Friday, December 30, 2005

China to put a man on the moon by 2020

It seems that Red China is now taking the place of the old Soviet Union with their emphasis on a space program. On CNN there is an article that China plans to place a person on the lunar surface by 2020.

If we can avoid WWIII we will have a very interesting 21st century. However, if we do go through WWIII there will be no moon landing and people, the few that survive, will be be scavanging for food.

Still, there are satellites after the war, produced by Brazil and Indonesia, the two superpowers after the war. Gone are China, Russia, Europe, UK, US, India, Pakistan and most of the arab countries.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Experiments with Caduceus Coils

Before I got my HDR, I was doing experiments using a Caduceus Coil and quartz crystals. The caduceus coil can generate scalar waves and have other interesting properties.

Steven Gibbs uses a caduceus coil in HDR and it is located under the rubbing plate. He refers to the cad coil as a bifiliar winding. Some people call the caduceus coil a tensor coil, but basically this cad coil is what makes the HDR work.

Here is a list of construction projects using scalar waves.

Steven Gibbs claims that the size of the caduceus coil is very important. The new 7.8 centimeter coils provide a much better harmonic than old 8.2 centimeter bifiliar windings. By connecting the HDR to an oscilloscope he was able to see the wave patterns of the new 7.8 centimeter bifiliar winding.

It appears that certain frequencies of scalar waves make everything possible. These invisible and hard-to-detect scalar waves are resposible for many strange effects of the HDR.

Speaking of interesting experiments, here is a way to build IR goggles that let you see infrared light. See IR Goggles Experiment.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Time Vortex Experiments

As many of you know, the HDR should be used over a vortex. Before Steven L. Gibbs started his time travel experiments many other people were using a pyramid and a Tesla coil and doing Vortex point experiments.

Actually I got this above link from timeslide He is doing reseach on the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR. In fact, he has an HDR unit that is different than the ones Steven Gibbs builds. Many of the parts are different.

Not sure how different HDR units work with the time vortex.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Yesterday, I saw on the shelf the movie "Peggy Sue got married." It was a movie about a woman who time travels back to the fifties and re-lives her life without using a time machine. The movie felt much closer to the real 1950's and less fantasy than Back to the Future.

I thought about that other movie that had a time machine, but no time travel, napoleon dynamite time machine did not work except to shock people in their groin. All humor aside I plan to start posting parts list and drawings of how to build Steven Gibbs HDR.

The first machine Steven Gibbs built was the Sonic Resonator, back in 1981, in 1985 Steven Gibbs invented the HDR. According to Steven Gibbs, the HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator, is an improved Sonic Resonator.

It should not be hard for people to build an HDR. Not promising anything, my abilities to build interesting devices is limited. Still, I want people to be able to build their own device. Steven Gibbs may soon stop building experimental devices, as he is old and retired.

In addition to the HDR, Steven Gibbs has created many other devices.

Time transposer invented by Steven Gibbs is an example of a device that Steve sent me, but I never got good results from. According to Steven Gibbs it works and he has used it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Steven Gibbs HDR is used by me for astral time travel.
Yet, I have found that I feel nausea after a jump.
Not sure why this is - feels like when you get
off an amusement park ride.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Steven Gibbs on Coast to Coast AM

Steven Gibbs called me to tell me that he will be on Coast to Coast AM soon, probably next month depending on scheduling. He has been on Coast to Coast with George Noory last year.

Self-proclaimed time traveler Steven Gibbs talked about the HDR on Coast - to Coast AM.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Coming Events for 2006

Using astral time travel I have seen a lot of troubles ahead. Many earthquakes and hurricanes. Not a good idea to be near the coast.

Ed Dames says the Bird Flu will hit, but I saw that more in 2008 than in 2006. It might be that I am wrong, but it feels a few years away.

He says that the Bird Flu will totally destroy the economy. Tell me about it. In my jump to 2026 the total population of the US + CANADA was 6 million. Most people died of disease, not starvation or radiation.

Most people worry about WWIII and the devastation cause by WMD. You are savvy to be concerned about your future. Canada is safer than the US, but certain cities will get hit. Toronto and Ottawa are vaporized, but Calgary and Edmonton are spared.

Expect an invasion of Iran by the US. Iran is building the bomb and we have to stop them. They now are buying missles from Russia to prepare for the war. This war will jack up the price of oil and cause hyperinflation. Expect a draft and many demonstrations.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Future Tech II

Many people have asked me how flying cars and other future technologies work. Well, the flying car uses a hi mag field. A magnetic field is also used by Steven Gibbs HDR, but flying cars rely on the principle of the Searle Effect.

This effect is caused by powerful magnetic fields that can used used to levitate heavy object by using antigravity. Magnetic fields in the proper resonant frequency can slow down time, decrease gravity and other spooky effects.

Much of this original research comes from Tesla, other parts of the research come from the Philadelphia experiment which showed us that a hi mag field could be used to teleport large heavy objects, such as the Eldridge.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Is it just me or do you feel that we are getting ready to drive over a cliff? It seems that something not good is in the works for us. Not sure what that is, but check out

This modern world.

If we could only figure out what is so wrong with everything. For example, why are we closing down our last few remaining factories. And importing everything from China.

Seems like I'm not the only one warning people of trouble ahead. Wish we could see the future more clear.

Then again, here's another comic strip.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Major Event in Dec 22 2005

Steven Gibbs inventor of the HDR called me today and he said that there would be a major event happen in December 22, 2005. I do not know what the event will be. It was like Steven Gibbs did not tell me exactly what would happen, but hinted that it would be global in scope.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Astral Time Travel to the Future

Today I did astral time travel a few years out and saw on that on my large flat screen LCD TV they were talking about the capital of Alaska being moved to Nome. Not sure why that was; however, some people wanted the new capital to be in Anchorage Alaska.

Later I was watching the Karate Kid on TV. Then I went on the net today and saw that Pat Morita died, what a sad coincidence.

Not sure why the capital would be moved, but I do recall that John Titor said that the capital of the United States was moved from Washington, DC to Omaha Nebraska.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Tech Avail in Future.

Avail in future, "instant on" pocomps that "boot up" in less than a second. You can use WI-FI type tech to go on the internet.
The pocomps use crystal memory similar to our FLASH memory in MP3 players. POcomps have no keyboard, but double as cell phones.

Most pocomps use voice input, there is no stylus or keyboard. Pocomp has a projector to show movies on your wall.
For some people that are real "olskool" there are eyephones and datagloves. So you can "type" on a virtual keyboard using VR.

I did not see any DVD, laptop, keyboard, stylus, hard drive, or a mouse.

Solar Disks are avail for micropower stations. Also real pop is "windmill" generators.
The power grid is gone and most people use a combination of satellite and cell phone tech to get TV over IP.

Also, I did not see large supermarkets, most food is grown by the people themselves. A few small shops exist, but they have very limited selections.

Although there is a lot of hi-tech, many items we are fam with are missing, no newspapers people get news over net. No paper books, ebooks over net. No big cars, a lot of small scooters. There were a few SPV's single person vehicles.

Some cars in the future have AI, but most are driven. Many cars in the future are electric, but the ones I saw most were still using petrol.

Roads are in real bad shape in 2054, by 2026 many roads are abandoned and full of weeds.
Ground cars are replaced by flying cars and later by teleporters. Some spectacular teleporter accidents makes people go back to cars for a while.

For a while teleporters are used to transport bulk cargo, eventually they get the bugs out.

Instead of exploring space most effort is put into exploring alt timelines. Many timelines are empty after the war, so people from full lines go to the empty ones. The tech used to explore other lines is based on work we did in the Philadelphia Experiement.

More research is done on using Tesla Tech and Steven Gibbs HDR in the future.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The far future

This is a viewing of the 2250's, approx 250 years into the future. Most people now live in a dome city. This is the 2250's the heyday of the flying car, later teleporters would replace the flying car. Sadly a few terrible accidents with teleporters had spooked most of the population and it would be years before they would gain wide acceptance.


Luminous highly stylized buildings of the far tomorrow shown brilliantly in the intense evening autumn sky. Far below elegant sophisticated urbane men strolled down the moving sidewalks. The automatic roadways of the far futurity were made of highly polished steel with a dramatic gray luster. Above were noiseless vehicles - flying cars created with superlative craftsmanship that seemed floating works of art under the crystalline canopy of the dome city. I seemed to be inside a very intricate highly developed society that functioned like a well oiled machine.

Words cannot convey the fabulous wealth or the sumptuous splendor of the people I saw. They seemed like the products of advanced genetic engineering, like perfect supermodels. Even a rich rajah would have felt like a humble dirty beggar next to these perfect people. Their glittering glamorous golden mansions seemed to be encrusted with diamonds with a sparkling rainbow of colors radiating out. Even the moving sidewalks had an iridescent strange glow about them. A fine mist filled the air giving everything a glistening dew drop appearance. Inside the great houses fist sized diamonds cut with meticulous craftsmanship adorned the regal walls. Within these walls it seemed like the treasures plundered from a thousand worlds were within. A magical glow from shimmering diamonds and lustrous 24K gold blinded me with its beauty. Every polished lustrous surface seemed encrusted with gem stones. It looked more like a jewelry store than a house, except no shop ever sold anything this opulent. The spectacular fantastic accumulation of wealth was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not even Caesar in imperial Rome could dream of such luxury.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Typical conversation heard in astral time travel.

In one of my jumps to the future I saw myself working for one of those MEGAMONSTER giant corporations. I was trying to prevent massive layoffs. Here is the conversation.

Let me explain to you that executives are constantly talking about making cuts, always saying that they have to cut costs. Yes, always saying that they have to make dramatic drastic decisions that involve great sacrifice. They always have to “re-adjust” your pay - notice it is always in a downward direction. Their rationale is that this is necessary in order to save the company and yet I never see them cut their own salary, and I never see them reduce their own benefits. In fact what I see is that they constantly increase their own salary and increase the number and kinds of benefits which they receive.

I asked the executive "What is necessary for the company to survive?" His answer was "SIMPLE {get rid of the union, cut pay, less overhead}" Now, reduce overhead, means simply, well, - cut workers pay.

He also said that it was very very important that we get rid of the union. My question to him was “Why do we have to get rid of the union?” He said that to cut workers pay we needed to get rid of the union. I told him that most workers were already making the minimum wage and barely scraping by.

He answered “I run a business not a charity!” I replied “So basically your entire thesis for how to save the company is by cutting workers pay? He nodded. I added “Well, if that is so important then how about we cut your pay?” He changed the subject and said “W-we gotta cut costs and then make more cuts. I then asked him “How can we could cut the salaries of people who are already making the minimum wage?” He said that “We gotta OUTSOURCE, move the work offshore to countries were human capital make 50¢ an hour.” For second I thought he said “Human Cattle”.

Pausing for a moment I then came back with “Well, if we do that then there will not be any people left in our country to buy our products.” He shot back “I don’t care! That’s their problem. MY problem is me making money and I gotta make some cuts…

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NEW Forum 4 hdrkid

There is a new forum for hdrkid. It is called hdrkid forum - all are welcome to discuss the hdr and other strange devices. I sure hope that we can all have a fun time. :)

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time machine used to escape jail?

Today on to a lighter note. Steven Gibbs told me that a corrections officer had called him. According to the corrections officer at the jail, one of the inmates was building a vortex so he could escape using time travel. He had also cobbled together a primitive time machine in his attempts to escape.

The prisoner was hanging coats on the time portal and pretending that it was nothing. This artficial grid point when used in conjunction with the time machine was supposed to send the jail bird to the 1800's before the jail was built. When he could fly the coop, starting off a new life in the wild west.

I laughed so hard that I could not contain myself. The uses people will think up for time travel. Still, the idea is most novel, in fact, I am surprised it has not been used in a movie.

Finding a vortex is always the hard partin time travel. There are maps of strange places where paranormal events occur, that would be a good start.

According to Steven Gibbs a radio can be used to find a vortex. This is because a vortex will interfere with radio signals and create a "quiet zone". Often you will find that your cell phone cuts out when inside a vortex. This Steven told me is due to the fact that a vortex has time shifting properties.

Each vortex will open at odd hours and allow you to physically travel to an alternate timeline.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Limit travel to prevent flu

President Bush is now ready to implement a plan to limit travel to prevent the superbug. There is also a plan is to prevent unneeded visits to doctors and hospitals as well as curtail international flights.

We live in perilous times. Using the HDR for astral time travel I have seen the outcome of the terrible bird virus. The ghost towns were once cities stood. The empty streets and empty parks. So sad, so lonely.

People need to start preparing now. This is not a joke. The debunkers tell you not to worry that this giant ship is unsinkable. I am yelling ICEBERG AHEAD! They tell you to relax there are plenty of lifeboats and the ship won't sink.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alternate forms of guv on alternate timelines

Lest you think things are bad here, and they will most certainly get worse in the future. What I have seen of other lines leads me to believe that this is NOT the worst possible present. I have seen timelines far worse than ours with a lot less liberty and a lot more hardship. However, in some cases a lot more liberty, like the freedom to sell your children.

In contrast to John Titor and his most disquieting future, I shall demonstrate that alternate presents have almost the same degree of disquietude.

For example, I have seen lines where taxes are a lot higher than here. In point of fact, the federal sales tax is 15% and will soon be "altered" to 20%. That is on top of income tax of over 50%. On this line there are no public schools and to pay for motorways petrol is over 50% tax. Most of the tax goes to pay gigantic salaries of "public servants".

There is more freedom on one line than here. On EBAY a man was auctioning off his wife. A museum unable to pay the exhoritant taxes was auctioning off a skeleton of T Rex, and most churches were closing down due to inability to pay sky high property tax and super high minister fees. In fact, a booming business was condo conversions. Namely converting old stain glass cathederals into luxury condos.

Old prewar public schools were also being converted into condos. Imagine living your life that hellhole. Most public parks charged admission and fast food restaurants charged people to use the bathroom.

Many malls required membership fees as if they were sports clubs and they could expel members that proved disruptive. Requirements for membership included a clean criminal record, proof of employment, and a credit card in good standing.

Grocery stores charged admittance at the gate and just to look at the some vegetables!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Astral travel to another dimension

Yesterday, I was able to astral travel to another dimension. I saw these strange apartments with no vegetation under a blood red sky. The sky had a hint of burnt orange in it, but no yellow. It had a lurid look with unique architecture and people speaking another language.

I spent some time looking at the strange city with its weird architecture and unusual streets that had no cars on them. People seemed to walk from place to place. The doors of the apartments were real thin and the windows even thinner. I saw that bare floor with no furniture and instead of toilets they had a hole in the floor. People used hammocks made of rope instead of beds and they had few personal belongings. It was a most peculiar place.

There was no sidewalk, but the whole place seemed covered with cement slabs. I did not see segregation into age groups like here, but a mixed crowd of children, teens, and old people. No TVs or radios, but people seemed to walk together in large groups.

Next to the row of apartments was a large lake which reflected the blood red sky and was as still as a mirror. The whole place seemed lifeless except for the people. I did not see any animals or even bugs in the red sky world.

Friday, October 28, 2005

What lies ahead?

According to Peggy Noonan the wheels have come off the trolley and we are hurtling ahead at great speed into uncharted territory. Part of my job is to help map out this territory. To figure out what lies ahead in our future.

I have been using astral time travel and Steven Gibbs HDR to make future predictions. My results have been to see that terrible things lie ahead. In fact, it seems that we are in for a time of troubles like none before.

Western stability is dependent on petrol from unstable Middle Eastern kingdoms. The technology of the 21st century depends on a system that keeps people in the stone age. The volatile oil kingdoms will soon explode. Expect the unexpected.

I have seen long lines at fuel stations, empty shelves at grocery stores, police in riot gear trying to defend food warehouses, martial law and a nationwide curfew, cities on fire...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Steven Gibbs -- Barium Oxide Bar Magnet

I received a Barium Oxide Bar Magnet from Steven Gibbs. He says that the HDR works better when a barium oxide bar magnet is used with the HDR electromagnet.

Personally, I have tried both ways and I like to use the Barium Oxide Bar Magnet as well as a Tesla Coil with the HDR.

The original Sonic Resonator used a bar magnet, but with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR, the magnet is optional. Still, I think that it helps to have a bar magnet attached to the HDR. In fact, I find that the bar magnet increases the "gibbs effect".

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sam Lennov - Time Traveller

There is a man from Belgium, Sam Lennov, who claims to be a time traveller from the year 2048. Sam Lennov speak French, Dutch, and English and will answer most questions. Not sure if he is friends with John Titor. You can ask him questions about 2048 and his time machine.

According to Sam Lennov he time travelled back to save his parents who contracted the small pox virus in the future. He is to get spores and return to the future.

In a jump to 2052 using Steven Gibbs HDR, I saw the world after WWIII. People lived in sealed black glass cubes "obsidian-like" that were about five stories high. There was a bird virus that had killed many of the people. Population of the former US was very small.

Sam Lennov talks of a world without WWIII and many technological advances. It will be interesting to see if what he predicts comes to pass.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Migrating Birds Spread Flu to New Areas

aken from New York Times
The European Union has also called on Europeans to avoid certain recreational activities like hunting that risk bringing humans into contact with contaminated birds.

Markos Kyprianou, the EU health commissioner said "All evidence indicates that the virus can be spread by wild migratory birds,"

The bird flu has become resistant to antiviral drugs.

Tamiflu hits 140 pounds on EBAY

That is before the Ebay tamiflu auction was pulled. People are terrified of the bird flu and they are taking drastic action. Using Steven Gibbs time machine the HDR I have been able to astral time travel (HDR) to the future and seen first hand the devastation this virus can cause.

Most people who ridicule the virus will soon see what this virulent pathogen can do. It has already killed 140 million birds and it will soon mutate into an airborne menace that can easily be passed from person to person.

The people desperate to buy tamiflu should consider relocating away from large centers of population. Time travel is an inexact science, but you do not need a time machine to see that we are getting closer and closer to a major catastrophe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Greek bird flu case confirmed

The Bird flu has now moved into Greece. It seems that this terrible disease is expanding through Europe. Not sure how long we have until it makes landfall in the USA.

Steven Gibbs told me that he saw a TV prgram in 2006/2007 that taked about millions dying due to the terrible plague.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Video of Attempt at Physical Time Travel

This video is very stange and spooky with odd flashes of light and most peculiar noises in the background. It is a video of an attempt at physical time travel in the vicinity of a powerful vortex.

Please tell me what you think is happening. I feel that I am playing with forces best left alone.

A message of hope

Yes, there are troubles in the near future, but all is not lost. We rebuild and learn to work together. A new world is born from the ashes of the old. I have seen the dome cities of tomorrow, the beautiful park-like places. A rebirth.

Many people have seen the "time of troubles" and how we almost erased all life from this planet. It was the hard work of a few that preserved things; they kept the light from going out in the cold darkness. They sent people back, using time machines, to warn us about the catastrophic future we face.

We must do what we can now, while there is still time.

To help people prepare for the difficult times that lie ahead. Rather than focus on the problems we should focus on finding solutions. The problems will only go away if we contfront them.

You don't need a time machine to see that we are running out of fossil fuels and that our oceans are dying. You don't need to time travel to the future to see the horrible apocalyptic vision of WWIII will soon come true.

I have seen terrible things in the near future like race riots and cities on fire, but I have also seen a world in the far future where people are not judged on their outward appearance but on their actions.

The key is to remember what got us here.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Problems with Astral Time Travel & HDR

One problem I have using the HDR for Astral Time Travel is that I get timelines close to ours but not exact, this mean that something will happen close to what I saw but not exact.

For example, you see gold zoom to $2000/ounce on a timeline with a terrible epidemic, but on our line it might only go up to $1000/ounce. Still, people will panic when the streets are empty of cars and downtown looks like a ghost town.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bird Flu in Europe.

European Commission confirmed today (Oct. 13) that Turkish poultry is indeed infected with “the aggressive H5N1 strain of avian flu” (Deutsche Welle) that is feared to be capable of causing a global pandemic.

I don't think you need a time machine to see that in a few month the bird flu which is carried by migratory bords will be on Americas shores. Right now we have rumors of the avian flu H5N1 being in Central and South America.

Warning for 2006/2007

Steven Gibbs told me that he had a jump to 2006/2007. He was not sure of which. He saw the morning news and its said that 1.7 million Americans had died in the Terrible Plague. He said that the plague started in China and made its was to Los Angeles, CA. From there it spread on the west coast and moved inland.

No further information is available at current time.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Steven Gibbs called me today

Steven Gibbs called me today to tell me that Gavin Clow had called Patricia Ress. As many of you know Gavin Clow was the moderator for the old time travel forum. This site had many interesting people on it like Alex, Max, and of course Boris.

Patricia Ress wrote several books about Steven Gibbs and his travels.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Virgin Galactic

Rutan has a deal with British entrepreneur Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, to build a fleet of five spacecraft. The new company, Virgin Galactic, will take passengers on 2 1/2-hour trips into space for $200,000 each.
Taken from

Richard Branson will help humanity take its first steps into space, truly an exciting tie to live in. Th future will see many new technologies developed that will allow us to make a journey to the far frontier.

Using Steven Gibbs HDR I was able to see on another timeline spaceshipone crash and burn, this stopped space travel attempts on that line, much like the Hindenberg disaster stopped Zepellin travel on our line. I hope that will not be our future.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Major Future Event - Avian Flu Pandemic

The WHO predicts that in the best case scenario, between two and 7.4 million people could die if H5N1 acquires the ability to spread from person to person easily. In the worst case scenario as many as 150 million people could die.
Taken from

Migratory birds (wild ducks) are natural carriers for the disease. Stay away from places where birds roost as bird droppings can contain the virus.
BTW three dead ducks were found in Romania, casualities of the avian flu. If you do not want to become a dead duck then stay alert.

The H1N1 avian flu is particularly virulent it can kill 90-100& of chicken that get it and has already killed over 100 million poultry. It is believed that the virus will mutate in the next few months into a strain capable of being passed between people.

In other disaster news, the earthquake in Asia has killed thousands of people, this is nothing compared to the number of people who will die when the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts. It is currently bulging and getting ready to blow.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Steven Gibbs calle me today - Big Event

Steven Gibbs, inventor of HDR called me today to warn me that a horrifying event similar to 911 will occur on Nov 4, 2005. He said that this event will lead to martial law in the US and it will be hard to leave the US after martial law is imposed.

Steven Gibbs also added that on timelines close to ours martial law is imposed in 2006 or 2007, but on other timelines it came earlier in 2003 or 2004. We have been lucky so far. Also he added that the Russian are getting ready to attack us and will do so any minute now.

In my latest jump I was in a hospital full of people. Cops were around the hospital they painted a code on the wall 0067 also on a nearby warehouse 00752223. Not sure what these codes mean. They might be part of a quarantine. I saw the cops kill two blonde girls and many people were talking about escaping the hospital with guns. The situation reminded me of New Orleans, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Steven Gibbs called my yesterday about 2150 AD

Steven Gibbs told me that a person bought an HDR from him and this person did a jump to 2150. It was similar to what I saw. Steven Gibbs told me that this person had used astral time travel to see future events.

I think that it is great to use astral time travel to see the future. In 2150 there are robots, clones, flying cars, teleportation, and many new strange devices. The population of earth is much smaller than now and much of earth is like a desert. No large cities, but many small towns and no governements - like wild west but without the sherriff.

Steven Gibbs told me that the time traveller saw that all people in 2150 were Christian. This is interesting as I have reported the same phenomena in my discussion about future events.

It was fascinating to hear that other people were time travelling to the future and seeing similar future events.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bill Gates vs Napoleon Dynamite

There is a video of Bill Gates vs Napoleon Dynamite
also more information on CNN about the dynamic dou.

Not sure if they will both time travel to 1988?
Could this be the secret of M$ $u$$e$$?


Monday, September 26, 2005

Future Event - Major Pandemic

I bought today the magazine National Geographic. It talked about the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919 and how it stated. A major plague that killed 50 million to 100 million people. The researchers are now worried that a major influenza epidemic could kill 180-360 million people.

Well, that is very conservative. Actually what will happen is that the bird flu will kill over 6 billion people. And it will bring down the population on the planet to below 200 million. All large cities will become empty. The few people who do survive will be living in areas that are cold. As cold inactivates the virus.

In a jump to 2052 made in 2002 using Steven Gibbs HDR, I saw people people living inside sealed glass structures to prevent exposure to the bird virus. I also saw that children when they emerge outside to play wear "space suits" to prevent exposure to the virus.

I believe that this evil virus may have been brought to this timeline from a contaminanted timeline, perhaps from the future. Since birds are carriers they must be contained to prevent the spread of this killer virus.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Steven Gibbs

Steven Gibbs will soon receive the be on coast to coast with George Noory.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Returning Time Transposer

Steven Gibbs sent me the time transposer, so I could test it. So far, I have gotten no results with this particular radionics machine so I am sending it back. I have gotten results with Steven Gibbs HDR, but the time transposer does not seem to work as a time machine at all.

It is a shame as the time transposer was a lot smaller than the HDR and lighter too. Oh well, the march to find a cheap portable device goes on.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Video of Future Tech

There is a new video of future tech posted on

Check it out!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Steven Gibbs inventor of HDR

Yesterday the inventor of the HDR Steven Gibbs told me that a major event would happen on September 20, 2005. According to Steven Gibbs this event would help start a revolution. Not sure what the event will be.

I can imagine that Cheney getting heart surgery means he will not be around much longer. I hope he gets better. We are in for some difficult times.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Saw Tsunami hit East Coast in Future

I did Astral Time Travel to the future, not certain of the exact date, but the hotel room had a clean ultramodern feel. The furniture was spotless and the wall looked fresh. It had a mix inside of hard metal and industrial glass. Looking outside the glass balcony I saw something that chilled me to the bone. It was a huge wave. A giant wall of water hundreds of feet high was rapidly approaching. It was a megatsunami. The monster wave seemed the size of a New York skyscraper.

Far below on the beach were the people screaming and running. It was a moment of pure panic. The tidal wave kept getting closer. It finally crashed into the hotel with a crunch.

Many more waves followed. One was even bigger than the first...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Future Predictions using Steven Gibbs HDR

Most people want to know what tomorrow will bring. Using Steven Gibbs HDR for future predictions is a way to get a certain advantage. To know events and situations before they happen by using Astral Time Travel.

The important thing to remember is that you are seeing an astral representation of an alternate timeline. The actual events in your timeline may be quite similar, but they will not be the same. In fact, almost on all occasions I have seen details that the are different than what actually happens.

Still, if you see you house burn down in astral and you buy a smoke alarm. Then when the fire occurs it is some fried fish, not fried chicken that causes the fire. Will the alarm work less well? If you start using the seat belt after seeing a car crash in astral and a red car runs a stop sign and hits you instead of a green car, is it less an accident? Will the seat belt work less well?

These are questions that most people you do astral time travel may ask theselves. The information is not 100% accurate, but is it accurate enough to base decisions on it?

These and other questions are ones I wish to answer...

Friday, September 09, 2005

CarlosX website is back up.

Today I noticed that the CarlosX website about time travel was back up, but the content seemed different. Not sure. I will see if other sites are back up. The John Tooker site seems to be that same. John Tooker was a friend of Steven Gibbs that is planning to start building time machines. John wants to start making the HDR again.

I also found a few new websites about the MVR (MultiVerse Resonator) and plan to post those.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time travel back to dino age

One of the most popular request is that I time travel back to the dino age and bring back a live dino. Well, using Astral Time Travel I can see but not bring. The fun begins we you realize that there are timelines where the dinos never died out. People use dinos like we use elephants. To lift heavy logs and help clear the forest.

The most interesting thing I have seen is that dinos were covered with feathers. They are a bunch of big goony birds. T-Rex is covered with red, gold, and green feathers! He makes sounds like a chicken; like a hen that just laid an egg - cluck cluck cluck. I've got to laugh every time.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Predictions of future coming true

When John Titor posted in 2000 that internet in the future would be wireless like cell phones and that cameras would be digital, few saw a future where both would come together.

His uncanny accuracy is one reason that people wonder if he really was who he said he was. Most people in 2000 saw digital cameras as these over-priced gizmos with dull fuzzy horrible photos - worse than a $4.95 throw away film camera. The thought that video would be streamed over the air seemed absurd.

In fact, now there are Wi-Fi Cameras with an IP address that can stream video live to the internet. You can be thousands of feet away from the hotspot and not be tied down to a line. Things have come a long way since the old webcams over a 56K telephone line that had to be connected to a PC.

Well, he predicted that stability in the west would end, expect that to happen soon.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Future Events seen using HDR

If we avoid WWIII we still have other problems to deal with.

Hypercanes - hybrids of hurricanes and tornados will hit the US causing massive flooding and devastation.

We will see a Mega Tsunami caused by an eruption of the volcano Cumbre Viejo in the Island of Las Palmas in the Canary Island chain.
It will send a wall of water 330 feet high that will travel up to 20 miles inland. It will completely destroy the eastern seaboard causing trillions in damage.

A volcano in the area of Yellowstone will erupt with a force of 2500 mount saint helems destroying the entire grain crop of the US. The resulting nuclear winter will cause tempearatures to drop as much as 150 degrees below zero. For several years no harvest will occur. Massive starvation will result.

Giant meteors will slam the earth, one of these will hit the pacific. The wall of water over 300 feet high will hit California and the west coast like a freight train. Most ports in the pacific will be destroyed as well as ships.

For more information see Time Travel Forum

Friday, August 19, 2005

Steven Gibbs HDR and Laser

Getting my inspiration from John Titor I tried using a laser with the HDR to see if the strong magnetic field of the HDR could bend the laser light beam.

It appears that a laser cannot affect HDR, and vice versa an HDR cannot affect a laser beam. I have not tried the laser near a magnet yet, but I will soon. As the experiments with Steven Gibbs HDR continue, we will post our results.

The laser used was a common low power keychain laser bought at Best Buy for $19.95. This laser emits a solid red beam that is visible a mile away. No bending of the beam was seen when the laser was activated near an HDR.

In another experiment I tried using the laser near a compass and the compass moved when I turned the laser on. It appears that the laser generates a small magnetic field.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

What will the future be like?

My main question has always been "What is ahead" In other words. "What will the future be like?"
The short answer is much like now, but the long answer is well, a bit different.

Slang on other lines is max diff like
"wot its hot, og (august) is max pro fun!"
"plus 4, wet out the details with total immersion."
"burb, badabim badaboom, i'm utope."
"Pop me inmax, this drab be major mega."
"don't be a digital dog fetching files, get joxed up with a nanonode."

Futuristic computers using the pentaflop MI Pentium Nutralino that has "stackable" technology.
The multicore clusters are abandoned in favor of multiphasic morphic technology. BTW MI means Microsoft-Intel.

Also there is a lot of talk of "tunneling quantization" and "multisurface dimensionality" not sure what these terms mean. Imagine explaing a daughtercard and motherboard to a man in the 1800's.
New words

These are metals using the new supertwist technology that allows them to change shape or MORPH by varying the amount of electrical current.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Alternate timeline no WWII

Using the HDR I did astral time travel to an alternate timeline without WWII. There was no Hitler and the few Nazis were quite unpopular. They did not have any sympathy from the people, much like skinheads here.

Occasionally a disaffected unemployed worker would join one of these fringe groups. They did not do much. An incident of two students throwing rocks at a Jewish deli made headlines.

The big problem was that the depression of the 1930's never went away. It just stayed on and on like an unwelcome houseguest. It was now the 21st century and unemployment was still above 10 percent.

Many people sold trinkets on the side of the road and had little money. Most good jobs were highly prized. Even hauling garbage was a prized job because it paid well.

Going to college was seen as a waste of time because there were no jobs unless you knew somebody. It was not a good timeline. The guv tried to create jobs, but those did not last long.

People blamed technology and foreigners for job loss. Most countries had high tariff walls to protect their industry. England was still a world power and tried to hold on to its colonies., since it could not sell its products in the US anymore. The US had a trade dispute with England. Everybody seemed to blame others for the lingering depression.

Most houses had not been painted in years, people were very poor and would try to save their money because if you lost your job, you might not find one for a long time.

There were few new apartment buildings and no new skyscrapers. A few old skyscrapers from before the great depression were still standing. Cars were small and old. People wore raggy baggy old clothes. There were places that made clothes from scraps.

Most people were angry with farmers because food was so expensive. Farmers were told by the guv to produce more. The guv wanted store shelves to be packed, but most were empty and full of dust. Many stores had closed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Steven Gibbs makes improvements to HDR

Yesterday, the inventor Steven Gibbs called me. We were talking about different aliens, the greys, reptilians and draconians. Steven Gibbs said that he is selling more HDR units now. And he did tell me about making improvements to the HDR caduceus coil to make it more efficient and powerful. The new caduceus coil is a big improvement over the old. It is a new flat caduceus coil that Steven Gibbs calls a bifiliar winding.

Steven Gibbs says that using the new caduceus coil will allow people to have better results with their HDR.

Monday, August 01, 2005

HDR for Time Travel

I used the HDR for time travel and I had a jump to the past where I saw myself little and a sister I never had. She was not very nice, in fact a bit mean. I wonder what level of divergence this timeline had as it looked very strange. Not at all like here.

People lived in small houses and were poor, but crime was low. Most of my friends at school wondered what they would be when they grew up. I saw the other me struggling in this sad place. Not sure if I learned anything, except that we must all do what we can with what we have to create a better world.

God gives us our abilities and we should use them to make things better and to obey him.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Orgone and Steven Gibbs HDR

In the future I want to test an orgone pendant with Steven Gibbs HDR and create schematics so you can build your own radionics machine. Also plans for how to build a chembuster tower, which uses orgone to disperse chemtrails.

I have tested the HDR, a radionics machine, with plants. All living organisms generate orgone in the form of bions. Trees could be considered an orgone plant machine. By building my own orgone accumulator (ORAC) and orgone generators, I have been able to test them with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR).

Orgone generators were invented by Wilhelm Reich who discovered how chi energy or life force energy works. You can create a simple orgone accumulator with several alternating layers of steel wool and cotton cloth. I put the orgone accumulator (ORAC) near the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR). Sometimes a small ORAC can be placed inside the witness well of the HDR.

Friday, July 22, 2005

HDR timeline of future inventions

Today, I did astral time travel using the HDR to a timeline with no WWIII and a happy peaceful people. The population of the US was over 500 million with a lot of immigrants from India and China. Crime was low and the place looked booming. There were many new skyscrapers and much more tech than now.

The hyper dimensional resonator operates like a tuning fork allowing me to see future events by tuning me into that future.

Here is a timeline of future inventions using Steven Gibbs HDR:

2007: Human cloning
Result: spare parts for people.

2009: Wireless internet common.
Result: Goodbye laptop, pocomp takes over.

2013: Room temp superconductors
Result: Cheap electricity from hydro.

2014: Maglev popular
Result: Cheap high speed transport.

2018: Computers improved
Result: pocket "mainframe" voice input.

2021: AI much better
Result: voice searches are improved

2027: Teleportation used for bulk cargo
Result: cheap way to transport materials.

2032: Brain implants
Result: Intelligence of population greatly increased.

2037: Nuclear batteries improved
Result: Batteries built into devices, no need to change cells.

2038: 1st robot soldiers
Result: No more military drafts.

2041: Appearance of super scalar technology
Result: elimination of nuclear stockpiles.

2042: First commercial fusion reactor
Result: Electricity almost free. No more meters.

2047: Construction fusion turbine & prop
Result: Flying "aircraft carriers".

2060?: Scalar generator & ZPE engine
Result: Used in teleportation & time travel.

2080?: New small teleporters
Result: Massive unemployement, spectacular accidents.

2090?: Clones grown in tanks
Result: Do most menial jobs.

2120?: Teleporter invention improved
Result: Can be used to transport people. Elevators gone. Roads gone. Malls gone.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Blast from the past using HDR

Made a jump to the past yesterday. I saw where my house used to be old fashioned farms and rolling green hills. It was breath taking; one of those picture postcard perfect days with a clean blue pollution free sky and small white puffy cotton candy clouds at the edge of the horizon.
People dressed in old antique clothes that looked like the 1800's but the looked brand new. Clean and crisp, with lots of buttons.

There were horses but no cars. The roads were made of dirt. Not sure of the date, but is was a beautiful sight to see the olden times.

Astral time travel using the HDR can be a pleasant experience.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Getting results with the HDR

Yesterday and the day before I turned on the HDR. I will try again tomorrow. According to Steven Gibbs, there is a man who had to try the HDR 40 times before he got results.

Usually I do best near the day of the full moon in the early morning before sunrise. In fact, the HDR seems to not do as well in the afternoon. I was trying to jump to July 4, 2004 to see what would happen on this day. Steven Gibbs warned me of an accident on July 5, 2005 so I will be extra careful.

Today I almost had an accident because a lady ran a red light and nearly hit me. She was going fast and nearly hit another car. Perhaps this event is in my timeline.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Building an ORAC for HDR

Using an Orgone Accumulator (ORAC) with the HDR is my latest experiment. I plant to test the HDR with the ORAC to see what properties orgone energy has that could help the HDR.

Building an ORAC for use with HDR is quite simple. In fact, I created a video on how to build an ORAC for HDR.

You need some organic cloth (cotton, wool, linen) and some metal foil to trap the orgone energy that is caught inside the Orgone Accumulator or ORAC.

Hopefully this will increase the abilities of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) and allow the user of the HDR to improve the results they are receiving.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Using an ORAC with the HDR

Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) can be used with an Orgone Accumulator (ORAC) because the orgone is basic to radionics devices. Most work on ORACs and HDRs has not yet been done. We still need to see the effect of using Orgone technology with Steven Gibbs equipment.

The STICK REACTION is probably connected to orgone energy. It relies on the operator finding the correct electromagnetic frequency using a rubbing plate on the HDR.

By placing an ORAC inside the witness well of the HDR, it might be that I am able to increase the potential of the radionics device known as the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Since I use the HDR for astral time travel it is possible that an orgone accumulator or ORAC will facilitate the process. Most ORAC are built using alternating layers of cloth (organic) and metal to concentrate the orgone energy.

More information on Orgone Energy using ORAC & HDR.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Strange Anomaly after using HDR

Steven Gibbs called me today and told me that after using his HDR he was driving along and all the lights suddenly and unexpectedly went out. He told me that he nearly had a crash and felt like he had been transfered to another timeline.

I told him that I also had an event after using the HDR where all the lights went out including car lights and engines. The cars started honking their horns due to the stop lights being out. A few minutes later everything returned to normal. Not sure what caused the strange blackout. I do not think it was related to Steven Gibbs HDR.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Timeline with a strange language

I went astral to a timeline that looked beyond strange. A few people spoke English, but most spoke a global language called Ixchara. It was made of odd loops and sinister curlicues. Like nothing I have seen before. Perhaps close to heiroglyphics.

One billboard in both Ixchara and English said "Ixchara makes us on" and goofy letters underneath.

People did not have cars except for the ultra rich so they all rode buses - no trains. I did not see any bicycles or scooters. The buses were small like a van and they crammed a lot of people in there. No houses but big apartments with little rooms. The stores had dusty shelves and old merchandise.

My estimate is that this was in the 2020's, but could have been later. The people wore jeans and t-shirts both men & women - no dress or suit. Only cops wore hats, they were on the street corners with a stick - no gun.

Here is the weird part, on most timelines the traffic lights are red, yellow & green. Here is was two colors, Pink for go, and a blue for stop. The pink light started flashing before it switched to blue. The vans would stop at the light and drop people off.

A few old people still spoke English and they lamented the new world president from the supercontinent of Eurasia.

Most jumps are uneventful, but this one makes Steven Gibbs HDR a joy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Steven Gibbs sister saw my website

It so happens that Steven Gibbs sister saw my website and printed it out and gave it to Steven Gibbs. A suggestion was made that I add to my website information on how to use a common inexpensive portable transistor radio to find a vortex. This way people can find a vortex without spending a lot of money.

According to Steven Gibbs even your car's AM radio can be used to find a vortex. You simply drive around to a "mystery spot" where the radio cuts out the station and you hear loud buzzing static. A magnetic vortex is supposed to interfere with radio transmission. Any area of radio silence is a candidate for a vortex.

Personally, I prefer to use an EMF detector for the HDR, the cell sensor being my favorite. Other people use the TRI-FIELD which is more expensive and claim good results in locating a magnetic anomaly, but I prefer the $19.95 cell sensor which can also be used to detect harmful radiation coming from your cell phone.

In the next few days I will create the page:
Using a radio to find a vortex or gridpoint.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sometimes what I see when using Steven Gibbs HDR is odd. The sky is wrong. Puffy cottonball cumulus clouds are too symetrical and perfect. Not pure white, but a light fragile pastel pink. These puffs possess an unhealthy eerie computery feel. Far too perfect and ordered to be real like a washed out painting. Sparkly like ice crystals, but fleecy and with silvery undersides. Like they aint real but are counterfeit clouds. Standing against a bright blue sky with hints of purple in it. These vaporous misty milky gossamer thin veil of rainclouds seem sinister. They seem strikingly strange and ethereal as if lacking substance like a thin watery overdiluted watercolor.

Monday, May 23, 2005 website about time travel hacked

Hackers from the nortorious "Command Tribulation" a self styled cyber crusaders hacked the time travel site which had videos and pictures of various devices built by Steven L. Gibbs.

It is difficult to say what these hackers have against CarlosX, Steven Gibbs, or time travel. Maybe the very concept of time travel bothers these social outcasts.

The hackers totally destroyed the site and even the back-up site. I do not know when will be back up -- if ever. It is a sad day when hackers start to attack controversial material such as time travel.

I wonder who is taking down all the time travel sites?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Hyper Dimensional Resonator to 2095

Steven Gibbs Called me and told me that a man from Yogoslavia had used the Hyper Dimensional Resonator / HDR to travel to 2095 and the 1400's. He said the man told him that the time travel was physical. The man wants to go to Kansas to meet Steven Gibbs in person and tell him what happened. Steven Gibbs was very happy that his customer had success using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, but said that the communication was difficult and that the man was in 2095 for only a few hours.

Stay tuned for more reports from people using the HDR to time travel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

HDR electromagnet video

I did a test of the pulling strength of the HDR electromagnet. It is less powerful than the barium oxide bar magnet, but it can still pull a fork.

The HDR electromagnet attracts iron and can lift about 5-10 nails or about 20 bb pellets. this gives a person an index of how strong the HDR electromagnet is.

Steven Gibbs called me yesterday to tell me that he will probably be going on another radio interview in July. This interview is about Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator and its use by people wishing to time travel.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Time Travel to 1930's

I was able to time travel to the 1930's in astral form. The place was depressed and depressing. People were very poor and few jobs were available. They dressed shabby.

I saw a family where the boy was working at a boot factory and he worked even when there was a strike for higher wages. People threw eggs at him and called him SCAB!

He had no choice. His father was dead and mother was ill. He had to work.

Glad to be here in my time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

four dial HDR

There has been much talk about a four dial HDR sold on Ebay by Ormus Solis.

Although I have not used this particular HDR unit according to Steven Gibbs a Hyper Dimensional Resonator must have an even number of dials to work proper.

If a unit has an odd number of dials the wave that it produces will be uneven. The HDR being sold on Ebay originally had three dials, but now has four dials. I think the more dials the better as they will allow you to better tune the radionics device.

The most important component of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, being that it is a radionics machine is the bifiliar winding or caduceus coil of Steven Gibbs HDR.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Successful HDR jump to Sept 2005

Using Steven Gibbs HDR it was possible for me to astral time travel to September 2005 and see a television program from the future. The person on TV was saying that houses near downtown were being bought up and torn down so that new mega-mansions could be built on the empty lot.

Most houses bought were small 2 bedroom 2 bath because the supply of 1 bed 1 bath houses had been exhausted.

Rich people did not like to spend an hour commuting everyday, plus gasoline for their SUVs was getting more expensive everyday.

There was talk to start updating the mass transit system with more buses to relieve congestion on highways. I saw a lot of smaller "inner city" houses being torn down and replaced by the "palaces" of the rich, often it took several small houses being destroyed to accommodate one large estate of the new gated communities.

It appears that rich people did not care to destroy entire neighborhoods just so they could be close to work.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Attempt jump to SEPT 11, 2005

Yesterday I attemped a jump to Sept 11, 2005. The settings on the HDR were 3 on the top dial and 1 on the bottom dial. So far no luck, but I plan to try again tomorrow.

I took a photo of the HDR and it seems to be phasing in and out of reality.
Strange stuff this HDR......

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Jump to 1922

I made a jump to 1922 using Astral Time Travel. It was a dark and gloomy era. Most people walked to their pathetic little jobs. Cars were only for the rich and petrol was expensive.

Sometimes Steven Gibbs HDR sends me to a really bad timeline.

Things were particularly bad for women. Yes, a few women had jobs but these were like seamstress and washerwoman. Two of the few careers open to women were school teacher and nurse. These jobs paid very little and there was no room for advancement. Principals were always men and women were treated badly.

It seems that many women were forced to get jobs to help their husbands pay the bills. There were few appliances to help them. Only the rich could afford a washer/dryer or an electric clothes iron. Nobody had air conditioning. Houses were stifling hot in summer, but freezing cold in winter.

Towns looked run down and sad. Most people still used horses, except in big cities were trolleys and buses were available. This was the era of the street car.

Although there were many jobs, most men worked in smoky factories for piece work. And many men lost hands due to faulty machinery. A few men came back injured from WWI. These did not find jobs and were on the streets begging. The police arrested them for vagrancy.

Police seemed to be always arresting people, except for the bootlegger gangsters. The police were terrified of the mafia. It seems that most mobsters had machine guns and a police service revolver is no match for a Tommy gun.

Few people became police as it was seen as a bottom of the barrel job taken only by losers. Most police would supplement their paltry incomes by taking bribes and they would also steal food from grocoery stores. They would eat free at diners and shakedown speakeasy owners for money.

Farmers would shoot on sight anybody that entered their field to steal corn. It seems that food in the city was expensive and most people's pay went to buy food. Houses were also expensive compared to income. For example a person now makes about $100/day and a typical rent is $1500/month. Back then typical pay was a dollar a day and rent was $20/month. Many people would share a room.

Some jobs paid well. An automobile mechanic could make as much as three dollar a day, or even five if he was good, but rich people were like real slow about paying for repairs and it might be six months until moneybags got around to paying you for repairs to his Rolls Royce.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

HDR evidence

I want other people who have HDR's to contact me via email my email is hdrREMOVEMEkid[at]

It is my belief that we can start to gather evidence of things to occur in 2006 that will shock people when they start to happen.

I plan to start posting results of what we find in

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Talked to Steven Gibbs yesterday

Steven Gibbs called and he wanted to know if I had heard a loud bang. I told him that I had. This noise was so loud that it shook the house. He was apparently doing one of his experiments.

It appears that all HDR's are somehow interconnected. That means that they all probably send out signals on the same channel like GSR radio. How this works I do not know, but it is certainly quite interesting.

It appears that since all HDR machines have a similar design that they would transmit a similar frequency. Perhaps when several HDR units are on at they same time they might interact with each other.

I know that it if you have two Tesla coils on at the same time tuned to the same frequency that you get a lot more sparks than with just one Tesla coil.

The research continues...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Experiences with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Experiences with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator

This is a new blog by a fellow HDR user.

As for my use of the HDR.

I can say that the day before yesterday, I used Steven Gibbs HDR and after turing off the unit I heard a loud bang that startled me.

It sounded like WWIII, so I was a bit spooked.

Not sure what caused the loud band but Steven Gibbs says that before you are transported to another time you hear a click or a pop with a bright flash of light.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

HDR Caduceus Coil

Steven Gibbs told me that has switched from a 8.2 centimeter caduceus coil to a 7.8 centimeter caduceus coil because he gets better performance from the 7.8 model.

Steven Gibbs HDR is now 10% more effective according to his tests. also, Steven Gibbs is now using a flat bifiliar winding in his caduceus coil.

It is the HDR caduceus coil that generates the scalar waves that make the radionics device have its peculiar properties. Tensor coils also know as caduceus coils due to the way that they are wound behave in a strange manner.

They are the subjects of many time travel experiments.

We are still trying to figure out how the HDR does its magic.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Low crime worldline

Today I astral travelled to a low crime worldline where people lived in peace.
The pres had no secret service around him. He was a tired old man that would go to a local high school to watch kids in a play.

People did not have to worry about wars and crime like here. In fact, most parents felt perfectly safe as there were no bad parts of town.

Companies were not constantly firing people with outsourcing and downsizing.

My dad in that line looked much younger and more robust than in our line. He had a sense of confidence about that world that was both heartening and refreshing.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Steven Gibbs Birthday

Spoke to Steven Gibbs yesterday. It was his birthday and he told me that he got a call from a person using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. This person said that object, like his keys would disappear after he used the HDR and re-appear in another place. He spent the whole day looking for his keys, only to find them under his bed.

I often have things disappear when I use the HDR. The keys can turn up in odd places like the bathtub of the refrigerator. You get used to odd events after using Steven Gibbs HDR.

Most events involve paranormal events like a broken mirror "healing" itself, or finding lots of dust and fog inside the house. :-)

Right now, I am posting results of a radionics experiment using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Alternate Worldlines without WWI & WWII

Using Steven Gibbs HDR, I have astral time travelled to alternate worldlines without a world war I or II and seen how they developed to 2005.

There are worldlines where the United States did not have any world wars. On most of these people are nicer than here, less agressive and more compassionate. However, there is less technology than here.

Our electronics revolution with computers, cellular telephones, and internet never happened.
People still use record players, old style dial telephones with an operator on the other end, typewriters, and don't laugh - a sliderule. Calculators and even adding machines are not used on their worldline, get used to pencil and paper.

Still the sky near big cities is filled with big grey zepellins, so many of them, these large German balloons. There are no jets in the sky, but biplanes thunder overhead, hundreds of them. Executives going to work. That reminds me, most products are still produced in America, which is quite large after it merged with Canada.

Movies are still in black and white, streets are still safe at night.
Because there was no slavery, there is a lot less racial tension. Also less generational tension. Teens talk to old people. In fact, most people marry when they are 14 or 15. Their music is similar to our country music.

Still their society seems poorer than ours. Most people cannot afford to buy a new car, and use a small scooter. Cars are for the rich and powerful. Also television is for the super rich, with only two channels A & B.

Most people get their news over the radio as a lot of people cannot or will not read. Still the rich read the newspaper everyday and also have television.They do not have washers and dryers like we have, or vacuum cleaners. Most people are poor and lack medical attention.
I did see that however that they developed time machines using tube electronics. These were available to the public,but they were warned against going to high crime worldlines like ours.
They see our worldline the way we see Stalin's Soviet style republic. It talks about freedom and worlers rights, but the reality is quite different. Most of them avoid our worldline, but if you could spot them here it would be by their accent.

When they talk instead of saying "yes or no" they say "yaw or naw", instead of mother and father it's "maw & paw".This makes them seem ignorant and unschool, and most of them do not finish hih school, but get a job in a factory. Men that is, women stay home raising children and they typically have large families.Most of their women still wear dresses and most of their men still wear hats, like a 30's movie.

There is a joke on their worldline, "Why does the elephant in the zoo have a cage around him? So nobody will steal him." It is funny, because there is no theft in those worldlines except for maybe a little kid stealing candy from the store or something like that. In fact, automobiles do not have keys, but a start button. If a poor person stole a car and drove it to their rundown neighborhood, it would stand out like an elephant. Also, you do not need a drivers license or a tag. People are more free than here. Police are not constantly stopping people on the road and asking them questions.

If you see a sign on a restaurant that says "HELP WANTED" you go right in and apply in person. No forms to fill out or resumes to hand in. Also, you are paid in cash at the end of the week. That is how it is on that world.State sales tax is only 2% (no tax on food) and government gets most of its money from tarrifs on imported goods. There is no income tax or even property tax. Luxury items like perfumes from France are taxed at 35%.

I have travelled many times to these worldlines and have nostalgia for them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Travel to alternate worldline

I did astral time travel yesterday to an alternate worldline using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator and saw a world much like our own in mid 2007. There was a group known as the People's Liberation Front causing a lot of trouble.

This worldline had less tech than ours, and the bad guys was using crude devices to do their work. I saw some stuff going on, but was not sure of what it meant.

Our guv was more dictatorial and repressive than now creating an atmosphere were rebels like the PLF could operate.

This group was taking down bridges and causing mayhem. They were getting bolder and they actually placed a device in a school with little kids. A woman doctor risked her life to defuse the device and save the kids. Her reward was to get arrested and be given 30 years in jail.

It seems that the shrub took credit for stopping the PLF, but he blamed the woman for setting the device and trying to look like a hero. Fake film of a rescue was created in Hollywood, but the truth got out and the shrub went crazy.

I popped back before I found out what happened.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Using HDR to win lotto

This is the results of my attempt to use the HDR to win the Florida Lottery with a jackpot of three million.

I placed a lotto ticket inside the witness well of the HDR, then turned on the HDR unit and waited for the machine to warm up. I then placed the time coils around my head and started tuning the HDR by placing my fingers on the rubbing plate of the HDR and adjusting the dials until I got a stick reaction.

Then after about seven minutes I turned off the HDR and astral time travelled to the future in an attempt to get the numbers.

The numbers I saw for Jan 5, 2005 were
The actual were

True, I only got two of the numbers,
but the other numbers were quite close.

I will continue to try to see the future using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

What are other timlines like?

By traveling to other timelines using astral time travel with the HDR I have seen the following. Most timelines have less technology than we do. For example, they still have vacuum tubes and old looking cars. TV is still in black and white, drive-ins still exist. Some stores that have closed down here, like Woolworth, are still around.

Women still wear dresses in 2000, and men still wear hats. The 60's revolution never happened so people are more "square" but there are a few big differences. Instead of Radio Shack,there is a store called Bargain Bobs that sells electronics. Instead of Pizza Hut, there is Pizza Place, but the biggest difference is the cars. On most lines gasoline is very expensive, I'm not talking about $5/gallon like in Europe, but more like $20/gal in our money, so cars are very small like a Mini Cooper and old looking, like a PT Cruiser.

Also, teenagers are allowed to have a limited drivers license at age 13. This allows them to drive a SLOMO, a small underpowered car with a tiny "lawnmower" engine that has a top speed of 40 mph. The word slomo means SLOW MOTION, an apt term for these midget cars. This saves dad from driving "junior" to school as on most lines there are no school buses and regular buses are full of ruffians.

Although it is cool for a 13 year old to pick up his girl in a SLOMO, it is the height of uncool to have a SLOMO when you are 19. Only the biggest nerd drives a SLOMO past 21. Also, on most lines there are male and female SLOMOs, the cars for boys have racing stripes and flames on the sides, the ones for girls are pink and have flowers.

If you want to become the laughingstock of the whole school, then drive your sister's SLOMO to school.

On most timelines it is legal to work when you turn twelve, all you havet do is get a work permit. Most teens do NOT go to school but have regular jobs. It is common for people to get married when they are 15 and 16, but when most teens hit 19 they are desperate to get married, this is called the GOLD RUSH.

Most teens that are 18 start hitting clubs since the drinking age is 18 and most clubs are full of club hopping teens looking to get hitched. You do not see people in the 20's and 30's inside clubs, they are called "pyramids". Don't go to the Gold Dust, they have more "pyramids" than Egypt.
A lot of clubs have the word GOLD in them like the Gold Rush, the Gold Bug, The Golden Nugget, even Gold-diggers!

Typically guys 19 marry anybody, because if you are 21 and not married you are considered a loser, like the bum on the corner. A few guys are too ugly to find girls so they are drafted, forced to join the army, where they are sent overseas to fight wars and die.

On most timelines women are computer programmers, and it pays less than here, because the jobs for men are heavy dirty work like construction. Computers on most lines are very expensive and nobody has one in their house to play games. Companies use computers to calculate payroll and keep track of expenses. Being a computer programmer is seen as "sissy" work because it does not involve heavy lifting.

Most men want to become truck drivers because the union is very strong, also truckers own the big rig and get cheap government gas. Most trucks are not diesel due to environmental laws, they burn methane.

People do not shop at Sears since that store went under years ago, but instead at Dave's Discount which is a cross between the Dollar Storeand Walmart. Another store that went under was McDonalds on most lines becausethey had major strikes. Unions are more powerful than here and most stuff is built in the US, if a company started "outsourcing" they would go under because the dock workers would refuse to load their cargo and there would be riots on the street. The truckers in one line shut down the US when they refused to haul cheap Mexican goods.

Most presidents have "American" sounding names like Howard Franklin,there are no French names like Pierre Pascal or German names likeHelmut Hagen. There is less racism than on our line, but people "funny" accents are made fun of.

If somebody suggested bringing goods from Communist China to the US, that person would be branded a traitor and probably shot. There have been major riots involving a company shutting down its American factory and bringing in cheap junk from Mexico. Discount Daves does not sell any foreign products like French Perfumes,Japanese Electronics, or Italian Shoes.

The government has a high taffic wall protecting American industry. As a result people have in their home: an old manual typewritter, an old rotary dial telephone, a prehistoric looking tube radio, a fireplace, and a bicycle.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Saw Holographic Projector

I travelled yesterday to another timeline. I saw up close a holographic projector. It was a device that uses a hologram to project a 3D image into space. The quality of the machine was super.

Also, I saw T-shirts with moving pictures on them. These spacial T-shirts used a flexible color LCD screen. It looks great a night. Picture of fire, wheels, and a flying flag.

The place was rundown and many of my favorite stores, like borders, had closed. Starbucks was still opened and it was a real hang out.

The day before yesterday I had tried an experiment with the HDR. It consisted of placing a blade of grass in the HDR witness well and using the HDR rubbing plate to try to find a rate that would make the grass green.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year from hdrkid

Wishing all of you a great new year, and all the best...

I have not used the HDR this year yet, but did get a call today Jan 1, 2005 from Steven Gibbs, my cell phone died before I could answer it. He was probably calling me to wish me a happy new year, or to tell me about his latest adventure using the HDR.

Either way I will try to call Steven Gibbs today.