Wednesday, December 29, 2004

HDR Challenge

Several people are coming up with way to test the HDR astral time travel for accuracy. For example, can we see newspaper headlines from the future?

I want several HDR users to post what they see happening in the future.

Perhaps we can get an idea on how accurate the HDR is for seing events that take place in coming days?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Breaking News!! Steven Gibbs to Build STM

Steven Gibbs told me today that he is planning to start building the Space Time Modulator or STM for people to use. He is working out how big the box has to be and also working on creating a small enough package to make the STM very portable.

The STM invented by Steven Gibbs is a small device about the size of a cigarette pack that according to Steven Gibbs can be use as a time machine.

Steven Gibbs is working on creating new devices for time travel.

Personally, I use the HDR for astral time travel, but the the STM is far smaller than an HDR and a lot more portable.

Hopefully, I will be able to by a Space Time Modulator soon, so I can report on my results using the STM for astral time travel.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Made two jumps in one day using HDR

Using Steven Gibbs HDR I was able to make two jumps today.

They were both to the past, where I got to see the other me walking and talking, circa 1997.

It was fun to see the other me going about his routine. He was not aware of me as I was in the astral state and invisible to him. I like time travel with the HDR.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

People want Steven Gibbs STM

A man from Germany called Steven Gibbs asking him when the Space Time Modulator would be ready. This is because he saw a photograph of the device on the internet and he wanted to buy one.

Steven Gibbs Space Time Modulator or STM is a new device being developed by Steven Gibbs for the purpose of time travel. The device is small as a cigarette lighter and can fit in a pocket, but it is not ready yet.

More testing needs to be done to be certain that the device will function as planned. The problem was that the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is big and bulky, so a smaller device is being tested.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Quantum Time Travel with HDR

Today I did quantum time travel with the HDR to an alternate timeline similar to the 1950's. The cars were big and broad. The women wore dresses and not pants. Most people respected authority and I did not see any teens with nose rings or a tattoo.

It was interesting in that there was no WWI or WWII, and people did not live in fear like here. In fact, most people were quite happy. The crime rate was close to zero so there were no cops on the street. The few elected sherriffs that did exist did things like direct traffic after a tornado knocked down traffic lights and stuff like that.

The judges would spend their time marrying couples and swearing in new citizens. A lot of Europeans were coming from an overcrowded Europe to opportunity filled America. A land where dreams came true.

Salaries were considerable higher than here, and the cost of houses and food much lower. The few things that were expensive were things that required manual labor like a haircut. Most factory goods were dirt cheap and made here in America.

There was no income tax, but the government had a flat tax of 15% on all items, except food and medicine. There was a 75% luxury tax on perfumes, fine wines, yachts etc.

Both Canada and the US were one country and there were no states or provinces, but instead districts that were smaller than a state, especially states like Montana in the west. Also no president, but a Prime Minister, and no senate, but instead a house of commons.

In Kansas City was the capital of the Republic of North America. Near a group of monuments was Parliament Hill. I made another jump were I also saw RONA, and it was similar.

It seems that in this timeline there was no slavery and people all got along. I was happy to see that war and strife are not inevitable. We create our future!