Thursday, September 28, 2006


I got a baja sc50 scooter from pepboys. It was only $799, versus over $1000 for similar scooters.

On the plus side you get about 100mpg, it is small, fits in the bed of my pickup truck or back of the van for easy transport. The baja sc50 motor scooter is fun to drive. It has an automatic transmission, excellent brakes, and a quiet four cycle engine, much better than the smoke filled two cycle engines of other scooters.

The biggest plus of the baja sc50 scooter is that you do not need a tag to drive it.

In fact, one of my buddies that got one because he lost his license to dui. He says that he loves to ride it. That it should last 30,000 miles, but you have to change the spark plug every year.

On the minus side I found that it has trouble going up hills. It is 20 mph going up and 50mph going down. When you hit bumps on the rode you hit hard. That front wheel is hard and rides hard, so avoid bumpy roads. The back wheel slips on gravel, if you are not careful, you can fall. The worst thing is riding in cold weather. Going 40mph in 40F feels like a freezer. Also rain is bad.

Still, all in all, I like my scooter. A fun filled way to ride around and very easy on the wallet.

In the future you may see a lot more scooters and SPVs (single passenger vehicles)


correction123 said...


Just got my shakti about a week ago and wow! I had two OBE's two days in a row and I only used this headset once in one week! Getting out was very natural with the vibrations. Only thing was an entity upon my exit ran up my stairs and jumped on me trying very hard to keep me from projecting. But I overcame it. Soon when I continue my shakti sessions I will be able to do this at will and then time travel to any place on any plane.

HDRKID said...

Please post what you see when you time travel. MY fave time to travel to is the 1920's. BTW, saw the movie FLYBOYS about US pilots in WWI.

It was plus max and the feel of the 1910's spot on, except that back then we had a lot fewer cars, oh well.