Friday, July 29, 2005

Orgone and Steven Gibbs HDR

In the future I want to test an orgone pendant with Steven Gibbs HDR and create schematics so you can build your own radionics machine. Also plans for how to build a chembuster tower, which uses orgone to disperse chemtrails.

I have tested the HDR, a radionics machine, with plants. All living organisms generate orgone in the form of bions. Trees could be considered an orgone plant machine. By building my own orgone accumulator (ORAC) and orgone generators, I have been able to test them with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR).

Orgone generators were invented by Wilhelm Reich who discovered how chi energy or life force energy works. You can create a simple orgone accumulator with several alternating layers of steel wool and cotton cloth. I put the orgone accumulator (ORAC) near the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR). Sometimes a small ORAC can be placed inside the witness well of the HDR.

Friday, July 22, 2005

HDR timeline of future inventions

Today, I did astral time travel using the HDR to a timeline with no WWIII and a happy peaceful people. The population of the US was over 500 million with a lot of immigrants from India and China. Crime was low and the place looked booming. There were many new skyscrapers and much more tech than now.

The hyper dimensional resonator operates like a tuning fork allowing me to see future events by tuning me into that future.

Here is a timeline of future inventions using Steven Gibbs HDR:

2007: Human cloning
Result: spare parts for people.

2009: Wireless internet common.
Result: Goodbye laptop, pocomp takes over.

2013: Room temp superconductors
Result: Cheap electricity from hydro.

2014: Maglev popular
Result: Cheap high speed transport.

2018: Computers improved
Result: pocket "mainframe" voice input.

2021: AI much better
Result: voice searches are improved

2027: Teleportation used for bulk cargo
Result: cheap way to transport materials.

2032: Brain implants
Result: Intelligence of population greatly increased.

2037: Nuclear batteries improved
Result: Batteries built into devices, no need to change cells.

2038: 1st robot soldiers
Result: No more military drafts.

2041: Appearance of super scalar technology
Result: elimination of nuclear stockpiles.

2042: First commercial fusion reactor
Result: Electricity almost free. No more meters.

2047: Construction fusion turbine & prop
Result: Flying "aircraft carriers".

2060?: Scalar generator & ZPE engine
Result: Used in teleportation & time travel.

2080?: New small teleporters
Result: Massive unemployement, spectacular accidents.

2090?: Clones grown in tanks
Result: Do most menial jobs.

2120?: Teleporter invention improved
Result: Can be used to transport people. Elevators gone. Roads gone. Malls gone.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Blast from the past using HDR

Made a jump to the past yesterday. I saw where my house used to be old fashioned farms and rolling green hills. It was breath taking; one of those picture postcard perfect days with a clean blue pollution free sky and small white puffy cotton candy clouds at the edge of the horizon.
People dressed in old antique clothes that looked like the 1800's but the looked brand new. Clean and crisp, with lots of buttons.

There were horses but no cars. The roads were made of dirt. Not sure of the date, but is was a beautiful sight to see the olden times.

Astral time travel using the HDR can be a pleasant experience.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Getting results with the HDR

Yesterday and the day before I turned on the HDR. I will try again tomorrow. According to Steven Gibbs, there is a man who had to try the HDR 40 times before he got results.

Usually I do best near the day of the full moon in the early morning before sunrise. In fact, the HDR seems to not do as well in the afternoon. I was trying to jump to July 4, 2004 to see what would happen on this day. Steven Gibbs warned me of an accident on July 5, 2005 so I will be extra careful.

Today I almost had an accident because a lady ran a red light and nearly hit me. She was going fast and nearly hit another car. Perhaps this event is in my timeline.