Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Paris Hilton will sue web site

It seems that Paris Hilton was late paying her $200/month storage fee so now the contents are on display at where all can see them for a fee.

The hotel heiress is constantly in the news and this seems to me like another trick to gain more free publicity. How can such a rich and powerful person "forget" to pay a bill?

Get this! The contents of her storage locker sold on auction for ten million dollars. Talk about a great return on investment. If you wonder what is inside the storage locker, is selling a sneak peek for $40.

Something tells me that this is all part of a publicity stunt that will backfire. What do you see for $40. her secret diary?

I predict that this court case will get a lot of media time that would better be devoted to something more important.

The Doll Palace

Valentine's day is coming and that means a gift for your significant other. May I suggest as a gift an "I Love You Doll" from The Doll Palace to express your heart's desire?

The Doll Palace is your place for cartoon dolls. Check out the latest celebrity dolls like Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and many more. It has all kinds of dolls including fairy dolls, princess dolls, and even gothic dolls. I was looking for a Morticia Addams of the Addam’s Family doll with that "dead" look. You know the pale face and flowing black hair. Guess they have not added that one, not yet! New dolls are added every day at the doll palace.

I have noticed that the dolls have a very 'anime' look, super cute and chibi. They come with all sorts of accessories like shoes, hats, dresses and even musical instruments for the dolls.

One of the most important sections of The Doll Palace is the doll marker. This gives you the ability to create your own cartoon doll. You start out with a basic doll body (choose the race) and then add clothes, shoes, hair, and purse for your doll.

This site is great for children because they can play Dress Up Games. It has free doll coloring pages and Greek mythology dolls as well as historical figure dolls. So The Doll Palace is a learning experience.

Remember to sign up for your The Doll Palace account – it’s FREE. You get to go on doll forums, doll chat, doll email, doll cards, and doll games.

If you upgrade to premium level (only $2/month) you get the latest doll dress up games, plus full access to doll maker with animation and glitter effects. This is so rad!

"The words and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own. This post was sponsored by PayPerPost".

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Republican running in 2008

The front runners are John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, but what about Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee?

It seems that we lack a truly charismatic leader like JFK, wait he was a democrat and FDR was a democrat too. What I see are a bunch of Michael Dukakis types on the right. People who cannot win.

Michael Dukakis could not find a girl to go to the prom with him. He went to the prom alone and was hanging coats because no girl wanted to dance with him. This is the type of man who does not motivate the public to get out and vote. His speeches were a cure for insomnia. Where is the Republican that can electrify the crowds? Where is the Ronald Reagan of the 21st century?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Who becomes president next year?

Future President is Hillary Clinton, she is the first elected woman president in the history of the United States. She will run against John McCain in a hard fought political campaign. Most people see McCain as old ideas, and Hillary as new ideas.

Hillary will focus on bringing the boys home, and domestic problems, rather than going on military adventures. She will cut defense spending and increase health care.

The war in Iraq will be a disaster forcing America to rethink its options. This terrible war divides the country, drain money from the economy, and causes great hardship to the poor. Hillary will promise a new fresh start.

Bush no longer a 'miserable failure'

Google changed its algorithm pointing 'miserable failure' to President Bush.

Actually, now that President Bush is riding high in the polls due to the fact that - Osama bin Laden has been caught, the war in Iraq has been won, there is a trade surplus instead of a trade deficit -- WHAT?

None of these things have happened? I must have by dumb luck gone into a parallel earth, an alternate timeline where Bush is not a miserable failure.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oil prices this year

We worry about future oil prices and we do well. I foresee major problems ahead as we run out of cheap hydrocarbons. The always colorful Texas oilman and billionaire investor T Boone Pickens said "I think oil in 2007 will average around $70 a barrel. You've just about reached peak production for the world, and demand continues to go up."

Well, how about oil hitting one hundred? I predict major oil supply disruptions this year. The middle east is very volatile and things look like they will get hotter. Texas tycoon T Boone Pickens has no idea how hot. If only he could anticipate what will soon happen, he would invest in oil futures.

Perhaps if he had a time machine and did time travel to the future he would see what happens to petroleum production in the Persian Gulf in the next few months. I can tell you that the US has sent a second carrier group to the area. Things are going to get hot!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hydrogen - Fuel of the Future

Using solar panels to generate hydrogen, a car can travel without creating greenhouse gases. The exhaust is water. We need to move to a hydrogen economy now. Solar power can be used to generate electricity which can then split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The heart of the system is an electrolyser that creates the hydrogen gas from water. The hydrogen gas is then pressurized and stored in tanks that can be used to fuel a car.

Using fuel cells the car converts the hydrogen into electricity. John Titor talked about fuel cells becoming important in the future. Perhaps we are getting a glimpse now of things to come.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

John Titor's Predictions

Seeing the future is a very difficult task. Ask any investor or stock picker to tell you if it is easy to find the next big thing. They will tell you that most events are counter intuitive. A tiny firm like Google beats industry giants like Yahoo. Two men in a garage form Apple computer and they not IBM lead the computer revolution.

Lets look at some John Titor Predictions.

Computer became a lot smaller and faster in the 80's and 90's, but John said that wireless internet was the future. Instead of Cable Modem, T1 lines, or DSL.

In 2000 that seemed like a joke. I could and did buy a device that allowed me to connect my cell phone to my laptop at 9600 baud that is much slower than 56K modems.

Yet, today in 2007, all laptops come with WiFi and wireless internet is standard. So John was right. The debunkers are so silent about this. They used to laugh and laugh, but where is that laughter now?

I predicted back then that both GM and Ford would go under. Now they can claim all they want that it is "obvious", but back in 2000 it was not. SUVs were selling briskly. I predicted that they would rust on the lots without moving.

Now Ford is declaring 2006 - its worst year in its 103 year history.

The key to understanding the future is that it is not obvious, far from it. The strong and mighty stumble and fall. For example, IBM no longer sells personal computers. It sold its unit to LEnovo a Chinese company. IBM is another dinosaur that will soon become EXTINCT!

John Titor movie out this year

John Titor made many predictions about future events. He did not predict the book or the movie however. Those came after he left the scene.

Many of the predictions John Titor made back in 2001 have come true, like for example the replacement of tube TV by LCD TV, the replacement of film cameras by digital, and some are just around the corner like fuel cells.

The movie deals with time travel and the GE C204 which John Titor used. Stay tuned as we post more information as it becomes available.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trouble at Yahoo Video

Today I tried to get on YAHOO VIDEO and got the following message could not log on to Seems that the site is having problems. Well, Yahoo itself is having problems with a 61% drop in profits.

The internet is rapidly expanding across the world with high speed connections becoming common, but Yahoo rather than growing is shrinking. This company started in the early 90's was at one time the largest search engine. It was growing super fast, but then it began to fall apart.

Yahoo bought up the competition, like Altavista and alltheweb, remember?

But those companies fell apart under Yahoo, in contrast youtube has done great under Google. Expect Yahoo to continue to implode.

This video reminds me of Yahoo.

Prediction Google stock soars in 2007

I predicted back in 2004 that Google would continue to take market share away from Yahoo and M$. The results are in and Yahoo profits dropped 61% for 4th quarter. We see a site like youtube dominating the new landscape. Yahoo is too old school to adapt to a changing world.

Years to come will show how Google dominates the field and other companies turn into minor players. I expect Google stock to soar in 2007 as the company expands its market shares.

Google will declare its profits in Jan 31. Expect some good numbers.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Video not avail due to HIGH DEMAND

Today I could not see the presidential speech on MSN due to HIGH DEMAND. During 911 most websites were down due to massive use. We could not get news over the internet.

Perhaps this is a harbinger of things to come.

Bush rating below Nixon

President Bush has a record low approval rating below even that of Richard Nixon before he resigned. Rumors in Washington are floating that Bush will announce he is planning to exit the presidency.

Many Republicans have secretly urged the president to retire early. That he is worn out from all the stress of the war. He needs rest.

The situation is similar to the last days of Nixon.

Richard Nixon "I'm not a crook" Speech

Ice caps melting - future sea level rise

Scientists confirm global warming. By 2050 the Swiss glaciers will be gone and if the Greenland Glaciers melts, the oceans of the world will rise 30 feets. That means most of Florida and the coastal United States under water.

Much of Miami is now less than ten feet above sea level. We will see dramatic damage in the future from horrendous hurricanes that will destroy sea walls.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Contest Predict Superbowl Winner

Start Polishing your crystal balls boys & girls, there be a contest. Who ever predicts the winner this week, not on Super Sunday, of the superbowl gets a prize. I want more than just the final score. Give me a breakdown of what happens.

Who ever comes closest becomes the official predictor for 2007.

I will give you a clue, look at the lucky horseshoe!

Please send your prediction to HDRremovemeKID [at] HOTremovemeMAIL [dot] com, may the best psychic win!

Future Home Sales

The ability to see future events before they happen is what makes investors successful. To see an open field and imagine a shopping center, to see an old ranch and imagine a large industrial polygon of progress.

Future Home Sales
will be determined by supply and demand. In a booming economy the people living in small apartments will seek larger more "kid-friendly" accomodations. Yes, a place where the dog can roam and the kids can play.

BUT, the economy is not booming...

Most high paying middle class jobs are being outsourced to India, most of our industry is being crated up and shipped to Red China. Small businesses that once thrived are being swallowed up by Walmart. The wages that Walmart pays are insufficient for home ownership.

Large chain stores have destroyed the small shops that were once the backbone of America. They pay little over the minimum. They overwork their employees who often must work two jobs to pay for a ratty little apartment.

The future does not look bright. We see executive salaries go through the roof, but employees are told that in order to compete with China there will be a wage freeze and a hiring freeze. Whatever job security once was there is gone.

If you think that 50 cents an hour in China is bad, the latest numbers are even more grim. Many workers are now getting a dollar a day for 12 hours of work. That is less than 10 cents an hour!

Future Video Contest

Istockvideo is doing a future video contest to see who can create the best video about the world of tomorrow. So, plug in your time machines boys & girls we have a date with THE FUTURE.

The first prize is $6000 so its not much, but all the promo you can get from a future video contest is plus max. You should get your storyboards ready and starting shooting video because this contest ends soon.

Future Price of Gold

Few things hold our gaze like this yellow metal. Why is it the aim of princes and pirates alike? What power does it convey?

Gold is used as a symbol of power and purity. We seek pure gold unaltered with base metals. Its purity is seen as a sign of greatness - the metal of kings.

Unlike silver, gold does not tarnish. It can stay hundreds of years in a treasure chest and not rust or rot. Gold has been a store of value for centuries, we used to rely on its power to back our currency.

What is the future price of gold?

Expect that in the time of troubles to come the price will explode. People will seek that which has real value. Unlike green pieces of paper, gold will continue to be fought after by the nations. Empires will crumle to dust, but gold will remain as always. None will refuse its power. It alone serves as the mechanism of faith in banks.

We can imagine a world without this brilliant precious metal, but it would lack luster and shine. It is gold that sent thousands to California during the gold rush. Few things are "as good as gold". Such is as well as it should be.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who is Preston Nichols?

Montauk Engineer Preston Nichols has a degree in electrical engineering and also in parapsychology. He is responsible for training the Montauk boys. Preston Nichols worked with Al Bielek on the Montauk chair.

It was Preston that got the Tesla tubes to convert data for the computers and generate the time vortex. Previously, Preston Nichols had been working on Project Rainbow.

HDR users

Important People with HDRs

Steven Gibbs - inventor of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Mike Mezerkowitz - Early user of the HDR

Patricia Ress -writes books about Steven Gibbs

John Tooker - Helped Steven Gibbs build HDR units in the early days.

Goeoge Nordahl- Sells theMultiverse Resonator or MVR

Bruce Perrault - HDR circuits based on his work.

Aurum Solis - Sells HDR units thru Life Technology

Art Bell - famous paranormal show host talks about the HDR

Aage Nost - Used Hyper Dimensional Resonator on BBC interview

Rick Lipani - Appeared on X-Zone and Night Search with HDR

I plan to add more to the list later.

Creating defective children?

Few people would imagine that in the future you could pay to heve a defective child. Some disabled parents are paying clinics to select children with disabilities like them.

For example, a dwarf couple paying for a dwarf kid. Sound like science fiction? It is happening now and in the future we may have more parents selecting children who are not normal.

But who are we to determine what is normal? Well, I do not need a time machine to go to the future to tell you that the child will not be happy when they see themselves limited by a foolish choice made by their parents.

I can tell you that congenital deafness exists in my family and I do not wish it on anyone, especially my child. The procedure is called preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD and costs $15,000.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colorful Candy Currency

Ever wonder why the stable greenback was replaced by super saturated pink tinged colorful candy currency? By money that looks so fake that I hate to even use it. These pastel poptarts look more like confections than currency, more like candy than cash.

Give me real money, a greenback, not an orangeback that looks like monopoly money.

Debunkers claim Global Warming is a Hoax

In the past, many did not imagine what we see now. Lakes no longer freeze. It rains in the winter instead of snow. In fact, the weather is always above normal in temperature now with some of the warmest winters on record, but what do debunkers say?

That Global warming is a hoax. No amount of data can convince them. They know. In the movie by Al Gore "An Inconvenient Truth" we see why debunkers claim global warming is a hoax. They do not want to give up the SUV lifestyle.

Perhaps if they see the evidence first hand they will understand what we are up against. The DVD on the left was bought at Blockbuster Video. It has hard facts inside, not speculation.

Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age

In the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", former Vice President Al Gore talks about the problems of Global warming. It seems that the melting of the polar icecap in Greenland may cause a rise in sea level of thirty feet drowning most of Florida and the coastal United States, but more chilling than that it could plunge the world into an ice age.

You might wonder how can global warming cause an ice age?

Well, what happens is that a plug of fresh water from the melting Greenland glacier drowns out the global conveyor. The gulf stream bringing warm water to Europe and the Eastern United States stops flowing and Europe becomes an icebox.

Snow does not melt in the now fridgid summers, it piles up into gigantic drift. The world slowly cools into a frozen mass. Can this happen?

Using HDR boosted astral time travel I saw the oceans of the world freeze over. It was scary. People froze to death and it snowed in the tropics.

Dems warn Bush not to take military action against Iran

Pelosi & company are warning President Bush not to invade Iran. We are getting a real division in the country. They are also against the surge and further troop increases. Bush wants to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.

In the Senate, Majority Leader Reid said "I'd like to be clear: The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking congressional authorization,"

Friday, January 19, 2007

Prez A'nold?

Sooooory, but president Schwarzenegger is a bit of a mouthful; still, he cannot be president of the United States due to a clause in the Constitution that says that the president cannot be foreign born. You see, good old Arnold was born in Austria, hense his accent.

The law is clear on this, so we can forget about the Terminator going up against a flag burning Hellary. This old law was to keep the US from being dominated by foreigners.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A vacation in outer space?

Your next luxury cruise may be literally out of this world with a vacation in outer space.
Perhaps you wonder how expensive it will become... Well, the future is going to be a lot less than you think.

So, how much will this space cruise set you back - about 8 million. Yep, chump change to a billionaire. I predict the cost will go down fast in the future.

Pink Ipod Nano

Apple has released for St. Valentines day a pink ipod nano that should be on the list of max pop products for 2007. Sales of ipods in 2006 broke all records, generating record profits of over a billion for Apple. Still, sales of the new "intel based" mac computers were dismal to poor - barely above 2005 figures for the old "power pc based" mac computers. Apple did not break into the mainstream market as expected.

I predicted back in 2004 spectacular sales for the ipod and how it, and not the mac computer would propel Apple forward. This horse is getting tired, but a fresh horse the new iphone will propel Apple to new heights.

Iphone tops the most wanted list

In other news today, the Iphone tops the most wanted list, this product will be the flagship for Apple sales in 2009. Also, Apple stock in 2009 will cross the 200 mark, much like it will cross the 100 mark in 2007. Stay tuned for more technological breakthroughs as they happen.

I predict major expansion of Apple into the consumer electronics marketplace to take place this year 2007 as Apple becomes a player.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Killer 1918 Spanish Flu Recreated

In an effort to understand the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu, scientist have deliberately infected some monkeys to see the effects. It appears that the Spanish Flu is indeed similar to the new H5N1 flu that has proved so deadly.

It kills by provoking an immune response that causes the lungs to fill up with fluid making the patient literally drown. The deadly Spanish 1918 flu killed between 50-100 million people.

I predict that when the current H5N1 virus mutates into a supervirulent strain it will be far worse than the 1918 Spanish Flu ever was. It will cause major chaos as restaurants, cinemas, malls, and sportin events are closed down.

Castro will die soon.

As I have been saying for some time, Castro will die in 2007. News of his ill health is now front page news. This is another one of my predictions comiing true. You don't need a time machine to see this one. Although the Cuban media says Castro is recovering, the truth is he is dying.

Castro's condition gets worse says a Spanish newspaper. Needless to say this iconic figure has slowly faded away, and he will join the list of terrible communist dicators such as Stalin & Mao.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gas prices go below $2/gal

I predicted it and it happened. Today I took a photo and gasoline moved below the magical two dollars a gallon. The people are happy, but prices will soon go up so stock up. I got a 270 gallon tank and fuel stabilizer.

There will be disruptions in the supply of oil this year.

Cell phone burns owner

This cell phone is hotter than hot, it is HOT HOT, it literally caught on fire severely burning the owner and the hotel he was in! The cell phone that burned the owner is still a secret. I can assure that it was most def not a Crapple Iphoney. The Crapple Iphony is vaporware and not out yet.

Still, I wonder who made this blazing piece of techno trash? Perhaps its a Nukia. :)

Bird Flu rears it's ugly head AGAIN!

Bird flu is back and it never went away. The killer of fowl has now claimed a few more human victims in the hot wet areas of Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Bird flu is spreading its tentacles and killing more and more people. This terrible disease will soon mutate.

Cases of H5N1 Avian influenza continue to increase in Asia as it spreads from farm to farm and will now invade the rice belt of the world, the Mekong Delta.

Future Gadgets

Future Gadgets may be quite strange compared to what we are used to. The things we will see as we step into tomorrow will no doubt startle us. New technologies are being developed that allow a device that is broken to self repar or auto heal. No more do we have a broken useless gadget gather dust in a corner.

Using astral time travel we can catch a glimpse of the wonderful world of the future. Strange machines unlike anything we have ever seen before populate this vast new realm.

Virtual reality spreading

The words "virtual reality" conjure up visions of gizmos and helmets allowing a user to totally immerse themselves in an alien world. The cost of manufacture is coming down and we will see more.

High-performance super computers make immersive visualization possible. Their cost continues to drop. One day it will be as common as laptops are now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Michael Devlin seems "NORMAL"

People who worked for Pizza Parlor Manager Michael DEVILin say that he seemed normal. There were no priors, and he acted like any other manager. DEVILin had worked in the pizza parlor for 25 years without incident.

It is good to remember that things that seem normal on the surface often are not. We must look for signs of anything that is a bit off or out of place, case in point, the two officers felt funny around DEVILin.

Dems go on record against troop increase

We liberated that country from a tyrant,” Bush said. “I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude.”

Dems opposed to troop surge. They worry that we will get stuck in quicksand that is Iraq. The whole thing is a nightmare. DC leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I wonder about future candy what it will be like - hopefully it will come in crazy colors.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arabs cut oil production

Price of oil has dropped to its lowest level in 19 months. Warm weather is blamed for the price drop. Where I live the normal temperature is 20 degrees in the middle of January, but yesterday the temperature was 62 degrees. We are about 40 degrees above normal. Lakes that are normally frozen are now completely ice free.

The Arabs are cutting production to keep oil prices from going below $50/b, and gasoline from $2/gal. Expect a disruption in oil supply this year to send the price of gas soaring.

OJ Confession?

Evidence Of Guilt?

It seems that the controversial OJ book is an all but confession of his guilt. OJ seems to describe the muder of his ex-wife and her friend. MSNBC has obtained a chapter of the controversial book in which OJ in his own words describes the lurid details of the murder.

We were right to invade?

Bush says we were right to invade, and I do not like the word "INVADE". Is it OK to enter another country and grab its resources? I mean I thought it was wrong to steal -- silly me.

In today's society Bush says that the Iraqis owe us a debt of gratitude, OWE US, that is what he said. Did I just wake up in a parallel earth on another timeline where it is OK to rob your fellows? What is going on here?

This is not the future that I expected. I wonder about the future, What will fruits look like?
Future Fruit is a much more happy thought than the war...

Insurgents Using Google Earth

Technology can be used for good or evil. It seems that Insurgents Are Using Google Earth to plan their attacks against coalition force.

We see google as a force for good, but it can be used for evil. How long do we have to live on this evil world anyway? :(

Ever wish to be rescued from this dying planet? To be taken to a new world were the air is clean annd pure, where there is no war?

Dreams of a better world are nothing new, but the concept of a planetary evacuation is. I have seen a whole city evacuated, but never an entire planet, and yet that possibility could loom in our horizon.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

An inconveniet truth is a movie by Albert Gore about global warming. He discusses how we got here and what we must do to get out. I saw the movie today and I wished I could time travel back to the year 2000 and vote for Gore.

If he had become president, our world would be a different place. No, not perfect, but we would be on the way to solving some of our problems. Instead we invade countries and steal their oil. It is like I woke up to a nightmare.

The Texas oilman that leads us makes JR Ewing look like a saint.

Brightest comet in 30 years on display now!

Grab your telescope, the Brightest comet in 30 years is on display now! It is called Comet McNaught, and it will pass close to Earth.

It is low near the horizon and hard to see against the glare of twilight. Try to see it after sunset.

In other new, yesterday I did astral time travel to the future and saw myself at an old job I had resigned from. This job was terrible, glad I left. Still, it is interesting to see what would happen if I stayed there. :(

Friday, January 12, 2007

Future Games

What kind of games do the kids of tomorrow play? Can we step ahead and find out? Using Astral Time Travel HDRKID have seen the games of the future and they are very low tech.

It seems that we become less technological in the days to come. Future Games are like KICK THE CAN, except you have to bring your own cans. People in the future have a hot and heavy relationship with cans. You see cans are a form of currency. You can trade a can of tuna for a bicycle and with three cans of tuna get a hummer.

Still what would you want a hummer for? It is hard to find fuel. It is also hard to find food which is why cans of food are so well, valuable.

In that burnt out ash heap of the future, cans retain their value. They serve as a medium of exchange for those unlucky enough to survive the war. If you plan to stick around after the war gather lots of cans now. You will be glad you did.

After a while, all the cans are gone, but they last a long time. The empty tin can is an icon for the future, a hollow reality that it yet to come.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Future Car

The Dutch CARve is a motorcycle / car cross that has three wheels and a fun ride. It was built in Holland where free thinkers still exist.

This car, if we can call it a car, can lean 45 degrees and turn tight corners. I like the sleek SPV - single passenger vehicle look, but it rides two. -o-

It can go 112mpg and gets 45mpg, not bad for a CARve. Looks like the future arrived a little early... :)

Money is Bugged!

Like most of my predictions, when I first made this one people told me I was loony tunes. Money contains tiny radio transmitters that allows people to track you. The Canadian Spy Coins is the latest chapter in an on going saga that reads like a cheap dime store mystery novel.

We are being tracked. Now that it is in major mainstream media and no longer considered part of the lunatic fringe to talk about money being bugged, the defiant debunkers can claim that they knew it all along and that I get all my predictions from CNN.

Let's see, first they say I'm crazy and then when my prediction happens they claim is was "obvious", what a laugh!

In other news I plan to compile maps of safe areas and explain what the world will look like after WWIII. Our Postnuke Future is quite grim, but people will still work and play, not much of the latter however.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's official 2006 warmest year ever

One thing is global warming and another is 60 degrees when the average temperature in January is 20. Last year 2006 was warmest year ever for the US in the record books.

Sadly some plants have started sproating and buds opening. The apple trees may bloom soon if the weather does not go cold. Still, on the positive side the heating bill is much lower than before.

We can count our blessings and thank the Lord for this super warm weather. In the future the temperatures should become so warm that we do not need coats in January.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Mystery of Easter Island

Few places are more remote and isolated, but it was here that a totally different and unique civilization developed unlike any other. We still to this day cannot or perhaps will not decifer the Rongorongo wooden tablets written in an ancient languge that is lost to us.

The Mystery of Easter Island is that we do not know the truth of what happened. The Catholic Priests claim that the natives were savage cannibals, but others say that the people of Easter Island called Pascuans or Rapaniu are friendly and peaceful like all Polynesians. The truth will elude us unless of course we travel back in time and see what did happen.

It is interesting that the ancient legends speak of coming from a strange land called "Hiva".

Photos of Easter Island

Movie about Rapaniu on

Monday, January 08, 2007

Find Out What Happens in the Future

A new article in CarlosX - Find ing Out What Happens in the Future is now available. It talks about future events that will soon take place. People want to know what obstacles lie in their path. Just like your headlights let you see a far away obstacle before you hit it, astral time travel shows you events in a potential future.

You can still change things, you can still PREVENT the EVENT! Still, it would help to have more accurate information about what will happen in the future. Astral time travel is like a weather report, not always accurate, but it helps to know that a storm is on its way.

Life on Mars

Scientist says NASA destroyed life on Mars back in the 1970's with the Viking Project. This is interesting as Steven Gibbs told me that there is currently life on Mars. I would like to place a sample of this life inside the witness well of Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator to radionically tune it.

We know that at one time Mars had a large ocean. I wonder what kind of life lived in that ocean, perhaps I can use astral time travel to find out. It would be interesting to see what it was like.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Steven Gibbs HDR Quiz

Jimmy R has the Steven Gibbs Quiz. That you can take and rate yourself. It is mostly easy qions about Steven Gibbs and the HDR. Have fun.

Today I have to get the Sunday paper and see the events. I want to see if they are what I have predicted. Stay tuned to this blog.

Movie about the future - The Children of Men

Today on opening day I saw the movie - The Children of Men. It was a movie that takes place in 2027 twenty years into the future. Due to pollution women cannot bear children. It is a world without new life and hope.

His view of the future is dismal and dystopian, but perhaps more accurate than most. In the future there are few people due to the bird flu mutating I can tell you that finding a house is easy as there are many.

Maybe we can still prevent this horrible nightmare future from becoming our reality, but we must move fast. Time is no with us.

Here below is a quiz I took to find which superhero I am most like. My one "super power" is astral time travel.

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Canada future oil king?

Estimated oil reserves were raised from total conventional oil reserves of around 5 gigabarrels to the much larger figure of around 180 gigabarrels by the inclusion of the Athabasca Oil Sands deposit by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB) [1], placing Canada second only to Saudi Arabia.[2]

Source is

Therefore the North American Union which includes oil rich Mexico, mineral giant Canada and the might United States will be largely self sufficient.

We can now see why the push from Bush to advance NAFTA. Go north young man.

Talk in congress about new president

It is still two years away, but people in congress are talking about who will be the next President. Congress floated John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Osama as presidential hopefuls that may lead us out of the current quagmire. In other news Sam Brownback announced he is a presidential contender. Brownback is a right wing hopeful that hails from Kansas.

Today using astral time travel, I went to the future and got to hear new words and their meanings as I looked at a person that was taking language class. The new words are:

Tiznit - means "coolness" as in only people with tiznit can sit at this table
Kleron - means "intelligence or ability" as in that robot has grand kleron.
Gombach - means "soup"

In the future people say "get me out of the soup" to mean "get me out of trouble." Gombach is a strange kind of soup with apples in it. People say "Get me out of this gombach I am in."

The word kleron is pronounced with a French "R" and it is used quite a bit.

Language class was fun. There were other words, but I did not get them. Hopefully other people will here these words when they do astral time travel.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

World Future News

Yes folks, here it is live from the future with all the latest. An attempt by time traveller CarlosX to report about future world events. See it at World Future News.

For all those that wonder why Barak Hussein Osama was not elected president, well we found out in his diary no less that he used to experiemnt with drugs - not a joint here and there like our boy Gore, but hard core stuff like coke. It seems that Barak Hussein Osama is an admitted junkie. Not exactly presidential material.

Now I know that Bush says had some drinking problems in the past, but this well, not the news we were looking for. It is kinda like finding out that your girlfriend that you were intending to marry was a crack ho!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This just in - Barak Osama MELTDOWN

It seems that Barak Osama is a crack head. Yes this rockhound admitted he was a JUNKIE! I could not believe my eyes. It was like, no wonder Hillary is prez in 2008. Like, we don't want the Whitehouse to turn into the CRACKHOUSE!

Maybe He can hook up with Marion Barry, former Major of DC for a night on the town!

BTW, remember the 60's TV show Time Tunnel? I am Tony Newman, I wear a vomit green sweater, I am a time traveller. :)

Music of the Future

I picked up a magazine yesterday called "Future Music". Needless to say, the future music sounds a bit computery. People have asked "There was Jazz, Rock, Rap... What comes next?" The answer is silence. In our future, our timeline, there is no music. People are too busy searching for food & fuel to get familiar with a gitar.

John Titor said that our day of the megastar is soon over. How true that is... See Future Music Prediction.

In the near future, there is the sound of silence as people stop picking up a fiddle or banging on a drum. One question for you. In the good old days of 1776 there was the good old drummer boy. Do you remember any drummer boys in Iraq, on either side?

The drummer boy was there to motivate the men. We still have the phrase, "The drums of war."

One man once said "You can't have a war without a drummer boy." Well, you can. I seriously doubt the Indians had drummer boys. The ancient Greeks played harps into battle. In my grandfather's time people sang songs as they harvested crops, but you do not see the Mexican workers in the fields singing songs now do you? Times change...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Free GIFt in new year - time travel GIFs

C'man git it! Free links and GIFs. Free Pixel ads for time travel sites.

Soon to come in 2007 a list of links for time travel web sites, and much much more....
Stay tuned.