Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Steven Gibbs gets TriField EMF meter

Steven Gibbs got in the mail today a TriField EMF meter used by ghost hunters to find a vortex. The TriField is a very sensitive meter that can detect magnetic anomalies.

The Trifield natural meter cost $199.99 retail a bit much for me,
so instead I got a cell sensor for $19.95 that I use to hunt
for magnetic anomalies.

Steven Gibbs sells tapes about how to find a vortex.

Personally, I think the best strategy is to look for an area where nothing grows, for example a "bald spot" in the lawn, that has lots of insects, for example an anthill, or a cloud of bugs.

For more information on locating a vortex, check out
CarlosX information on locating a Vortex.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Strange phone calls

I have been getting strange phone calls in the middle of the night.
The person hangs up when I pick up the phone.

In fact, I have never had a conversation with the phantom caller.
He or she always hangs up before saying anything.

I do not think that this is related to Steven Gibbs HDR,
or my use of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

But right after I bought Steven Gibbs HDR
I began to get strange call late at night.

Then it slowly went away, and now it is back!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

HDR with Geiger Counter

Here is a movie of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) created by Steven L Gibbs tested with a geiger counter. The experiement did not find any additional radiation when an HDR was turned on. It found only the normal background radiation.

Here is a movie of the HDR with geiger counter.

Perhaps a test using a radium dial watch and an HDR would give us better results. We would look at the watch to see if there is any time warping, and the green glow to see if radiation is increasing.

Geiger counters can detect the alpha particles created by the radium painted dial and so tell us if the HDR can affect the rate of radioactive decay.

There are many new experiments to conduct with the HDR.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Steven Gibbs on Radio Talk Show

Steven Gibbs told me that he was going to be on a radio talk show on Tuesday at 6:30PM Eastern Time. Still trying to find the name of the radio station.

They are a paranomal radio station and they will be talking about Steven Gibbs HDR.

Please call if you have any questions about time travel.

Friday, November 12, 2004

HDR for flu?

Steven Gibbs told me that I can se the HDR to alleviate flu symptoms.

I have not tried this yet. He says I should feel better six hours after I use the HDR.

Still, I can try Steven Gibbs HDR to see if there is any effect.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Day after Elections

Today is the day after the elections.

We still do not know who the president is
Bush has 254 electoral votes,
Kerry has 252 electoral votes.

Ohio is too close to call.

Using the HDR for astral time travel
I made a jump to November 2, 2004
and there as no clear winner,
but we should abandon the
current system.

It should be one person, one vote,
not this electoral college.