and arms hanging out. It seemed there was no air cond in the cars.

In parking lots there was no charge, but wildly dressed security guards watched over the autopark. They seemed like clowns who escaped from a circus.

The buildings were covered with bright flashing neon signs. Houses appeared small with flat roofs made of poured concrete instead of wood. The houses were bright white, but the windows were tiny. Yards were small and houses packed close together with tiny "euro" cars in front.

Schools were tiny, less than 100 students and I did not see any parks or rec areas. Bus was a small minivan. The industrial area was called a processing polygon. It looked very strange.

Building architecture was very different than here, as there were no "towers" taller than four stories. The structures were big and boxy concrete slabs, but with tiny windows. There were many art galleries, but the type of art was surrealistic, like Dali.

Also the music was like a religious chanting sound. Seemed sad and tearful, like a lament.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Glaxo has Bird Flu Vaccine

In a major breakthrough, Glaxo has created a H5N1 Avian Influenza vaccine that can protect up to 80% of the people taking it.

This is great news. I have seen using astral time travel the terrible tragedy of a bird flu pandemic first hand. We now have a way to fight the bird flu. Galxo says that the vaccine will be avail by 2007.

Both Novartis AG and Baxter International are also working on a vaccine.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Taken From
Today 2.985
Yesterday 2.976
Last Week 2.950

I predicted back in 2001 when gas was 1.13 a gallon that in 2007 it would be $4.50 a gallon.
Yes, and the debunkers laughed. They even laugh in 2004 when I said that in 2005 gas would go over $2.50/gallon and in 2006 over $3/gal.

Now they are saying it is obvious, Global warming, peakoil, etc...

Well, how obvious was the current problems in the Middle East?

This is a picture I took TODAY, any doubt that the price of gas will go over $3/gal this year?

I predict things will get a lot worse.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Other Timelines, other rules

With all the problems in the Middle East you might wish you live on another timeline, one where the US never had slaves, there was no WWI or WWII or atomics. One with low crime.

Well, as many of you know, there are other timelines where George Washington freed all his slaves, made slavery illegal, and fought for the right of women to vote. His ideas, which seemed progressive at the time, lead the Federalist party to effectively control congress for many years.

On that timeline, There were three political parties {the Federalist party, close to our reagan republican party of limited government, the constitutionalist party similar to our libertarian party, and the labor party similar to the liberal democrats}.
All went well for the Federalists, until the 1950's when they tried to pass some laws.

First they wanted a speed limit on roads to decrease fatalities on the motorways, and they also wanted a limit on blood alcohol.

The constitutionalists said that infringed on the "Freedom of Movement" right and spoke about how the Federalists wanted to force people to get licenses and driving courses. Against the will of the people, the prez passed the "Uniform Driving Act" that made driving over 50mph illegal and drinking more than one beer illegal. The result was chaos. The Federalists lost both the house and senate in the elections, and the president was not re-elected. In fact, many federalists joined the constitutionalist party in disgust.

The labor party slowly grew from about 4% of the vote in 1950 to 20% by 2000 due to worker abuse. There was no OSHA on this line or rules on overtime or rules on most anything. So most workers were putting in 12 hours a day and getting a percentage of profits. For example a restaurant might pay you an amount per table you served. Tips were not illegal but most people did not tip.

The restaurant might decide to change the price per table in a downward direction. This means you could leave or take the pay cut. Many older employees stayed. There was no retirement plans or social security on this timeline.

People worked until they were very old, 80 - 90 and then died quickly.

The army did not give pensions, even to disabled veterans, so you would see them on street corners selling pencils and flags. Needless to say you did not need a permit to open a business so there were squabbles over prized stops.

There were no police, but elected sheriffs and judges would administer harsh justice, like hangings for shoplifting and beheadings for adultery. Needless to say crime was low. Few people commited crimes and those that did were roundly hated by all.

There was no income tax or property tax. The guv made its money from tariffs. Most imported products were assessed a 30% tariff, but luxury items like fine wine were hit with a 75% lux tax. Bootleggers were not common since that crime was seen as very bad by the guv. In addition to the regular army there was a people's militia that men served in for three years from 18 - 21.
After 21 you could join the army or go into civilian life. Most men worked in small factories or shops. There were no Walmarts.

Since factories were small when things got tough many went under and so did many small stores. There were major bank failures every 20 years or so due to little government regulation. Most people did not trust banks.

Most people were paid in gold coins and kept those gold coins in their home. The US was a major gold consumer. In fact, the price of gold on that timeline would be close to $2500 an ounce compared to prices here.

It was common for a person to pay life insurance for many years and then die only to have the relatives find out that the insurance company was bankrupt and could not pay claims. It was seen as folly to buy flood insurance since the company would declare bankruptcy and not pay.

Instead of buying a car from a used car dealer most people bought things used from friends. Factories that made cars were small and many went under. Finding parts was a challenge as most junkyards did not have a computer database, but primitive paper and pencil.

People saw few parks, but having a small factory in a residential neighborhood was common. Since there were few regulations many cars used small inefficient smoky two stroke engines. Most forests were cut down back in the 1800's and never replanted. Small farmers tried to survive on tiny plots of land, but many were very poor.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Transportation in the future

Many of you are wondering about how you are going to get around in the future when gasoline is very expensive and rationed. The key is to use a light electric vehicle that costs about a dime to recharge and gets you a 50 mile range. That way you can commute to work, run errands without worring about power. In a worst case scenario, many electric bikes let you pedal home on your own power. Rather than spending $10 a day on gas you spend only ten cents on electricity. Also, the US has a 200 year supply of coal and electricity can be made from many other sources such as wind power, geothermal, and even solar.

The best solution to the energy shortage we are facing is fuel-less transportation as in a bicycle or a solar powered scooter. Here is a link with a FREE PLAN to build a solar powered scooter.

Here are links to electric bikes that will save you money and worries in getting to where you want to go!

Friday, July 14, 2006

I never thought I would do this, but I think you should all see this DNC video. It seems that we have reached a fork in the road and must turn left or right. I hope we make the right choice.

Where I live about 1/2 the stores are closed, gasoline is over $3/gal and things are getting worse by the minute. I predict that if we do not act, next year at this time we will be paying over $4/gal of gas. We need to act now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Steven Gibbs tells me about Rick Lipani

Today, Steven Gibbs told me about time traveller Rick Lipani who uses the HDR for OBE time travel. Rick has been able to go to the future and the past using the HDR. He has gone to talk shows to announce big events that will soon happen.

Many of these events are similar to things I have seen, like the comet that is approaching. I think that Rick may yet convince people of the perilous times that lie ahead.

One thing that Rick saw was North Korea getting reach to launch against the US. I have also seen this and hope we stop them b4 it is 2 late.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Smart Choices

In 2004 I published my predictions of gasoline going over $2.50/gallon in 2005, over $3/gal in 2006, and over $4/gal in 2007.

Also I predicted that oil would go over $80/barrel in 2006 and over $100/ba in 2007. Any disruption in the Middle East will send it higher. Now oil is at a record high over $75/barrel. $80 no longer looks like lunacy - in fact, $100 looks reasonable for 2007.

Last year, 2005, when I was in France I used a smart car. This car is very fuel efficient getting over 60mpg and easy to park in tight spots. A great choice for the long narow winding roads of Europe. It is a SMART choice for the future as fuel will increase in expense and become rationed.

The smart car gets excellent mileage without the headaches of a hybrid.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Previous Predictions

I predicted back in 2005 that Hillary would be elected president in 2008 and also predicted that he opponent would be McCain. Now in 2006 more than two years away from the election it is all over except for the crying.


“On the Republican side, Arizona Sen. John McCain is the highest-profile politician likely considering a run. For the Democrats, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is viewed as her party’s front-runner.

Both of these candidates will be so strong in the polls and fundraising that the other candidates will have a difficult time getting oxygen,” said Scott Reed, a Republican strategist.

What about other predictions?

Well, lets see, my prediction that gasoline would go over $4/gal in 2007 no longer seems like lunacy. It did back when I made it in 2001. The price of gasoline at the time of my prediction was $1.13 a gallon. Who would imagine that it would quadruple in so little time.

The reason that gasoline is so expensive in 2007 is that the price of oil goes over $100 per barrel for the Light Sweet Crude. The type we use to make gasoline. Back in 2001 the price of oil was $23 per barrel.

This price increase will FUEL inflation to a fever pitch.

Friday, June 30, 2006

How to plan for the future

Using Steven Gibbs HDR, I have seen a recurring scenario, mainly one of massive megadisasters with a dramatic drop in global population. However, the question is how do we prepare for upcoming events?

First of all we need to plan both short tem and long term. Instead of buying a hybrid car, they are very expensive, I prefer to buy a used scooter approx $300 and a used bike approx $30.

Fuel will be in short supply due to disruptions in the Persian Gulf area. An electric powered scooter will give you the ability to travel many miles without getting tired.

After collapse of society we need to think what is important. In our current society we have what is know as an asset allocation model, you put part of your money in {real estate, stocks, bonds, metals, & cash} If you put all your money in real estate and you need to get some out, it might be months before the property is sold, contrawise, if you put all your money in cash, the bank pays such a low rate of return that you lose money - due to inflation - rather than make money each year.

But let us imagine a world without any infrastructure after the crash, how do we allocate our resources? Dollars are worthless, there are plenty of empty houses around, no stock market, and gold is a lot cheaper than it is now because people cannot eat gold.

Let me give you an idea of prices after the crash. Let us say that a can of tuna costs $1 now, and in 2026 you can buy five cans of tuna with a gold ounce coin, so gold goes from $500 an ounce to about $5 an ounce in term of food.

It would cost me about three cans of tuna to get a hummer, but there is very little fuel, and about one can of tuna to get a bicycle. I believe the bicycle is a better buy - fuelless transport.

The average wage is three ounces of gold a day, sounds like a lot, until you realize that that an ouncer gold coin can buy you a dozen eggs. On the plus side, a house costs only 5 gold coins. There are lots of empty prewar houses.

John Titor said that in 2036 hand drills and manual typewritters were very valuable. Actually, people are more interested in finding food than in sending a letter as there is no more post office and no guv.

Your asset allocation model should be heavily weighted toward commodities, as in cans of tuna. :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jump to 2011 using astral time travel

Using Astral Time Travel, I was able to learn about what happens in 2011. This is my first venture inside the protected 2010-2015 box.

What I saw was all power was gone, no cars on highway. It was warm outside so it was probably in June or July. I could not see how high the grass was, but in a jump to 2017 I saw overgrown lawn, green pools, and skeletons of ruined cities.

It seems that there were dark clouds, as I did not any stars, but I know that there was no nuclear war. This is because the structures appeared to be intact and there is a harsh nuclear winter after WWIII. My guess is that WWIII takes place in 2015, if at all.

Please listen to an audio interview by Al Bielek about the future.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Al Bielek Montauk Project

I believe the Al Bielek was involved in the Montauk Project. He along with Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and many others participating in the time travel experiment held during the 1980’s. The purpose of this experiment was to influence the past and future. Steven Gibbs told me that he had been asked to join, but he was not interested in joining Al Bielek and the Montaukians. It was at this time that Steven Gibbs was working on the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. The HDR was an improved form of the Sonic Resonator which Steven Gibbs built in 1981.

Much of the technology that was used was originally developed in the 1940’s for the Philadelphia Experiment - the use of powerful electromagnets to distort a time field.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trip back in time

The current situation in Iraq is close to what was happening in Vietnam in the 60's. Lets listen to Spiro Agnew talk about hippies. If you listen to Nixon and the threat of communism it sounds almost like ush talking about global terror.

Back then it was hunting for commies, now the commies in Red China make most of our stuff...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gasoline Rationed?

In the future I saw ration books for food and fuel. Long lines to get a loaf of bread and super long lines to get fuel. The ration books were issued to the head of household and a limit was assigned based on how essential the job was and other factors.

People that had houses with even numbers got gas on even number days and houses with odd numbers on odd number days. They said that this is unfair because there are more odd days than even. Well, maybe it is time for the odd to get even!

This top link shows a similar rationing plan.

To extend their fuel people mix up to 10% alcohol with the gas, and even added paint thinner, kero, oil, etc.

Let me tell you that motorbikes are quite the popular choice.
Using astral time travel I saw the streets full of "mopeds".

Friday, June 09, 2006

HDR Equipment

Here are pics of Steven Gibbs equipment including HDR that I like to use. My goal is to explore the world of magnetism and strange effects such as the Huchison effect.

Using these devices to further my understanding of psychic phenomena induced by magnetic anomalies.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bird Flu Pandemic

In the event of a pandemic, international flights may be cancelled thus making traveling abroad very difficult. This has severe economic implications for the world economy. International business may be limited due to import restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of this pathogen. Quarantines may be initiated once evidence of viral mutation facilitating human to human transmission of avian influenza is established. Attempts to limit travel of people to areas with documented H5N1 outbreaks will cause disruptions. Governments will respond to a Avian Influenza pandemic by imposing various public health measures that restrict domestic travel and movement of goods.

Citizens are requested to begin stockpiling food, fuel, and other essential supplies as their availability cannot be guaranteed in a catastrophe. There may arise a need to ration basic supplies as well as limit unnecessary travel. Relocation to regions of low population density will improve your survival rate, as well as reduce your dependence on scarce resources.

To illustrate the impact of bird flu, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 was a lot less deadly. This Spanish flu killed 50-100 million people, approx 1.4% of those infected. This is more people than died in WWI & WWII combined. The Bird Flu is currently killing 70-80% of the people who get it, up from 50% last year. It has progressively grown more virulent.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Seems we can stop worrying about the big event on July 4, 2006. It was going to be a loud noise.
Police in Tornoto caught some bad boys with their toys.

This is good news because now we do not have to worry about the US invading Iran any time soon. :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things to do after the war.

Our surroundings look very "apocalyptic" in the worst way, then again what do you expect after nuclear armageddon?

An old prewar map may show roads that are no longer functional. Most of the people are trying to survive and few working prewar cars remain. The dirt roads in the countryside look very "fourth world" and unmaintained. It is good to have a horse. There are many prewar houses that are empty - take your pick, but many are falling apart. This is the decay you can expect when the global population has fallen way below the bare minimum needed to maintain the basics. For example, in town all the stores have been vandalized, but you might find pieces of wood that you can use for fuel. Forget about finding canned food, those prized cans are hoarded, like a miser hoards gold coins.

In fact, you can trade a can of tuna for a prewar bicycle. Try to grow your own food. That bag of grass fertilizer is now ground up gold. Gathering grain is good because it stores well without a refrigerator. Also good is honey and bags of sugar. Try to eat fruit fast as it will spoil. Roots like carrots and turnips will keep in the cellar, but not for long.

I use raw onions to spice up a salad, no dressing in the future. Try to grow your own herbs and spices to add flavor to the food. Also make sure that you eat enough. Back in prewar days 3000 calories was more than enough, but now that you work so hard, you might try eating more like for example 4000 calories. I loose a lot of weight as I adapt to my new spartan life.

You will find that people do not play sports or listen to music, they use what little energy they have in a futile effort to rebuild. Some have attempted to clear rubble from main highways and to get basics such as electrical power and water going, but alas, most do not have the skills needed.

There is a shortage of workers, in fact, I remember the salary for labor was three gold ounces per day, about $2000/day in 2006 dollars. Food and critical supplies were very expensive, but houses were dirt cheap.

Gone is the highly evolved industrial society, replaced by a kind of "wild west" type of world. It seems that in this "wild west" there is no sheriff or town major. No fragment of order remains; it is literally every man for himself until a few start communities built around the idea that there are no more countries, we are all one people, belonging to one planet.

Bird Flu Takes Deadly Turn

Bird Flu human to human transmission is now a fact. It appears that the deadly disease has adapted into a form that is more easily transmissible human to human. We are seeing our worst nightmare coming true.

What is happening in Indonesia will soon be happening here - human to human transfer of bird flu.

I urge all people to make preparations to combat this MEANace. Stock up on food, water and supplies that you might need in the event of the major disruptions that will occur when the pandemic strikes. In a jump from 2002 to 2052 using HDR boosted astral time travel - I was able to see the world of fifty years in the future. People were forced to live indoors. Children had to put on "astronaut suits" to go play outside. The population of the United States stood at five million, all people south of the Mason Dixon line were dead. Entire warm countries like Indonesia were wiped out. Only in cold Canada did I see a few cities that survived.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iran War when?

If the current diplomatic efforts are unsuccessful the US may be forced to take more aggressive measures to ensure that Iran does not deploy unconventional devices.
Israel is worried that a nuclear Iran may do what it has threatened to do "Wipe Israel off the map". Even the mighty United States is worried about an unstable radical regime like Iran having access to intercontenental ballistic missles. This technology was purchased with oil billions from the government of the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea. Iran has two uranium mines capable of producing material for about 100 missles per year. The combination of an unstable radical regime and nuclear technology could lead to an explosive confrontation with the west.

The worry is that these technologies might be made available to "freedom fighters" and other would be martyrs in the cause of Islamic Jihad.

Bush intends to resolve this situation before the November elections of 2006. According to Bush, Europeans are waffling as Iran arms itself, only the US has the courage to act at this critical juncture.

The current plan is for the US to launch tactical nuclear strikes against Iran to destroy its infrastructure and military capabilities.

Monday, May 22, 2006

HDR predicts trouble on the fourth

It seems that we will experience an incident on the fourth. I see trouble ahead.

Human to Human transmission of Bird Flu

Latest article in Forbes magazine is:
Indonesia cannot rule out human-to-human transmission of bird flu - official

Seven people are now dead in Sumatra, Indonesia of this new cluster. The virus has not yet mutated into a "superflu" but it is now more and more prevelant.

Bloomberg reports
Bird Flu Fatality Rate in Humans Climbs to 64% as Virus Spreads

It seems the bird flu is becoming more virulent.

In 2005 it was killing only 43% of the people infected. to give you an idea of the problem, the Spanish Flu of 1919 killed only 1.4% of people infected about 50-100 million people worldwide.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Iran missle threat

President Bush faces difficult choices as Iran moves forward with its uranium enrichment and missle development.

The shahab-6 missle currently has a range of 5,470-5,500 and 5,632-6,200 kilometers with a 1,000-750-500 kilogram warhead.
Taken from

This is enough to hit London and Paris, if further upgraded it could strike the continental United States. This missle is based on a combination of North Korea and old Soviet technology subsequently enhanced by the Iranians.

Using att I have found than by late 2008 the People's Islamic Republic of Iran will have intercontinental ballistic missles with the operation capability of delivering nuclear warheads to the continental United States.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On a lighter note!

Getting back from perparing the shelter made me think how lucky we are to have running water, electricity, telephone, etc.

We are truly blessed.

On a lighter note I remember Time Travel Cartoon - comic book "UFO Rescue"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I be back!

As many of you know, I am back from building the shelter. At that place there is no phone and no cell phone signal (no bars) I get a big NO SRV on my cellular telephone. So if you need to contact me or need Steven L. Gibbs phone number. I am trying to find a way to communicate.

I will be here for a few days and then go back to building. TIME IS SHORT!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

How soon is Iran War?

Iran War

Latest information is that a war with Iran is months away, not sure of how many. US is getting ready to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear nightmare. Iran has threatened to attack Israel and appears to be helping terrorists. But how did we get here?

An unholy alliance has developed between the entrepreneurial tele-evangelists on one hand, and greedy corrupt politicians on the other, with evil billionaire business leaders financing the whole thing using money derived from their multinational corporate empire.

These tele-evangelists with their megachurches and megamansions are behind a "holy war" against the Muslims. A modern crusade is developing before our eyes. The evil billionaires (aren’t they all) will profit from the war machinery they will build. The churches will use religion to cause trouble. We are seeing only the beginning. The Iran war will plunge the entire world into chaos.

Right now these tele-evangelists are pushing for United States using the strong fortress of invaded Iraq as a beach head to invade and overthrow the Peoples Islamic Republic of Iran.

Let us remember that Iran has giant oil reserves and could be used to fuel a new resurgent global empire. This seems like a sure thing, but Iran has the bomb; not only that, they have missiles purchased from North Korea. How far is Armageddon?