Sunday, December 31, 2006

Spoke to Steven Gibbs today

I called him to wish him a happy new year. He told me that he got a research grant of some sort to do experiments with the HDR. According to Steven Gibbs one side effect of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is that when you go physically to the past there is a kind of regeneration that takes place and all your health ptoblems clear up. He is trying to investigate the phenomena.

Steven Gibbs told me that the world situation will soon get real bad and that he would not be surprised if I use my unit to leave, I asked him who was elected in 2008 "Hillary or Osama" sorry, I meant Obama. Steven Gibbs told me that perhaps there would be no elections due to a deteriorating world situation. Strange Answer! I then told Steven Gibbs that in a jump I did the day before yesterday to the future I saw some strange people living in my house. He said that means I leave soon.

In a jump I did using astral time travel today to the future there was disruption in Cuba. It seems that Fidel Castro dies soon. The "leaders" blame the disruptions on the American government...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of an Era

Today the evil brutal dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by a hanging. You did not need a time machine to see the outcome of the trial. Still, when I first predicted that the US would invade Iraq and that the war would go disastrously for us what was the reaction?

Remember when Bush celebrated on board an aircraft carrier the US victory against Iraq? Or when Rumsfeld predicted that the US would be in there at most six months?

Funny how I was right and all those authority figure were wrong, in the case of many of our soldiers, DEAD WRONG about Iraq!

If you want more information about future events before they happen see HDRKID Time Travel Forum.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Steven Gibbs Address

Steven Gibbs told me that the address I had of him was wrong. It explains why some letters where not getting to him. The official HDRusers Steven Gibbs Address is:

Steven Gibbs


Lyndon, KS 66451

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Plans for Steven Gibbs HDR in 2007

With the new year approaching I plan to buy a new HDR unit from Steven L Gibbs. My old unit which I called Steven up in 2001 for is a bit old. There have been many new developments in that time and how inventor Steven Gibbs builds his units.

I plan to test Steven Gibbs new HDR unit in 2007 to see how it compares with the old 2001 unit and also how it compares with "generic" HDR units built by other people.

Most of the experiments will have to do with adding new methods to test how the units operate. I hope that many new discoveries will happen in 2007.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Top Ten Steven Gibbs Time Travel Links

Here is a collection of the top ten Steven Gibbs Time Travel links, with the latest web sites that talk about his experiments with the HDR and other machines he has built.

Steven Gibbs is always doing research on new and different technology. His area is electronics. I see a very exciting future ahead.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dogs killed to make fur coats!

Seems Cruella Deville escaped. Macy was selling dog fur coats, which have since been pulled due to a giant public outcry. Executuves purchased these "faux fur" coats from China, where dog is a delicacy to the oriental palate.

Perhaps in the not so distant future after WWIII we will also begin to eat "nontraditional" foods, like dog or cat!

Still, it is incredible that they were selling the coats made of dog fur in a posh upscale store like Macy. I wonder if the dog fur coats will be for sale on EBAY...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Other Timelines - Other Architecture

In other timelines things look different. I am not talking about the twin towers still standing, I am talking about houses being smaller and cars being smaller than here. More energy efficient than here.

In many timelines the "restroom" is outside the main house and called an outhouse. Also the kitchen is called the cookroom and outside the house.

In the future houses were round like a UFO of the classic flying saucer shape in the future, This shape is very resistant to high wind.

On our timeline and others there are going to be massive changes in the future. Here is a map of safe ares.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I went to see Eragon or is that eDRAGON? A computer generated dragon that looked faker than ASLAN of Narnia. It was so CGI it reminded me of a cartoon, evenso -

Something very interesting happened the guy charged me only $4.50 for a ticket on opening day instead of $8.50, most odd. That is what I used to pay seven years ago when Bush was "elected".

Also gas was $2.08/gal. Not the usual $2.79/gal, most right peculiar eh?

Getting back to eDragon, the cinema was almost empty on opening day! That for a book that is best seller.

Did I switch to another timeline?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Different timelines - different names

In other timelines the names of famous websites are not the same as here. For example is called UTV.COM and it does the same thing allow U to post video for free. They have a slogan, UTV - TV where U are the star! Also, UTV is free! There is no 10 minute limit and they give out a million dollars every year for the best vid in a contest to get people to post. Also they offer low cost web hosting and free email.

Instead of you had which started selling electronics so they merge with search engine and drop the "book". Think of a merge between AMAZON and Google.

There is no and microsoft bought up eBUY (their version of EBAY) because people were using eBUY to sell CD ROMs of Microsoft software. Now Microsoft does not allow anybody to sell software over eBUY. This created a problem for eBOOK sellers because on that timeline people do not use PDF files but an eBOOK is an EXE. For example GROWBIGVEGETABLES.EXE cannot be sold over eBUY to prevent sales of illegal software.

Also, there is no paypal on this timeline which sux. People still use checks as they are afraid a hacker will break in and get their credit cards over a database. In this line people do not call 800 numbers and give out a credit card as that is dangerous.

So Microsoft is trying to place special machines in the home where you can sign a "virtual check" and send it over the internet without fraud. The machine reads your fingerprints.

Also, on this timeline cell phones are super expensive and you need a special permit to get one to prevent criminals from using them. Beepers are still pop on this line and the internet is not as advanced as here.

Digital Video Cameras are expensive >$20,000 so people take film photos and go to Kinkos where they can scan the photo $20/each. Some small shops will scan a photo for less like $5/photo, but the quality is low. Needless to say, most products on eBUY do not have a photo, unless it is a car or a house.

Home computers are still expensive about $5,000 each and laptops are at least $10,000, but intel promises to create a new chip that is both powerful and affordable. Needless to say only 10% of the population has a home PC and most students use the PC in the school library. There is a long line.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Japan prepared for war

Troubles in the east makes the west tremble. Japan prepares for war and is upgrading its military into a powerful force. The former pacifist Japan is getting ready for action. You don't need a time machine to see that something big and bad is coming.

Speaking of time machines, here are some Time Travel Links that you might find interesting. Then again we do live in interesting times. Seems that 2015 is getting closer every day.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Economic Conditions in 2007

Looking for a job. You better hurry up as the economic conditions will worsen in 2007 & 2008. A declining dollar as well as increasing inflation added to a budget bustin' price a the pump as oil goes ever higher.

We will not leave Iraq in 2007, but send more troops to "stabilize". This war is a terrible drag on the economy.

I hope that you will have a happy new year, but prepare yourself for an increasingly turbulent landscape as the world goes to war over the few remaining pieces.

Instead of leaving Iraq we managed to hit a hornets nest and are now getting stung. Everyday is worse for us. We need to leave the area.

Is maCAIN inSANE? McCain wants to send more troops to Iraq. How many more young people have to die in that meat grinder? This son of CAIN is not ABEL to get us out of Iraq. Perhaps prez hellary will do better...

Still a draft will mean more job opportunities as many men will be sent to the front to defend "our" oil wells.

On a more poitive note. I like to use the HDR for astral time travel. For me time travel fun is a bright light in a gloomy world. Yes there are troubles but we will make it.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Predictions for 2007

Most time travellers are very vague (the word vague come from the latin word vagus which means lazy wanderer or BUM), no names and numbers. Well, I give you numbers. Next year Google will go over the $600. The stock may split, but I predict that just like it broke the magical $500/share this year as I predicted, it will break 600 in 2007. I also predict that Google will gain market share and Yahoo will lose market share in 2007.

Please remember that when Google was 200 I predicted 300, when 300 I predicted 400, and lastly when it broke 400 I said 500. The debunkers said each time that Google was over priced. Guess what? They are still saying that Google is overpriced, and Google is still going up!

Take a look at price charts for the last two years for Yahoo and Google. Do you notice something interesting? Like one chart YHOO looks like a freight train going over a cliff and the other chart GOOG looks like a rocket to the moon?

I also predict that the price of Gold in Dec 31, 2007 will be higher than Jan 1, 2007. Furthermore I predict a decline in the value of the dollar, this adds to inflation, a problem in 2007 and also in 2008. Part of inflation is caused by high oil prices.

My predictions are not fuzzy, they are clear and sharp like the prediction that more jobs from the US will be outsourced to India. The this will cause the middle class to lose ground as more and more high wage high skill jobs are lost to low wage countries where college educated professionals are willing to work for peanuts.

OK, and what do the debunkers say? That Google is overpriced, that Yahoo will do better than Google. That gold will go down not up. That US jobs are not leaving to poor countries. And I can assure you that at the end of 2007 when my predictions are right. They will claim that Gold going up was "obvious" and that I get all my predictions from CNN.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Got a call today from Steven Gibbs

Steven Gibbs says that his home phone is out of order, but that he can still be reached at his cell phone 785-640-3565. This is important as many people were unable to reach him on his old phone. For more information on Steven Gibbs phone number go to HDRusers.

HDRusers has the latest information about Steven Gibbs and the HDR.

Job Predictions for 2007

Using astral time travel, I have been able to go to the future and see what happens. Most of these trends have been in place for several years now, but the future does look different than now. Here are the Job Predictions for 2007.

See which sectors will suffer in the next few years and which will grow. Also, see a landscape of what the future looks like as we absorb new technology. The future is an exciting time, but we must be flexible to deal with the challenges that it will present to us.

The year 2007 will see more business being transacted over the internet. As more sales move to CLICKS away from BRICKS we will see a shift in the look of the future.

Many big office buildings will close down, and many malls, as people do their work electronically over the internet.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Housing Predictions for 2007

Here are some housing predictions for 2007 made by HDRKID. As you know interest rates are going up and houses are not selling. Many sellers are pulling their houses off the market rather than by hit with huge losses.

2007 is not a good time to sell and an even worse time to buy as the economy continues to contract and the price of oil goes up.

Having a house that is small and energy efficient is a plus as small affordable houses continue to increase in value, but big old drafty houses join SUVs on the no sell list.

John Titor talks about our time

According to John Titor we spend most of our time shopping for useless junk, namely plastic dog dirt from China. He says that in his time 2036, people work hard on farms and live a better life.

Yesterday I did some astral time travel trying to find out who wins the superbowl in feb. Instead I did a jump many moons into the future. I was in a shelter with my mom & dad. There was a nuclear war going on.

The Russians had hit Kansas City and NYC. The US had sent three missles to Russia hitting Moscow and other areas.

It was a scary experience. The shortwave radio was on and they were saying that talks between the US and Russia had broken down. It was the end.

Seems like 2015 gets closer every day...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Will Bush be impeached?

A democrat, McKinney has introduced a bill to impreach Bush. She claims that the president broke his constitutions oath. She suggested that Bush had prior knowledge of 911. Instead of debating her points, Nancy Pelosi wants to sweep it under the rug.

Still the republicans are in for some trouble in 2007. Many Americans are saying that IraQ is an illegal war. They feel that we were misled. The truthiness of certain comments is in doubt.

We live in interesting times.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Predictions for 2007

Increase in energy prices will cut into corporate earnings as well as consumer spending. Inflation will pick up due to higher energy prices but the market will not drop a lot. The DOW will not go down to 5,000 as some predict. It will drop and the NASDAQ will drop but this is a correction due to the fact that it was too pricey. Real estate will continue to sell off and higher interest rates will cause less would be buyers to take the plunge.

Democrats will suggest relief for the poor as soaring energy costs create hardship. The Iraq war continues to be a drain on the economy.

The second quarter of 2007 sees weaker corporate earnings and a declining dow.

Tighter supplies of petroleum products due to resource depletion and trouble in the Middle East will convince many automobile buyers to invest in fuel efficient transportation such as 200mpg scooters that are super cheap, low end microcars like the Yaris, and of course the pricey hybrids.

You will see more grown men on bikes than before. People spend less.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The mind of a debunker

When I first warned people about the problems of global warming and how it would affect the world, debunkers told me that I was a fool and that there was no global warming that the ice packs were not melting and that the higher temperature reading were caused by a “heat island” effect.

Rather than realize the danger we face from global warming words like "tree hugger" were used. Debunkers prefer to make fun of others than deal with problems.

The mind of a debunker is one terrified by new ideas. A developmental disorder causes them to fear change and not adapt well to new environments.

When confronted with their own worsening academic performance in contrast with that of more intellectually motivated students the debunker will lash out in a culturally inappropriate manner, such as hitting nerdy students while they are studying.

Inmoderate impulsive behavior followed by a lack of normal restraints and a chronic desire to ridicule others makes a debunker universally disliked. The feeling of being a failure in an academic environment contributes to the disruptive behavior.

The debunker will typically have low self esteem issues as well as possess poor social skills. They cannot sit still in their seats, but are up running around disturbing other students.

While a debunker who typically has flunked several grades may possess the physical body of a seventeen year old, they may in fact be psychologically the functional equivalent of a twelve year old.

Rather than say “You require a psychological evaluation for a behavioral abnormality”

Debunker will typically say “You’re stupid, that’s impossibile!” Negativity oozes from a debunker like venom from a snake’s lips.

A deference to authority figures and a worship of printed material which they do not understand yet parrot incessantly shows a complete lack of independent thinking which manifests itself by a complete lack of any new or original ideas.

This recurrent pattern of negativistic behavior towards new ideas is to be expected from a person whose limited mental abilities preclude the processing of complex information.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Tribes

Two Tribes

Imagine that there are two tribes, one is a tribe of inventors, and the other is a tribe of debunkers. Both live deep in the forest where there is plenty of food. One day a young brave walks up to the chief of the debunker tribe.

“I bring terrible news great chief, near the coast I saw pale men with strange clothes, they came out of a magical canoe powered by the wind and instead of bows they have thunder sticks that can kill, they ride on huge beasts and -” The chief interrupts “You are a fool!” Such things as you describe are impossible, have you been hitting the fire water?”

One warrior blows on his canoe “Look! It’s moving…” The men roar with laughter. Another picks up a stick and makes a sound like thunder and yells “Oh no! I’m dying.” More laughter erupts. One older brave says “Maybe the pale men are riding the buffalo.” At this joke the whole tribe falls down with hoots of laugher.

The chief then angrily addresses the young brave. “I have heard these wild tales of pale men from across the sea before. People cannot cross the sea because it is too big. You run out of food you FOOL! Next you will tell me that we need to arm ourselves against these pale ghost men that exist only in your fantasies. GET OUT! I don’t ever want to hear another stupid story again!”

The young brave leaves the tribe in shame.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, a young brave from the inventor tribe approaches his chief. “Old wise one, I have great news. I traded many furs with pale men and obtained this magical stick, See!” The brave fires the rifle. The chief says “Well done young one. Go and find out all you can about these men from across the sea – learn all you can. Our survival may depend on it. If you can, try to offer your labor on the big canoe; we need to understand what we are up against.”

The young brave goes boldly on a great adventure to a far away land.

Which tribe do you think survives?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

How is our society perceived in the future?

Well, in the 1800’s George Washington was seen as the father of our country, versus in the 2200’s he is seen as an elitist opportunist spouting slogans about the importance of FREEDOM and LIBERTY while he had slaves.

Old George is seen the way we see a predator priest - man who talks about God, but does the actions of the devil. He pretends to be good, but his actions are pure evil.

Possibly the worst president is Harry Solomon Truman, known in the future as Truman the inhuman because he used atomic devices to vaporize innocent women and children. Even Hitler did not use atomic or biological warfare although he could have. He refrained from using nerve gas or other chemical weapons that were used in WWI. Hitler is seen as a man who was mentally ill, but Truman is viewed as a monster.

Truman used atomics against a prostate power that was ready to surrender, but what is worse “Truman the inhuman” did not select a military base, but the residential areas of two large cities – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Imagine if instead of the military attack against Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had nuked Los Angeles and San Francisco. How would we view them?

In the future the United States is remembered for invading Iraq, stealing its oil, and starting WWIII which kills billions of people.

The fact that most US cities are vaporized in WWIII is seen by most as karmic payback for the evil empire. That is how it is remembered.

911 is seen the same as blowing up the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, an inside job. History is not kind to Bush. If only it were possible for leaders to see how they will be remembered.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Oil shortages ahead

Debunkers claim that oil prices are declining, but they will go up a lot in coming years. Also there will be shortages of oil due to an imbalance in supply. Trouble in the Middle East will add to our woe.

The real problem is that the supply goes down and the demand goes up - a recipe for high prices.

Solution is more energy efficient cars and scooters. We need to curb our appetite for fuel.

You do not need a time machine to see that if we do not act now, we will freeze in the dark one cold winter day.