Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Steven Gibbs has a stroke

Steven Gibbs has a stroke and is in the hospital right now.
This is terrible news. Hope he has a speedy recovery.


The Author said...
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The Author said...

I'm glad you got that information to share with everybody. I'll confirmed it with him and it's true.

I have an account on Paranormlis dustin255.

Tater said...

I just bought an HDR machine but am bye scared to use it can you tell me any real experiences I just want to astral travel

Scare Crow said...

It's easy really! Make sure your Electromagnet is giving a North Polarized Field and I believe Gibbs put a red for red and black for black plug. Put the red one in the red plug and the black male connector in the black one. If you have his $144.00 magnet place the side marked North on your stomach and place the T-bar magnet on top of the South side facing outward and run for about 12 minutes providing the T-Bar magnet isn't too hot.

Of course at the beginning of the above, flip the yellow switch (Time Stabilizer) and the (Well light) switch to "on" and place the coil over your head and connect in the "Coil" connectors only. Don't place the head coils where the electromagnet is suppose to go. Next turn each dial and say, "What are the rates that will transport my astral body and all its components to 30 May the year 3000 (for example) and when you get a stick, then go to the next dial and say and do the same request. Once the operations is completed relax and do this every evening and you can do twice each day as well.

If you need more help contact me at and I can give you more pointers if it's ok with HDRKid.